Effective treatment for yeast infections with Vitamin C serum


Yeast infections symptoms could appear on your skin, mouth, vulva, scalp, eyes, throat or any other region. In women, vaginal yeast is one of the most commonly found forms of infections. There are various types of yeast which cause infections. Most commonly occurring species of yeast is Candida. You could find various subtypes of this yeast like candida Albicans, Antarctica, sake, fructus and so on.  They are responsible for causing specific types of infections on various human organs. One of the most effective ways to get rid of these fungi is to remove them from roots and prevent recurrence. In this aspect vitamin c serum is used at various stages for eradicating and preventing them.

Simple ways for recognizing yeast infections symptoms

Every yeast type has its own set of unique symptoms. In some cases visible symptoms can be used to recognize them. In other cases you may start experiencing pain and irritation in the affected region. Numbness could be another sign. Fever, body ache, nausea and itching are other common symptoms.

  • In case of oral thrush infection, one of the symptoms is problem is swallowing food and water. You may experience pain in internal regions of mouth oral cavity, gums, fauces and other regions. You may also experience feelings of congestion within throat and cheat regions. When the infection has spread beyond the esophagus area you might start experiencing fever.
  • When your skin gets affected by yeast infection, it is commonly called as cutaneous type of candida. Symptoms start as rashes on surface areas of skin. Most people at this stage assume that it is due to excess heat. They start applying cream or lotion. This further aggravates condition. Now it starts spreading to inner layers of skin. Finally it results in open wounds or blisters.
  • When yeast infection affects breast area among women, it starts with red spots on and around nipple regions. One of the features of this yeast infection is its contagious nature. Within few days of initial symptoms, it starts developing as dark patches around chest, abdomen, back and neck regions.
  • Most of infections that affect scalp region show symptoms of hair loss, patchy skin, itchy feelings, red spots, plaques and rashes.

Methods of curing yeast infections with vitamin c serum

Most of yeast infections with symptoms listed above could be cured with usage of vitamin c serum within quick time interval. Some serious types may take time to cure. Intensity and stage of infection also plays important role in healing time. Now you could read through each of the infection symptom listed above and its cure with vitamin c serum.

  • Initially vitamin c serum helps in reducing inflammation. Slowly it roots out infection. In next stage it starts strengthening immunity of body against thrush. Depending on nature and intensity of thrush, doctors recommend 250mg to 700mg of serum every day.
  • In case of skin infection vitamin c serum works in stages. It starts working from innermost layer of the skin where infection has taken its roots. Initially it stops spreading of infection to other parts of body by building “walls” around infected regions. Then it starts weakening infection causing cells by cutting off supplies which enrich them. Next stage is to disinfect the region completely. Finally it enhances immunity of cells and prevents recurrence of infections.
  • Scalp region infections are cured by acting on patchy and red spot regions. Initially the cells are healed from infection causing bacteria and then immunity is induced into those cells.   

Finding effective ways to treat yeast infections in women

  • Vaginal yeast infection among women starts with symptoms of itching in outer vulva region. Then it may slow spread to interiors, affecting vaginal opening, inner and outer lips and clitoris. Women experience pain and irritation during intercourse. It may further develop into sores. Unnatural vaginal discharge with whitish gray liquid is another symptom of vaginal yeast infection.
  • Treatment of vaginal infection with vitamin C serum takes proactive approach. The serum stimulates white blood cells to attack infection causing bacteria located within infected cells. Along with that, the serum acts in inhibiting feeders cells that help in growth and spreading of infection. This sort of multiple actions remove as well as prevent recurrence of infections. Vitamin C serum is also said to work fast when prescribed dosage is take regularly. Yeast infection after menopause is another example where administering vitamin c serum works effectively. You could even use Yogurt in combination with vitamin c serum to treat vaginal infections. Yeast infections and yogurt are considered to be two opposing elements.
  • In case of breast infection vitamin c serum starts by controlling estrogen levels. Once this is done, yeast infecting bacteria are deprived of supplies for growing and spreading. Then it starts treating the infected zones by removing bacteria. Finally it injects immunity to the cured cells and prevents infections from returning.

Steps to cure and prevent yeast infections before period

Yeast infection could affect menstrual cycles seriously. It is said that two out of every five women get affected by one form or other infection before the cycle. It is common to find small quantity of yeast within vaginal region of young women. It is only when their count goes beyond this normal level and multiplies rapidly that females start having issues.

  • It is better to start with vitamin c serum treatment 2 to 3 weeks before menstrual cycles. It helps in strengthening immunity of cells and tissues within vaginal, uterus and inner walls of vaginal tubes.
  • It is advised to avoid using douching products during this time. In fact many of doctors suggest young women to stop using them for good.
  • Wearing cotton undergarments with loose fittings is recommended.
  • Minimizing use of antibiotic products.

Getting rid of yeast infections under breasts

This sort of infection could occur due to usage of synthetic bras over long time. They block cells from receiving fresh oxygen supply. When this is combined with hot and humid conditions it leads to spread of infections. Females who do not dry this area after showers also tend to get infections. Vitamin C serum when used internally (capsules /injections) works faster in eradicating bacteria completely within few days. Then care must be taken to avoid humid and moist conditions. Yeast infections and diet is another important issue to be considered while undergoing treatment with vitamin c serum. For this you need to consult your physician to get specific details relevant to your body conditions.