Common lip and neck skin infections in men and women


Most of the lip related infections in men and women happen in the form of sores, cuts or swellings.  Most of them are caused by viral infections. Herpes simplex is known to cause blisters on lips. It is supposed to be contagious in nature. Direct or indirect contact with the affected part could spread the contamination rapidly. It spreads to all parts of the body as none of the presently discovered medications have the ability to eradicate it completely.

  • Lip infections mainly occur and spread due to lack of body resistance in individuals. This could be caused by lack of vitamins. Vitamin C is said to be one such element which can boost the immunity power to great extent. It revitalizes the white blood cells and speeds up healing of sores.
  • When patients with Lip infections are treated with Vitamin C serum their immunity providing cells get injected with vitamin c transporter molecules. They take these cells to the affected areas. The process of healing starts.
  • Content of vitamin C is said to be vital for the antiviral activity of immune cells. In addition these cells also gather other immunity providing cells and destroy the infection causing elements.
  • According to studies across US in early 2016, more than 23% of the Americans have the probability of getting affected by one of the lip infections. It has been observed that vitamin c deficiency is still haunting the people, though the percentage is on decline.

Analysis of skin infection above upper lip

Skin infection above upper lip normally results in the form of rashes and red marks. Sometimes it gets accumulated between the upper lip and nose portion. It results in severe pain and itching sensation. Most of the infected persons try to scratch it with fingers and end up worsening the marks into open wounds.

  • The patch may get dry over time. If it is harmless type, it may fall off at some time. Serious infections don’t go away so soon. They stay resident in that area and may resurface anytime.
  • This is when the need for Vitamin C Serum is felt. You could use the liquid drops for external application. By drawing out serum from bottle with small pipette you will be able to apply it onto the affected areas. Duration of treatment depends on intensity of the infection.
  • In case the intensity is beyond cure by external application, you will need to get vitamin c serum injection. This is said to work faster.

Symptoms of skin infection above upper lip

  • When the infection is small in nature it appears as tiny red dots. In such cases it may not be possible to identify them. You might experience burning sensation, itching or no sensation at all. But slowly it starts getting developed into higher proportions and spread all over the “moustache area” or cupid bow as it is commonly called.
  • As the intensity increases the symptoms of skin infection around lips become severe in nature. Sores start developing from red marks. Soon they swell with fluid and may break. Now this has resulted in open wound. Healing process at this stage is relatively more time consuming in nature.
  • Sometimes the red patches result in swelling too. In such cases the cupid bow looks like patch of red color band with visible swelling.

Treatment of skin infection above upper lip with Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum is one of the most effective ways of curing the symptoms within fast track of time.

  • In many cases you could buy the capsule format, break it open and squeeze the ingredient all over the surface area of affected region. Alternately you may choose to opt for oral intake of medicine in form of capsule or injection.
  • For many individuals the swelling seems to occur overnight when they are asleep. You might have experienced perfectly going to bed on previous night, only to wake up in the morning and find your cupid bow region being swollen. When such rapid rate infection happens it is better to opt for vitamin c serum to be taken as injections. They act faster.

Curing bacterial skin infection neck with vitamin c serum

There are many types of infections which could affect the neck region. Some of them are abscess, acanthosis nigicans, acne, allergic contacts and hives. In most of the cases these symptoms appear due to sun damages. There are also instances where the infection happens due to viral attack. Regardless of the cause, the resulting pus filled rashes and wounds go on expanding. Sometimes they expand to the lower neck region also, covering the throat completely.

  • There is one simple cure for this condition which is called vitamin c serum. Here you need to make the serum get injected into the cells, neurons and tissues. Only then you have the practical possibility of getting rid of the infection faster.
  • Sunburn is another symptom that appears due to excess of heat from sun. It appears as a small ring around the neck region and slowly increases in diameter and size. This could be cured by applying the serum from capsules onto the affected region.
  • Razor-bumps are another type of infection which is common among men. They are red colored bumps which appear all over your face’s shaving areas. If you look at them from distance, you might even get the impression that is normal beard growth. Regular usage of vitamin c serum helps in decreasing the intensity of bumps. As time passes, these swellings are converted into flat and closed wounds which will disappear at some point.

Dealing with skin infection at back of neck

This is one of most sensitive parts in neck region. Since the bones, muscles and tissues in this region get connected to the top portion of backbone and collar bone. When the skin infection around neck goes to the critical stage it might affect the bones in this region. Taking regular Vitamin C serum injections will be able to cure the infections and strengthen the bones and muscles.