Sustenance of Male Sperm quality with Vitamin C Serum


Using vitamin c serum for sperm count is only one aspect of its application. The second and most critical application is for improving the quality of sperm. You need to understand the exact meaning of “quality”, in case you are not familiar with it. It is the capacity of the sperm to mate with the female egg and fertilize it. It also considers the quantity of sperms in every milliliter of ejaculation.

Two other factors are also considered while assessing quality of sperm. First one is its ability to flow from its origin to reach its destination where fertile female egg will mate with it. This is called as motility factor. The second factor is morphology factor. It is the size factor. When size of sperm head is too small or too big it won’t be able to penetrate the female egg and fertilize it.

Utilizing vitamin c serum for sperm production with quality

Factors affecting sperm motility need to be considered while recommending solution for increasing it. Before that, diagnosis has to be made to ascertain the factors that are preventing sperm motility in the specific person.

  • Testing will be done at the physician laboratory. For this he collects sample quantity of sperm from the patient. Some of the common parameters considered while testing the sperm motility are its concentration per ml, penetration assay, and antibody testing.
  • Antibodies which are present in sperm head have to be considered carefully. This is because they are the ones which prevent the penetration of sperms into egg head. In extreme cases the physician may use insemination method for overcoming this problem of antibody. It is the process by which sperms are forced to enter into the fallopian tube of the female vagina and made to penetrate the female egg. This process could be done naturally or even artificially.
  • If you wish the process to be done naturally, one of the easiest solutions you could find is through injection of vitamin c serum into the male. This could be very effective remedy where other methods (other than artificial) do not produce desired results.

Systematic usage of vitamin c serum for sperm motility

Vitamin c serum is used just before the process of natural insemination in men. Depending on the intensity of problem, the dosage and duration of treatment will be decided. Before the physician recommends them, he will need to conduct certain tests.

  • ABO-Rh blood-typing is the first test. It is used for detecting any probability of genetic diseases in the blood that may be preventing sperm from having its natural motility factor. Though not enough proofs have been established in this direction, this is considered to be one of the probable reasons that affect sperm motility. Innumerable experiments have conducted in this regard about the usage of vitamin c serum to overcome genetic problems. The main issue with this is that it is not only the genetic factor, but also other factors like abnormal behavior of chromosomes and existence of sexually acquired diseases. Once the test has been conducted and results obtained, the physician may recommend combinational treatment of these problems with vitamin c serum.
  • In case the person is affected by chromosome disorder, it may be possible to overcome such issues natural healing methods. This is because there are no medical or surgical ways through which this problem could be set right now. Even the allopathic type of treatment has been found to fall short of the expectations. But there is still hope. One of the most ancient medication systems in the world called Ayurveda from India has credible solutions for this issue. They are called the PANCHAKARMA therapies. Vitamin c serum could be used effectively with the herbal ingredients used in order to increase the sperm motility rates.
  • There are however many pre conditions before you could take this treatment. You need to stay away from hard driving of vehicles, especially two wheelers. You need to stay away from alcohol, tobacco and any other sorts of intoxicating agents.
  • Certain types of medications based on chemicals and harmful drugs will have to be avoided. This specifically refers to androgen based drugs.

Concise analysis of vitamin c serum and sperm morphology

One of the major aspects that need to be set right with male sperm is its shape. Any abnormalities in sperm shape are assessed based on two types of criteria. They are the WHO based criteria and KRUGER analysis based criteria.

  • One of the unproven methods prescribed by most of the physicians around the world is consumption of vitamin c serum along with natural therapy. However this has shown results in only small percentage of people who have taken this method of treatment.
  • Consult your physician and ask him to conduct thorough morphology analysis of your sperm. If there are any mild variations, he will be able to suggest remedies. In most of the cases he may recommend you to take up the natural treatments, since the medical world has not been able to find solution to the morphology problem yet. But you could be certain that he will recommend for vitamin c serum along with the treatment to make it more effective.

Other normal cases of using vitamin c serum for sperm quality

If you are free from any of the above discussed issues like genetic disorder, chromosome disorder and sexual diseases, you could consider yourself lucky. This is because optimum quantities of vitamin c serum and sperm quality are certainly related with each other to give you positive results. You could also find sure links between vitamin c serum and sperm health.

What does vitamin c serum do for your sperm anyway? It interacts with testosterone in improving the quantity and quality of sperm production over period of time. That means you cannot expect to start consuming vitamin c serum today and expect to get fertile by next Monday. It may take about at least 5 to 6 months of prolonged treatment in order to achieve this goal.

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