$80 ANTI-WRINKLE MASK WTF ? | First Impressions

ANTI-WRINKLE MASK WTF ? | First Impressions
Today we go off the deep end with the much hyped Per Box Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque. Please Thumbs-up, like and share if you enjoyed and let me know in the comment what you’d like to see me try next! xo’s ~ Tati

xo’s ~ Tati

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Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque

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  1. Okay, so if this is one of the best lifting and firming masks you’ve ever
    tried, what are some of the other ones that are your favorites? I am
    constantly on the lookout for new masks to try out because my skin is
    forever dehydrated. I recently purchased the Eve Lom Moisture Mask and I
    put that on at night and leave it on overnight and my skin just sucks it
    all up…like I can’t even feel it in the morning. I need something that is
    going to deliver maximum hydration.

  2. Helloo guysss ,, I love Maxelder argan cream! *( I bought from
    w…nyarganoil…c )*
    …. I have really dry skin, and this cream leaves my face feeling smooth
    and soft.
    ..Diminished fine lines is visibly noticeable!

  3. James is SO considerate of you and INVOLVED. 🙂 You got a good one Tati.
    I’m really considering hitting Sephora after work to try this mask now…..

  4. Can anyone tell me if Tati has done any videos with drugstore firming
    products cos I can’t find any? Thanks in advance x

  5. Tati, watching your videos makes me so happy. Your voice is soothing, your
    personality is amazing, you’re relationship with James is to be admired,
    and your opinions and reviews (for me) are absolutely priceless. I love you

  6. I love when James is in your videos. he seems so genuinely interested and
    care about what you do just as much as you. I also love how you guys are
    just a people and a couple together. I wish when I meet the right guy I can
    have the sane thing that I see between you two when I watch your vids.
    thank you for giving me hope lol 😃

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