Preserving female immunity during post natal period with Vitamin C Serum


The immune system in women undergoes vast changes during postnatal period. This period lasts approximately for 6 to 9 months from the date of baby birth. Mother’s skin will be very sensitive during this time. Chances of tissue damages increase. This is because most of the sensitive tissues have reduced levels of immunity against infections and climatic conditions. Chances of hormonal level imbalances also exist during this time. Considering all these factors, you could take Vitamin c serum as one of the most trusted agents to give you protection against infections, tissue damages, hormone disorders and other commonly observed issues in the post natal period.

Vitamin c serum for post natal immunity solution – Skin

Think of any situation when your weak immunity levels have affected your health. For example you could observe weird kind of dryness all over your skin during winter. This becomes even worse after your baby is born. If you are wondering about what’s happening to your skin, the reasons for vitamin c serum for post natal immunity disorders are obvious.

  • Skin is the protective layer of your skin which comes directly into contact with weather elements. When cold conditions bother your skin, you need protection. You might have tried innumerable skin lotions, creams and other methods. All of them work well within their limitations. They give you temporary protection to the external layer of tour skin. Once their effect wears out, your skin is exposed to cold weather again. So you go on apply it repeatedly. What happens in couple of weeks is obvious. Your skin may develop allergy to some of the chemicals or other ingredients in it Then you switchover to another cream or lotion. It may also not gel with your skin since its ingredients are not effective.
  • Now think about one solution which is natural. Your skin layers readily absorb the ingredients instantly. Produced effects are natural and long lasting. What is more, you don’t experience any sort of side effects at all! Yes, you are right. It is vitamin c serum. What make it relatively more effective and efficient are its ingredients.
  • Some of the most widely used elements of vitamin c serum for post natal immunity cell are skin solution c & E, collagen boosters, Sodium Ascorbyl phosphate, L- ascorbic acid, Argireline, Marine Collagen extract and Aloe Vera.
  • Some of the unique features of vitamin c serum are enhanced tolerance, support for multiple skin types, freedom from chemicals and irritating elements, skin health enhancement, protection against UV radiation and free radicals, anti-aging effects, faster and effective absorption rate and affordability.

Vitamin c serum ingredients

  • Skin solution C & E contain antioxidant elements. Since absorption depth is more it spreads uniformly to all your skin cells and layers. It gives protection against free radicals produced by your skin layers. That means your skin layers are safe from damages caused due to oxidation, skin burn, dry skin, cell damage etc.
  • Free radicals are produced as result of interaction between chemical elements of oxygen and proteins in your skin. Antioxidants in skin solution C & E prevent the interaction and bonding and formation of free radicals.
  • Collagen boosters are other ingredients of vitamin c serum. Enhanced tensile strength to your skin cells and tissues is one of benefits you get. Skin becomes elastic in nature. Combination of these two characteristics is sufficient to prevent formation of wrinkles on your skin. Since these characteristics are infused into your skin layers, you can expect them to last longer.
  • Sodium Ascorbyl phosphate moisturizes your skin naturally and deeply. It works against acne and other forms of bacteria. It has anti irritant characteristics.
  • L- Ascorbic acid enables improved metabolism of skin cells. This process gives self-repairing capacity. It also helps in increasing the health levels of collagen cells that are already present in your skin. Cell damages at the level of skin cells are greatly reduced. Skin becomes firm and soft.

Vitamin c serum for post natal immunity resistance – Skin

Immunity from skin infections, allergy and diseases is one of main features of vitamin c serum. When you apply the serum consistently for few weeks, it creates thin layer of protective wall around each skin cell and tissue in your skin layers.

  • Most of skin infections are caused by deposition of dust, dirt, sweat and other skin pollutants over your skin’s top layer. Sweat helps in absorption of these elements. Bacteria easily enter into your skin and starts growing. So first priority for you would be to prevent entry of bacteria into your skin. The protective layer formed by vitamin c serum is sufficient to expel dust, dirt, sweat and other skin pollutants from the inner layers of your skin. Of course you need to keep your skin hygienic by washing your skin regularly.
  • Hormonal imbalances during post natal period could also produce allergens within your skin layers. Though they are not present in external layers of your skin, their deposition in internal layers like dermis could damage skin cells. Vitamin c serum prevents these damages by inducing self-repairing ability to the skin cells. Antioxidant property removes these allergens from these layers and expels them through skin pores. Once you start cleaning external surface of your skin, you could expect to stay free from these allergens for good.

Vitamin c serum for post natal immunity deficiency

When immunity levels of your skin cells are low, it is easy for virus and bacteria to enter and penetrate deep into your skin layers. Vitamin c serum prevents this by enhancing strength of protective layers in your skin through immunity.

Vitamin c serum for post natal immunity diseases

In some cases excess of immunity cell growth could be dangerous for your skin. For example you might have read about formation of skin scales due to imbalance of skin cells immunity. Vitamin c serum interacts with your skin cells and produces optimum level of vitamin c serum for post natal immunity. You could expect to achieve balanced skin protection during your post natal period in all seasons.