Restoration of Testosterone levels in men with Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin c serum testosterone booster works in very easy and effective ways when it is administered in the form of IV injection. Duration and dosage of treatment depends on intensity of testosterone deficiency. Apart from this, vitamin c serum is also responsible for balancing the activities of many enzymes that are required for the healthy status of testosterones in your body. Initial detection of testosterone deficiency could be tricky process, especially when it comes to measuring male fertility. You need to carefully observe some of the most critical symptoms that are associated with it. Early detection of the problem could lead to quick solution.

  • You experience constant reduction in muscle mass. But you may start putting on weight abnormally with accumulation of unhealthy fat. You feel constant fatigue overpowering you.
  • Cholesterol levels vary abnormally.
  • You may experience slight anemic conditions.

In advanced stages you might as well have weaker bones and dramatic fall in levels of hemoglobin.

Once you observe any of the symptoms you need to consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment. But you need not panic. This sort of problem could be treated and cured with vitamin serum in combination with therapy and medications (if required).

Taking megadose vitamin c serum testosterone

The process of testosterone deficiency in your body starts when vitamin c is insufficient. Several studies have been conducted to establish the link between vitamin c and testosterone.

  • Most of studies are based on process of electron transfer and its biological influence on testosterone. Experiments revealed that this process could be helpful at two levels, namely testosterone production enhancement and regeneration of damaged testosterone.
  • In this aspect you need to understand the structure and function of gonads and adrenal glands. Gonads were found to be major contributors while adrenal glands produced small quantities of testosterone. In men these gonads are in testes. Leydig cells located in this region produce testosterone. In case of women ovaries are responsible for this task.
  • The twin testes are also responsible for managing overall health of reproductive system in male. When testes health goes bad, it results in disorders with testosterone production.
  • Vitamin c serum is said to act in two ways to boost production as well as protection of testosterones from possible damages. First task is accomplished by encouraging electron exchange process. It is made possible since vitamin c is known as donor of electrons. This is said to be direct vitamin c serum effect on testosterone.
  • This fact was established when experiments were conducted for degeneration of testosterone hormone under UV radiation. Then the experts allowed some time for regeneration. The same experiments were repeated under the influence of vitamin c serum molecules present within the region of testosterone producing glands. There was 58% improvement in terms of regeneration time, quality and quantity. Two other hormones were also tested in the same manner, namely progesterone and Estrone. All the three hormones showed almost similar percentage of increase in vitamin c serum free testosterone. This was laboratory part.
  • When similar tests were conducted on patients with testosterone deficiency, it was found that rate and speed of production improved by more than 50%. One of the other impacts has been on balancing of vitamin c serum cortisol testosterone. This therapy has been adopted by leading hospitals and health centers all over US now.

Effects of high dose vitamin c serum testosterone

Second type of experiment with high dose vitamin c serum was conducted directly with patients who had issues with testosterone production. This time it was the activity of natural steroid dehydrogenase which was put under test.

  • This is present in the male testes. It is connected with enzyme activities that happen within testes which produces testosterones. Vitamin c serum was used to influence the activity of Leydig cells within the testes. Enhanced production of testosterone was observed within few weeks of time.
  • These studies proved some pertinent ideas. The L-Ascorbic acid present in vitamin c serum is responsible for protecting testosterones from damages resulting from damages. Major contributor was found to be UV radiation emitting from exposure to direct sunlight. This results in stress on testes in men, reducing testosterone production and damaging existing ones. Vitamin c serum was also found to reduce the levels of stress to great levels when administered in prescribed dosages for prescribed period of time.
  • As result of boost in testosterone, the sperm count and quality also increased by considerable proportions within treatment period. This was found to be another advantage of working with the serum.

Vitamin c serum benefits for testosterone and skin health

If you are under the impression that vitamin c serum could be used only for increasing male fertility, think again. You could practically conduct small experiment by yourself. Observe the skin texture and health of any person who is about to undergo vitamin c serum treatment for testosterone deficiency. Make note of his features before treatment and after treatment. You will be surprised to see many dramatic changes in his skin texture, tone and health.  From having dull and dry skin he would have been transformed into having bright and healthy skin with brimming levels of confidence too.

  • The twin effects of increased testosterone and enhanced skin health are mainly due to the interaction of vitamin c serum with the gonad glands, adrenaline glands and progesterone. Former action increases the production of reproductive hormones, while the second interaction results in healthy skin with increased elasticity, tensile strength and brightness.
  • Once you start consuming vitamin c serum, it will have multiple health benefits which will spread all over your body from head to toes. It improves oxygenation of your vital organs at the same time prevents the oxidation process. This is probably in sharp contrast with other drugs and medications which might result in certain levels of oxidation.
  • The serum improves immunity level of your skin, at the same time keeps it under control to prevent development of skin scales and blisters which occur due to imbalances in immune systems. It promotes hormone enhancements like testosterones at the same time keeps them within limits, preventing your skin from developing oily conditions, red bumps and other blisters.

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