Effective ways to cure Tinea Versicolor with Vitamin C Serum


Malassezia is one type of yeast which causes skin infections. Tinea Versicolor treatment primarily involves controlling of this yeast. When present in normal levels this yeast causes no rashes or other sorts of infections. They can be usually found in face, scalp and chest regions. When metabolism involving this yeast goes out of control it causes them to grow rapidly. Since there is practically no mechanism within your body to control it, it gets converted into infection. There are many symptoms through which you will be able to identify this infection. Some of the most prominent ones are

  • Appearance of mysterious patches all over skin. Colors of these patches vary from brown, red, and white to pink. These patches may appear as light shade in initial stages. As the infection progresses they turn into dark colored patches. You will be able to distinguish them clearly from rest of your skin due to color variation.
  • In some cases you may find white spots on your skin. They may be scattered in initial stages, but they soon turn into patches. They most prominently affect skin areas in face, back region, neck region and hands.

Diagnosis of Tinea Versicolor

Diagnosis is one of the major steps towards recognizing nature and intensity of infection. This also helps in planning best possible treatment under existing conditions. Some of the most prominent types of diagnosis are biopsy of the skin, culturing of fungi, microscopy and other methods.

Available treatment methods for curing Tinea Versicolor

One of the most prominent methods of treating Tinea Versicolor is through anti-fungal medications. But there is one important catch here. The treatment is able to cure your skin of this infection. But the infection relapses after certain period of time. According to studies and research conducted on hundreds of Tinea Versicolor patients, it has been found that whenever (nobody knows when) time is ripe for Malassezia to reproduce in large scale, Tinea Versicolor infection relapses.

Hope in horizon with vitamin c serum treatment for Tinea Versicolor

Vitamin c serum has shown practical results for consistently keeping Tinea Versicolor away, but as long as patient intakes regular dosage of this serum. Interval between two dosages depends entirely on physiology of patient and intensity of infection. However it has been proven to be relatively effective, where other methods have proved to be temporary in nature.

  • One of the most important factors observed during treatment of Tinea Versicolor with vitamin c serum is that it needs to be in form of injections. Only then it has long lasting effects.
  • Vitamin c serum in combination with Aloe Vera, yarrow flowers, glucose and fructose. It also includes sorbate, sodium benzoate and other element is known as highly anti-fungal in nature.
  • There could be certain restrictions on diet pattern. Some of recommended foods are yogurt, raw fruits and veggies, garlic and clove. Foods that need to be avoided are baked foods, nuts, sugar and malt made of barley.

Effects of Tinea Versicolor arms and treatment

Oily skin seems to be one of triggering points for Tinea Versicolor arms to appear. This could be due to excess sweat produced during hot and moist climates. This is also the probable reason for frequent occurrence of these infections in regions like chest and stomach regions. When you observe carefully about the trends of this infection, you will see that it appears mostly in covered up areas like neck and upper parts of arms.

One of probable reasons could be continued deposits of sweat on these parts due to heat and humid climate. Studies have shown that it is only in such climates that probability of Tinea Versicolor infections is found to be more.

Occurrence of Tinea Versicolor around mouth

Tinea Versicolor around mouth occurs mostly in forms of tiny spots. Then they start growing in size. Colors of these patches are distinctly clear from rest of skin. You will be able to clearly identify this infection on colors alone.

  • One of the most interesting facts which have been found about this infection is that it has nothing to do with lack of hygienic practices. It is just that whoever has got more quantity of Malassezia, he got more probabilities of getting this infection.
  • Some of the causes for this sudden inflammation of Malassezia are said to be genetic in nature. Some others attribute it to oily skin and humid climate. When Tinea Versicolor Dermatophyte is studied in detail it could be possible at some stage to determine probable causes only.
  • Treatment for Tinea Versicolor around mouth involves intake of vitamin c serum at regular intervals. In some cases your physician may also ask you to apply this serum to affected spots. In such cases you should allow liquid to rinse the affected portion at least for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Hyperpigmentation is said to be another known cause for occurrence and spread of Tinea Versicolor. This could be due to imbalance in hormones. When you intake vitamin c serum in regular intervals, it seems to balance hormone levels, as long as the patient intakes vitamin c serum.

Occurrence of Tinea Versicolor between breasts

It happens most frequently among women. One of known reasons for this is larger bust size. In initial stages it could be harmless, or it appears to be harmless. As time progresses and no real effort are made for any treatment, this infection could become severe.

  • There is another type of fungi that causes patches between breasts or below this region. It is known as Tinea Corporis.  
  • Most of risks are associated with women who wear too tight bra, fabric allergy, excess of sweating etc.

Treatment involves regular intake of vitamin c serum in form of liquid lotion or injection. When you go for combination of these two, it could prove to be more fruitful. Tinea Versicolor dead skin is one of key elements that have to be monitored during treatment process. Usage of Tinea Versicolor essential oils like cinnamon, clove, lavender and other types also prove to be helpful in quickly getting relief.

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