Getting rid of paresthesias with Vitamin C Serum


Paresthesias could be defined as numbness, tingling, and burning, shocking or other abnormal sensations within the skin and muscle regions.  Some may feel like needle being inserted into their skin. In many of patients the sensations may start off mildly with numbness in their muscles. After certain stage in slowly gets converted into symptoms like

  • Skin crawling. This is kind of sensation that is felt in legs and upper thigh parts. It occurs mainly due to blocking of blood flow within the nerves surrounding muscles in that region. Once this phenomenon starts it could be difficult to control through medications alone. This is where vitamin c serum plays its role.
  • In the first stage the serum acts to relieve the nerves clotting. Since paresthesias and nerve pain are closely related, this helps to great extent. This could be done by increasing the flow of oxygenated blood into these nerves. In the next stage, the tensile strength of the nerves is enhanced by the vitamin c serum. In some patients it may happen faster, while in others it may take time. According to leading physicians, age plays important role in managing treatment. At younger age patients find medication more effective, while at older age they take more time in getting relief from this infection.
  • Even though there are many causes for this illness, some of the most commonly found causes are alcoholism, neuropathy, menopause, nerve irritation, loss of senses from motor neurons, disorders found in automatic immune systems et.
  • Expert physicians recommend various therapeutic remedies which may give relief over specific period of time.   However they are found to be ineffective in the long run. It has been found in US that therapy cures the illness over period of 6 to 7 months on an average. After that the patient will start getting the same sensation of numbness and tingling feelings once again.
  • When the patients are given treatment with vitamin c serum, it is injected directly into their intra nervous systems. This works in two ways for long term benefits. First one is the strengthening of immunity. That means infection causing elements like weakness, nervous disorder are removed from the root level. The second one is strengthening of complete cardiovascular nervous system from roots. When these two factors combine together, the treatment of Paresthesias becomes natural and irreversible.

Symptoms and treatment paresthesias of the hands and feet

This is said to be the most commonly occurring type of illness among men and women. Common causes are

  • Formation of plaques in blood vessels. This could be due to increased fatty elements intake over specific period of time. Obesity, excess deposition of cholesterol, nervous and muscular weakness leads to this situation. Successful treatment with vitamin c serum involves procedural treatment. You need to intake specific dosage of vitamin c serum during this treatment. Your physician may also recommend some sort of restrictions on your diet pattern also. If you are able to follow this pattern you could find sure cure.  
  • Diabetes is said to be one of the other leading causes of paresthesias. Normally glucose and fat get converted into energy in healthy bodies.  Hence the blood vessels have free flow. In case of diabetic patients, this flow gets severely affected due to deposition of fat and cholesterol within blood vessels. This results in fattening of nerves, besides blockages. If you observe the rate of blood flow among these patients, it is considerably slower. This leads to numbness of nerves in hands and feet. Sometimes it may even lead to strokes. It is exactly for this reason that physicians recommend usage of vitamin c for treatment of paresthesias after stroke.
  • This sort of numbness becomes severe when the patient stays in siting position for long period of time. Sometimes this effect could be experienced when the patient sleeps by resting his head on his shoulder.
  • When vitamin c serum is used for treating such patients with paresthesias, the initial effects will be usually slower. But it is recommended that the patient keeps persisting with the treatment for at least 2 to 3 months to start getting positive results. Once this period is crosses, the next stage of treatment happens faster. Rate of recovery increases with time. The patient is able to get reliable cure.

Finding connectivity between paresthesias and hypothyroidism

Thyroid hormones are essential for balancing the myelin sheath that surrounds nervous cells. This layer is responsible for insulation of nerve cells from external elements and shocks. When hypothyroid condition starts developing in patients, it leads to progressive corrosion of the sheath with time. Once this condition persists over long period it results in paresthesias.

  • One effective way of curing this is by strengthening the sheath. As you know the sheath is made of galactocerebroside. Hydrocarbon chains linked to sphingomyelin are responsible for strengthening of this sheath. When vitamin c serum is taken in optimum quantities in regular intervals, it enhances the production of sphingomyelin. This in turn strengthens the myelin sheath.
  • Once this myelin sheath is strong, patients no longer feel the tingling sensations. Over a period of time, this also enables the nervous system to become stronger, leading to decreased effects of paresthesias in the long run. However, doctors recommend the patients to keep their treatment of hypothyroidism also going in parallel. This will balance the action of vitamin c serum over extended period of time.

Understanding link between paresthesias and menopause

Menopause is said to be one of the major causes of stress among women, especially who have crossed their 40s. Physical stress leads to unconverted fat and cholesterol being deposited within the muscles, tissues and blood vessels. This condition is known to slowly but surely lead to paresthesias. Menopause largely causes weakening of bones. Sometimes the patients may also experience bone loss due to this. Consistent usage of vitamin c serum leads to restoration of bone marrow cell, leading to reduced risks of paresthesias.

Overcoming paresthesias vitamin C deficiency

It is better to prevent bad health conditions than trying to cure them once they have appeared. Increased usage of vitamin c based foods is highly recommended for people with potential risks of paresthesias. Once the deficiency of vitamin c is reduced to considerable extent, the risk of paresthesias vitamin could also be proportionately reduced. It is often observed that lack of vitamin c also leads to paresthesias and fasciculations, which lead to contraction of muscle fibers, resulting in movement problems of muscles and joints. Effective treatment with vitamin c could reduce the associated risks.