Anti-Aging Products for Acne Prone Skin (versus Wrinkles and Pores!)

Anti-Aging Products for Acne Prone Skin (versus Wrinkles and Pores!)
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After dealing with severe acne, I now have to deal with ugly skin that has wrinkles, lines and visible pores.

I found this set of anti-aging products to help me with my “old looking” skin.

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  1. you look pretty as always and bet ko ung pagkaka ayos sayo ate dun sa
    dami products.. penge!! joke .. 😂😂😂 mithyuuu… 💕😘

  2. That intro was everything 🙂
    You are totally working it with the editing 🙂
    Love you always

  3. Wth miss 30 ka na ?! akala ko 24 ka ?! i thought kasing age kita ☺ still
    like you tho. withouth make up

  4. I received Argan Rain Argan Oil forthe first time.. There are so many
    things I like about this product! It absorbs really well into my face and
    dries without being oily.. These product can be used under your makeup as
    well. I have noticed a great change in my face since I used Argan Oil
    combined with my regular skin care routine. My dark spots and redness have
    great decreased IM IN LOVE!

  5. hellow po . magkano po yan lahat . sana po mag gawa kanang teleserye sa l
    oreal para makit po ate ang mga changes. hihi thank you po.

  6. ask ko lang ate kristine
    magkano po yung mga products ng loreal..

    gawan mo naman ng review yung products and prices as well if they’re really
    worth to buy..thank you :)

  7. Was researching about acne and acne scar treatment, and I saw one of your
    review for PMD. Like you, I have been suffering with acne since my tween
    years I am now in my mid 30’s and still has acne. Wasn’t as bad before but
    got worst and had severe acne during each pregnancies. Because of that I
    now suffer with deep acne scars which made me looked 10 years older!!!
    Anyways, I just want to tell you that I admire your courage to show people
    and share your skin problem. I haven’t watched all your videos yet but it
    seems like you have gained your confidence back. Hopefully I will too
    someday. Ignore all the bad comments! They don’t know what it’s like to
    have severe acne problem. So keep doing what your doing, and thank you for
    speaking up for us acne sufferers and showing us that it’s possible to gain
    your life back! And I am now a fan of yours.

  8. I think you look way better these days. I love your skin now, you are
    beautiful inside and I hope it helps you to feel beautiful outside too.

  9. i thought you were only 25! honestly you look young (not that 30 is old, 30
    is still quite young) ate promise akala ko nasa twenties ka lang. siguro
    dahil the way you carry yourself narin.

  10. I’ve watched some of your videos when you were just starting on youtube and
    your skin now is so much better. Your acne/pimples are almost gone.

  11. Oo kasi pansin ko nga dry ng skin mo.. inom ka lagi ng water and fruits…
    magpataba ka ng konti para d mukhang payat ung face mo.. mas lalo ka
    gaganda.. dont use too much chemicals…

  12. Hi ate Tine. Nakakatuwa naman at ang Laki na ng pinagbago ng skin mo
    kumpara nung una kitang napanuod. I’m so happy for you!! 😍 godbless. 😘

  13. I can feel you te.. gamit ko din ung l’oreal.. pag mura ginagamit ko makati
    siya sa face 😔 ang sakit sa bulsa…

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