Finding effective cure for cosmetic dermatitis on lips with Vitamin C Serum


Cosmetic dermatitis treatment involves proper identification and removal of allergens from root levels. There are many steps involved in treatment process. First step takes care of removal of allergens from affected regions. Second step involves healing of affected cells and tissues. Third step involves protection of healing cells from exposure to Cosmetic dermatitis. All these processes take time, depending on nature and intensity of the allergy. Today there are many methods for treatment. Some methods involve therapy while others involve medication and cosmetic surgery.

Some patients may be allergic to certain type of medication and show adverse side effects like fever, cough, ear congestion, loss of voice etc. Surgery may cause flakes among some people while others may develop black skin patches. Even therapeutic treatments could have its limitations like its ineffectiveness for people with thick hair. But there is one method which has near zero side effects. It has been practically known to have long lasting cure. That is treatment with vitamin c serum.

Practical effectiveness of cosmetic dermatitis treatment with vitamin c serum

One of the main benefits of using vitamin serum for treating cosmetic dermatitis is its effectiveness in reducing absorbing rate of harmful metallic substances like nickel by skin. In some cases vitamin c serum has been used in combination with vitamin E to give quicker results.

  • One of the variants of cosmetic dermatitis is called photo-allergic-contact dermatitis. This is one type of allergic reaction of skin which starts happening once skin gets exposed to sun light. This could happen after using certain types of soaps, applying certain kind of cosmetics and beauty care products, perfume and others.
  • Now the question is, why and how does this allergy happen only to certain class of people while others remain unaffected by it. But truth is that medical experts know only which substances cause allergy on some people‚Äôs skin, but they have not been able to figure out why such allergies are limited only to this section of people. Reasons apart it is now time to look at some of possible elements that might trigger this allergy.
  • Hair dyes, nickel, citrus and its derivatives, some type of fragrances emanating from perfumes, lotions and cosmetics and other elements cause cosmetic fragrance allergy. Some people may develop rashes, while others may develop red spots all over body.
  • There are many cases reported from across US where people have had swellings, blisters, fluid draining, as well as crusting.

Some of these symptoms are observed at initial stages while others could develop at intermediate and advanced stages. Now you need to consider available treatment options with zero side effects like vitamin c serum. You need to know exactly how this is sued to treat and cure people with cosmetic dermatitis.

  • Practical evidences have shown that nearly 75% to 80% of cosmetic dermatitis cases treated with vitamin c serum have shown positive results, compared with non-treated cases. This has been mainly attributed to antioxidant properties of this element.
  • As you know vitamin c is soluble in water. Being donor of electrons it dissolves all negatively charged particles in water. The same phenomenon happens when it gets dissolved in human blood. This makes it get attached to human cells, making them immune to infection and disease causing bacteria.
  • The substance not only gets attached to healthy cells, but also penetrates into the bacterial cells and prevents them from getting any sort of energy supplies from human body. Thus they get weakened over period of time and die off naturally. This is the stage where cosmetic dermatitis affected cells get themselves detached from allergy causing bacterial elements. Once bacterial elements are removed from blood stream, most of symptoms related to allergy automatically disappear from skin area.
  • Next stage is healing of affected cells. This happens in rapid phase once skin is free from bacteria and fungi. One of the greatest effects of vitamin c serum is its effective restoration of damaged cells. It practically rebuilds all such damaged cells and strengthens them back to original status.
  • Now the cells start re-growing. At this stage, supplements will be needed to support their growth. Dermatologists suggest regular intake of fluids like water and smoothies.

Effective treatment of facial cosmetic dermatitis with vitamin c serum

Normally facial skin is considered to be highly sensitive. When allergy starts developing due to usage of cosmetics, it could quickly spread to other parts like ear, neck, back, breast and other sensitive regions. One way of treating facial cosmetic dermatitis is to detect it at early stages and start providing remedies.

  • Some of most common forms of facial cosmetic dermatitis include eyelid dermatitis, lip dermatitis, scalp dermatitis etc. when allergy strikes eyelids, it results in scaling of skin, irritation, red spots, blisters etc. Effective usage of vitamin c serum has been proved to heal all types of red spots, blisters and other damages to eyelid skin cells. Unlike other medications which start working from top layer of skin, vitamin c serum starts working by purifying blood stream that flows through sensitive regions in face like eyelids, lips, nose scalp etc. This helps in quick healing cosmetic allergy eye problems.
  • Removal of free-radicals that support growth and spread of bacteria and fungi from facial regions is another benefit of using vitamin c serum. In addition it also restores all damaged DNA cells. When this action takes place, curing of facial cells from cosmetic dermatitis is said to be complete. Transformation of cosmetic allergy face into spotless face happens naturally.

Understanding the treatment process of cosmetic induced contact dermatitis

The process of treatment starts with removal of bacteria and healing of cells. But this alone would not be sufficient in long run. If treatment has to be effective, cells should be made immune to allergens. Theoretically speaking this might look easy on paper. But when it comes to practical situations, equations could vary. It is mainly due to different texture and tone of each skin. This is where vitamin c serum is found to play important role. It actively treats all types of skins regardless of their texture, tone etc.

Effectiveness of cosmetic allergy home remedies with vitamin c serum

As long as prescribed form of vitamin c serum is being used home remedies could be considered to play supporting role in stabilizing and sustaining health of skin when they are used in parallel.