Treatment of shaving rashes with Vitamin C Serum


Shaving rashes typically appear in face, neck region, legs and armpits. As name suggests it results from wrong methods used while shaving. It is common for both men and women to have symptoms. Women usually catch this syndrome when they try for shaving rash bikini area. This could also result from scissor cuts when hairs around this region are trimmed. The rashes become severe when curly hair is formed after shaving. This gets into lump formation all around shaved region. It soon results in rashes and blisters when you start shaving subsequently in the same region.

  • There are many methods to avoid this type of rashes while shaving. They are in pre rashes stage. What happens when you get the rashes and want to cure them? Treatment seems to be only way out. Using gels cures rashes to some extent. But they have tendencies to reappear after some time. The reasons for this are obvious. Gels are applied only onto the external skin layer. So the rashes seem to go away at that time.
  • But the actual causes of shaving and rashes could be bacteria which have hidden deep in your skin layers. There are two types of inflammation which occur in shaving regions. The one caused by bacteria is called as Pseudo folliculitis. The inflammation caused by actual shaving process is called Folliculitis barbae.
  • Pseudo folliculitis is more difficult to cure. It is caused by two types of bacteria named pustules and papules. Pustules infection is one form of bacterial infection in shaving regions in bumpy forms. They may contain pus (smelly fluid). They may appear small in size in initial stages. They grow in size and become large size lumps.
  • Commonly they occur in underarms, chest region, and pubic areas in women, neck region, shoulders and back. They may be having other symptoms like persistent fever, nausea and vomiting, pain and irritation etc. At one stage the pustules may break open leaking out pus. At that time, other parts of skin also starts getting infected, thus increasing area of infection.
  • Papules infection is one form of skin rash. This results in lump tissues which appear in form of lesion. They result in dramatic changes in color of skin tone and texture of affected region. They appear in sharp contrast with the surrounding skin region. People recovering from chickenpox and Dermatitis are mostly prone to papules.

Effective treatment of Pseudo folliculitis with vitamin c serum

Regular intake of vitamin c serum results in many beneficial effects for treating Pseudo folliculitis. In the first stage it increases immunity of affected region. It also blocks the infection from spreading to other parts of body. Since infection causing bacteria now remain locked within limited region, they get disinfected relatively faster now.

  • As you know it is the white blood cells which fight and eliminate bacteria that cause Folliculitis barbae. In normal circumstances, they get weakened after bacterial attack. When they are supplemented with vitamin c serum, their disease fighting ability increases.
  • Adding of Echinacea along with vitamin c fastens the process of disinfection. Echinacea is one form of herbal product from flowers of same name. Ingredients of this compound include phenols, polysaccharides, glycol proteins and their derivatives. When they are clubbed with vitamin c serum, they can effectively eliminate Folliculitis barbae completely from affected regions.

Getting rid of shaving rash under arms

When shaving rashes appear due to improper process of shaving they are called as Folliculitis barbae. They are mainly caused due to rashes caused by razor. Though they are not caused by any kind of bacteria, possibilities of bacterial formation on open blisters are high.

  • In initial stages, the rashes and lumps may appear in external layers of skin. But they progress to affect inner skin layers with time.
  • First aspect you need to understand is how it gets into the inner layers of skin unless it is bacteria. The answer is simple. Your method of shaving determines the way in which intensity of Folliculitis barbae grows. Development curly hairs in shaving region may cause small lumps which get cut while shaving. You may experience some blood loss from your chin and neck areas. What you do at that stage is wipe off the blood with some anti-infection lotion and continue to shave in same direction. Since the sensitive skin takes repeated strokes of razor, the effects might go into the next skin layer also.
  • This leads to coiling of hair when they grow next time in that region. But deep below that coil is the sensitive inner layer of skin. When you repeat shaving in wrong direction again, the inner layer of skin gets deeper cut, resulting in blisters.
  • This could happen anywhere in shaving region, but especially in extra sensitive skin underarms. One of the effective ways of treating this through vitamin c serum. You need to apply it all over affected areas at least 2 to 3 times in one day. Once you have applied it, let it soak the skin for about 15 to 20 minutes. During this time, the liquid seeps to the inner layers of skin and heals all the rashes. This could take about one week to 10 days, depending on intensity of rashes and bruises.

Learning about shaving rash armpit treatment

  • First step is to stop shaving armpit for some days. This will give break to lumps and rashes from repeated attacks from razor.
  • Next step is to start healing existing rashes. There are many types of lotions and creams which you could apply. Most effective of them is the vitamin c serum. It has multiple effects of wound healer, antioxidant, anti-infecting agent and immunity provider.

Simple treatment method for shaving rash and pimples with vitamin c serum

Shaving rash pimple are small sized bumps which appear in any regions where you shave. They could be treated effectively with vitamin c serum by just applying liquid all over affected regions. This treatment should be continued until the entire shaving rash and bumps disappear.

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