Trusted mouth sore remedy with vitamin c serum


Mouth sore is the swelling, injury, bruise or cut within the inner region of mouth. It could appear on gums, tongue, hard palate, tonsil or other areas. There are many possible causes of mouth sore including injury, infection, cold, diseases, cancer and others. Some types of sore go away within few days while others may persist for weeks. Sores caused by diseases and infections need simple to extended treatments. Depending on intensity of mouth sore you may face problems in swallowing, chewing, talking etc. Early detection of illness could lead to quick cure. Before you decide on course of medication it would be better to consult your chemist or oral health specialist.

Tips to select mouth sore best remedy

Type and duration of remedy depend on intensity and nature of mouth sore. You may have accidentally bitten your tongue or inner part of your lip, leading to sore mouth. Such sores get healed within couple of days. It is only when natural healing does not work that you need medication.

  • Treatment you take should be effective to strike at the root of cause, rather than healing your sore externally. This could result in returning of your mouth sore within few days after treatment.
  • Treatment should have zero side effects on other parts of your mouth or body.
  • Treatment should be painless.
  • Treatment should be preferably inexpensive.

When you wish to combine all these factors into one remedy, the best one seems to be using vitamin c serum. It is one sort of compound that is used for treating several types of mouth sores as well as for increasing immunity to infections and diseases.

  • Vitamin C treatment is effective, as it seeps into the innermost layers of mouth sores and starts healing from roots. It has long lasting effects as it immunizes the affected parts also.
  • Vitamin C serum treatment is natural to human body. In fact Vitamin C is one of the natural elements which could be found in food, fruits, vegetables and other edibles. The physician extracts this natural element and prepares the serum, free of any chemical additives. Hence it has zero side effects on affected parts in mouth or other parts of body when treated with.
  • Vitamin C serum treatment is given in forms of capsules, liquid or sometimes in form of injections. It causes no pain.
  • Vitamin C serum treatment is said to be highly inexpensive compared to other forms of medical treatment. Moreover treating one form of mouth sore with vitamin c serum could protect you from many other forms of sores for long time.

Simple and effective mouth ulcer home remedy

Many types of mouth ulcers can be treated at home from available resources. Mouth ulcer is one form of mouth sore that results in irritation and pain resulting from open sore. There are many causes to mouth ulcer like food allergy, constipation, acidity, lack of vitamin c, stress etc.

  • Coconut milk contains vitamin c in plenty. You could extract it from white skin portion of coconut by crushing it. Ensure it is thick enough. You could apply it to the affected part in your mouth or rinse your mouth with it for few minutes. Do it for about 3 to 4 times in one day. Your mouth ulcer will be cured within couple of days.
  • Coriander leaves are another source of vitamin C. Take about 50 grams of leaves and crush it by adding few tablespoons of water. When it becomes thick paste, apply it to affected portion within your mouth.
  • Honey contains 0.5 mg of vitamin c in every 100 grams. You could apply it directly onto the affected area and let it soak for about 20 minutes. Honey also helps in cooling affected portion and removing irritations.
  • Licorice plant roots and leaves contain rich resources of vitamin c. You could use its roots or leaves for extracting juices. It could be applied directly onto the affected part. Alternately your gargle or rinse your mouth with it for 2 to 3 times during one day.

Effective and long lasting sore remedy for tongue

Sores in tongue could result from excess body heat, infections and diseases. In some instances where intensity is low, you could depend on home remedy. But in other cases where intensity is severe, you need proper treatment. One of best ways in which you could treat your sore tongue is with vitamin c serum.

Vitamin c serum could be bought off shelf or from online stores. It is also possible to prepare it at home. But experts suggest that it could prove to be counterproductive also. It is mainly due to fact that preparation at home leads to very low Ph below 2.3. Normal Ph value of your mouth is between 5.5 and 6. Hence it requires values between 2.8 and 3, which could be given only by expert preparations at lab. After buying it you could use it according to instructions given by your physician.

Powerful and permanent remedy with sore mouth treatment

Sore mouth and gums could be treated with vitamin c serum. You could do it at home if the intensity of sore is low or moderate. If it is severe or critical, you need help from oral experts. They may cure you with specific formula of vitamin c serum injections.

  • Sore mouth treatment could be done at home with vitamin c serum. Apply it on affected portion and let it soak for about 15 to 20 minutes. Alternately you could try sore mouth rinse with the serum mixed water.
  • Other effective way is to consume vitamin c serum capsules. They need to be consumed according to instructions from your physician.
  • Most forms of sore moth could be effectively cured with help of vitamin c serum. But you need to follow the medication procedure according to prescription. Avoid alcohol, smoking and spices during treatment period to make it effective. If you experience any side effects during treatment you must inform your physician. In some cases cure may be slow but it happens for sure.