Discovering permanent cure for Blepharitis with Vitamin C Serum


Blepharitis and pink eye are commonly associated with each other. This is when eyelid margins experience inflammation. Normally it originates from roots of eyelids and spreads rapidly all around. Crusts are formed around eyelid regions. According to ophthalmologists at American eye research institution, some of the symptoms may start appearing after cataract surgery in senior citizens. It starts off as pinkish eyes. This is actually caused by bacterial formation in that region. When left ignored it rapidly develops into red eyesores. Pain starts developing all around eyes. Vision gets blurred and it could lead to further complications also.

  • Research conducted by ophthalmologists in this institution also considered people around 40 and below. In all these cases it was found to be mainly due to effect of bacteria. Normal symptoms included itchy feeling in eyelids, followed by watering. At one stage it develops into dryness in eyes. Patients start feeling burning sensation when eyes are exposed to sunlight. Some may even feel like sand or mud particles have gotten into eyes.
  • Onslaught of bacterial infections mainly start due to lack of vitamin c. This could be supplemented through foods also. But it has been found to be slow process. Hence treatment with vitamin c serum has been found be very effective among people who are affected by Blepharitis.
  • When treatment is started at early stage of infection, its impacts could be experienced faster. Experience has shown that it could be cured within 30 days. For this, group of6 patients with Blepharitis were chosen as part of experiment to test effects of vitamin c on their treatment process. 3 of them were given medication according to physician prescription. The other three were subject to regular intake of vitamin c serum. After 30 days it was found that people who took vitamin c serum showed 95% recovery, while others showed about 65% recovery.
  • Ophthalmologists feel that vitamin c could make big difference to treatment of Blepharitis, when it is in serum form. There are many reasons for it. One of them is that serum gets mixed with blood flow faster. In such cases, ingredients of serum could reach affected areas faster than when vitamin c is consumed in other forms.
  • Diet forms one of key elements during treatment of Blepharitis. Alcohol, caffeine and tobacco needs to be avoided.
  • Consumption of essential fatty oils could help in faster results. This is especially true with omega-3 fatty acids. Apart from vitamin c, they contain beta-carotene, copper and zinc. You could add oranges and lime that are high in concentration of vitamin c ingredients.

Treating Blepharitis skin condition with vitamin c serum

Blepharitis skin condition is mainly caused due to Seborrhoeic-Dermatitis. This is known to mainly affect scalp region. Patches appear on affected regions. Skin turns red and dandruff starts appearing mysteriously in affected regions.

  • According to dermatologists this condition could last for many months, sometimes resulting in years of infection also. But there is hope now. After many years of research, they have come out with effective ways of treatment. It has been found that vitamin c serum with its antioxidant properties could penetrate into the pericranium and bone of skull regions. After reaching to these two levels, it starts working its way up. As it moves up, it touches regions like connective tissues and upper layers of skin in scalp region.
  • At first it encounters dead cells and puts “life” into them. However it may be possible for all dead cells to get reactivated. At this stage you may require some sort of treatment to get rid of these dead cells. Once that happens they start getting replaced with new cells which start growing. This may not essentially happen among those who have hereditary baldness problems. But it does happen with those who have become bald due to infections. Since new cells are free from bacterial infections, it is possible for hair to regrow in these regions.
  • When you persist with vitamin c serum treatment, most of infections causing bacteria are removed from scalp region. Now all the patchy areas re replaced with healthy skin. It may or may not lead to regrowth of hair as you read earlier. But it certainly removes infections completely.

Relation between Blepharitis and dry skin around eyes

As you read earlier, watery eyes resulting from Blepharitis quickly leads to dry eyes. This is mainly due to lack of vitamin c.  When such condition is reached, it results in dry skin around eyes. Soon the whole region starts shrinking, leading to changes in facial structure of skin. It is now time to put back some fluids back into regions within eyelids and around skin that surrounds eyes.

  • One of the reliable methods of doing it is through vitamin c serum. In some patients it works with capsules and application of serum into corner of eyes. In some cases it may be necessary to opt for vitamin c serum injections. No matter in which form it is given, it has its positive impacts.
  • Consumption of iron and other essential minerals rich foods are also required at this stage of treatment. It is the only way in which medication could be made to work effectively.

Treating Blepharitis and itchy skin with vitamin c serum

One of the reasons for itchiness in skins is bacteria. The other reason is dryness. When these two factors combine together, they make two reasons. It could be cured by first removing bacterial infection from the region and then replenishing the region with essential liquids. Both purposes could be achieved by vitamin c serum.

  • Bacterial removal happens in all layers of affected skin region. Blepharitis dry skin takes some time to get moisturized. When essential fatty oils are consumed regularly along with treatment, this process could be hastened.
  • This process also removes Blepharitis flaky skin layers. Emerging new skin layer is free from any of flakes.
  • When vitamin c serum is supplemented regularly to the patients, it could actively eradicate Blepharitis and skin problems forever. Whole process of disinfection however takes time.

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