Reliable remedy for Chloasma with Vitamin C Serum


Chloasma of eyelid is one of the commonly known skin allergies. It could happen on any part of skin including face, neck, back, abdomen, hands, feet and legs etc. another name for this infection is melasma. Occurrence of this allergy is found to be more in women than in men. It is known as pregnancy mask when it affects women during pregnancy. Exact reasons are yet unknown.  It has been observed by leading dermatologists all over US that 90% of their patients with Chloasma are women. Men also get affected by this allergy, but their rate is only around 10%.

Common symptoms of Chloasma on skin

  • It starts with appearance of brown patches on different parts of body like nose, eyelids, cheek and skin. In initial stages it starts as small dots and start spreading as patches. At one point it might cover up entire facial area. If the patients have brownish skin tone, identification of allergy in initial stages becomes practically difficult.
  • In some cases it might result in itching sensations and pain. Victim feels like scratching skin which increases symptoms further. When this happens it is better to consult dermatologist and take suggestions for treatment.
  • Diagnosis of Chloasma could be easy for expert dermatologists. Most of such symptoms could be identified by visual inspection.

Duration of Chloasma and treatment

In some cases allergens may disappear after pregnancy. This happens when effects of Chloasma are in mild levels. At intermediate levels and advanced levels, it requires active intervention of treatment. There are many types of medicines and therapeutic methods for this. But one of the most effective and side effect free methods has been proved to be usage of vitamin c serum. Now you can see how this sort of treatment actually works on Chloasma affected skin.

  • Pigmentation is one of main features that determines tone and texture of skin. When pigment production is normal, skin condition and health is also said to be good. But when pigmentation process crosses certain stage, skin allergens tend to become active. This is when all skin related issues seem to be at their peak also. Effective usage of vitamin c serum stops production of pigments in initial stage.
  • In second stage it starts inhibiting copper from influencing affected skin cells. This results in reduction of negative effects like Chloasma red on skin cells.
  • In third stage it peels of pigment affected skin area. This allows for growth of fresh skin layer. Slowly but surely all brownish spots disappear from skin surface. In some cases skin may have got affected at multiple layers due to onslaught of Chloasma. When vitamin c serum is used at this stage for treatment, process may take more time. People who undergo treatment might get upset with slowness in progress. This is when dermatologists urge people to have patience and let treatment work its way through all layers.
  • If you happen to be affected by Chloasma and you are undergoing treatment with vitamin c serum, you need to watch your progress carefully each day. Diet is one of the main reasons for which treatment may become slower. Some may suggest that you could ignore this part and go ahead as long as you are taking specific course of treatment. But this is not true.
  • It is suggested that you avoid acidity causing foods, cholesterol and fat. Alcohol, tobacco and other sorts of intoxicants need to be strictly avoided. Keep your skin free of dirt. But don’t use any chemical based soap, shampoo or other beauty care products during course of treatment. Instead you could use herbal supplements like turmeric powder, coconut oil and Aloe Vera. They not only keep your skin clean, but also help in removal of dirt and other harmful elements from your skin pores. This in fact increases the healing process of your skin from Chloasma.

Probable remedies to get rid of Chloasma around eyes

  • This calls for some effort on your apart from taking vitamin c treatment. You will need to protect your eyes from direct sunlight, heat and humidity as long as you continue taking treatment.
  • In some people, Chloasma may develop due to genetic factors. In such cases treatment with vitamin serum alone may not be sufficient. You will need expert advice from your dermatologist.
  • Since Chloasma is found to be more prevalent among women than men researchers concentrated their efforts in finding out single possible cause in estrogen. To their surprise it was discovered that estrogen did contribute to growth and spread of Chloasma among women, especially during pregnancy. This was found to be severe in cases when women consumed oral form of contraceptive. So it is suggested that women who get affected by Chloasma to consult gynecologists about alternates for oral contraceptive.
  • Hormone imbalances could also cause Chloasma to spread rapidly, especially during menstrual cycles. If such signs are repeatedly observed, it is better to consult experts in this regard.

Simple methods to remove Chloasma arms

Most commonly affected parts are lower arms. Diagnosis reveals that it causes plaques to appear on affected regions, which start slowly peeling off. In some cases it develops into alopecia also. Normally such allergies show prior signs before developing into Chloasma. Some of such signs you could observe are

  • You may start developing small cracks at mouth corners. Normally they are assumed to be due to excess body heat. But when diagnosed it will be revealed that you are suffering from vitamin c deficiency. You need to supplement your vitamin c right at this stage with help of vitamin c rich foods.
  • Acne like symptoms appears on arms. You need to opt for rich foods like avocado, salmon, nuts and fruits like banana.

When Chloasma arms have to be treated you could ask your physician for vitamin c serum in forms of capsules or liquid. You could directly intake them according to prescribed dosage till prescribed period. This will eventually help in eliminating allergens.

Getting cure for Chloasma between breasts

Chloasma between breasts may originate from armpits. Some forms disappear naturally after pregnancy, while others may persist. Regular intake of vitamin c serum helps in overcoming this type of symptom. It could even remove Chloasma on neck during pregnancy. If the symptoms persist, then consultation with physician for Chloasma treatment after pregnancy will be essential.

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