7 Skincare Secrets Models Know (That You Don’t!)

7 Skincare Secrets Models Know (That You Don’t!)
SKINCARE SECRETS REVEALED! Here are 7 skincare secrets models know that you don’t! Find out beauty tips & tricks that every model swears by so that you can also have beautiful and flawless skin! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & COMMENT BELOW!

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  1. I commented for the give away and follow you on both and sometimes message you 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  2. 7. cleansing cloths and cleansing 6. glycolic acid 5.get ahead of breakouts 4. apply masks, make time 3. mix products, switch it up 2. vaseline 1. moisturize the top of your hands.

  3. heyyy , i request u to make an exfoliating based video on all the informations to use the right way and skin types who need to use and everything about exfoliation , please i request u . if u accept my request . 1 like free

  4. when my face started to clear up it was when I din’t do anything to it but wash it in the morning and at night with hot water so i won’t get oily and before using any products I would look up before and after pictures of people using it I suggest X-Out, Proative, clean and Clear, and Biore, these products work on all types of skin!!! ITS AMAZING HOW AWESOME YOUR SKIN WILL LOOK!! It takes a little while like a few months but it is deffinetlly worth the wait

  5. wow 😵 your giveaway is really amazing I just wanna win. ms. chiu 😘😘 I really loved watching your videos too.

  6. Of course they clean their face more than 2-3 times do you know how much makeup they wore compared to us ?

  7. Loved this!! Really making an effort to get on top on my skin care this year rather than just covering it up with makeup!

  8. You helped me so much my pimples went away sorry didn’t tell you sooner and I would love to see again more facemasks and How to make your skin clear

  9. Can anyone tell me how to remove my dark circles 🙁 i dont mind if its only dark in colour but its like soggy below my eyes :((

  10. how to make a face that takes away bumps on our face that is make with things around the house

  11. i looked up how to get of red pours in pinterest and it said to add chlorophyll to the water you cleanse your face with. does that actually work or are they trying to kill me?

  12. 7 skincare secrets of models
    1) cleanse face more than 2-3 times a day.
    2) glycolic acid
    3) get ahead of pimples : spot treatment
    4) apply masks
    5) mix products
    6) vaseline
    7) dont forget to clean hands

  13. hey Jen can’t u use like naturally products it mean lik lower cost. ….he can v use at ua using…??? so can u plzzz help us by tat……..😣😮😐😑😕hope so u do tat

  14. You’re so rude with your face!! “Tips” were already known. But the way you treat your skin… X_X

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