Overcoming female Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) with Vitamin C Serum


One of polycystic ovary syndrome symptoms is impairment of menstrual cycles in females. Some women may experience spots in their discharge; while in others menstrual cycles may happen irregularly or cease to happen. Other common symptoms are appearance of hair growth on chin region neck region, legs and chest. It could be markedly differentiated from normal conditions by thickness of hair. In some cases it might appear as though they are growing beard! Loss of weight is another major symptom. This could happen abnormally over short period of time. Sometimes it could result in variation in weight, resulting swings between abnormal weight gain and weight loss for no apparent reasons.

Identifying polycystic ovary syndrome symptoms and curing with vitamin c serum

  • Anomalous increase in acne. This is due to imbalance in hormone levels. As you know females too have certain levels of testosterone and androgen which are predominantly found in males. As long as these hormones are under standard levels of 0.3 to 1.9 Nano-grams per deciliter, there are no unusual changes in female body and skin. But once it crosses that level and starts increasing, sebum production will get initiated. Sebum is made of unhealthy skin oil and old skin tissues. This could cause many skin related illnesses like bumps, acne, red marks etc. Since sebum clogs skin pores it could lead to spreading of acne all over facial, neck, back and other regions in the body.
  • Timely detection of this syndrome could lead to faster and effective treatment. Foundation of such treatments will be continued consumption of vitamin c serum. There are many benefits of doing so. One of main benefits is said to be balancing production of testosterone. It controls overproduction and brings it back to standard levels. It also brings levels of androgen back to normal.
  • Since vitamin c serum is known as antioxidant, it can clear the skin surface from pollutants and bacterial infections. Sebum production is also brought under considerable control, removing unhealthy skin oil and old skin tissues.
  • If your skin condition is critical with acne you need to consider taking vitamin c serum in form of injections. It can clear all skin pores acting from dermis and epidermis layers. Once your skin starts breathing it makes way for removal of acne. But you need to remember that acne may leave behind many facial marks that take weeks or months to heal. Consult your skin specialist about medication for this. In most cases, vitamin c serum in the form of facial liquid will be recommended along with Aloe-Vera and rosemary oil. Regular usage of these liquids in form of facial and skin massages will be able to cure this problem within 2 to 3 weeks. Then you could expect to regain your brighter skin with zero spots of acne.
  • Most probable reason for PCOS to appear is malfunction of endocrine. Glands. Actually they are group of glands like pineal glands, pituitary glands, hypothalamus, thymus, adrenals, ovaries, pancreas and breasts etc. When these glands start malfunctioning, you could expect whole set of hormones running wild within your body. Most prominent among them are estrogen produced mainly by breasts, insulin from pancreas, thymosin from thymus, melatonin from pineal glands and so on. It will need detailed diagnostics to find out exact nature of gland malfunction and hormone imbalance. But the process of treatment is quite simple. You need to start consumption of vitamin c serum in regular intervals. Your skin specialist may prescribe some sort of medication to overcome hormonal imbalances also. But most of them are generally accompanied with vitamin c serum. It is due to reason that it acts as critical supporting agent in types of treatments for restoration of endocrine glands functionality and levels.
  • According to vitamin c serum fertility study, PCOS also results in excess storage of insulin in your body, often leading to infertility conditions. This also results in depression marks on skin, appearance of red rashes and other symptoms. They could be cured by applying vitamin c serum in form of gel. When this is combined with Aloe-Vera, you could experience faster curing effects. But you need something to bring insulin levels back to normalcy. This could be achieved by consuming vitamin serum c capsules. It may take about 15 days for your insulin level to completely under control. But you need to consult your physician about continued dosage and duration of serum to keep symptoms away.

Procedure involved in polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosis

Laparoscopy is one way in which PCOS is diagnosed. It could also be used for surgical procedure called drilling of ovarian cyst. This is normally used for initiating ovulation among women.

  • Local anesthesia is administered on the region which contains cyst.   
  • Small sized hole is made near the belly region and laparoscope device is inserted through that hole. Then the PCOS is eliminated. However, there could be certain risks involved in this process like internal bleeding. This is one of the reasons for experts to recommend the usage of vitamin c serum during and after the surgery. This serum helps in healing the internal bleeding. It also restores hormonal balance during post treatment period and help in faster recovery.

Effective ways for polycystic ovary syndrome cure

There are many non-surgical methods for curing PCOS. Clomiphene is one such treatment which helps in maturation of female egg within the ovaries and their timely release for fertilization. However such treatment needs active support of antioxidants with zero side effects. In this context vitamin c serum is considered to be highly effective in nature. Another treatment method called Gonadotropins which involves injections of Gonadotropins hormones for making ovulation to happen. Even this treatment is said to be effective when it is actively supported by regular consumption of vitamin c serum in regular intervals. You could expect to see faster results with near zero side effects.

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