Letting Vitamin C Serum protect Ovulation and Egg Health


Vitamin c serum fertility benefits among women could be evaluated based on its effectiveness during ovulation. As you know, ovulation is the time when the egg is released from female ovary after it has reached stage of maturation. The released egg passes through fallopian tube and gets prepared for process of fertilization. When vitamin c serum is administered during this time, it helps in many aspects including balancing excretion cycle of ascorbic acid. In the pre ovulation time the excretion increases from its normal level and drops again. The additional amount of ascorbic acid released during time is useful for ensuring smooth ovulation without any hassles. Once the ovulation is complete, the rise in temperature makes way for increase of ascorbic acid once again.

Dosage of vitamin c serum after ovulation

Post ovulation period starts at the time of egg release and lasts until the time of fertilization or menstruation. Ovulation is sometimes problematic for women with hormone imbalances. Often they miss on ovulation which then gets carried on to the next 30 days. Right dosage of vitamin c serum helps in restoration of ovulation period.

  • Fertilization is the next step to ovulation, provided the egg is able to mate with sperm within specific period of time. Vitamin c serum for male fertility. If no fertilization happens within this stipulated time, it results in menstruation. Assume that the egg has been fertilized and stage is set for pregnancy. Probabilities of pregnancy are increased when vitamin c serum is used in case of women. It has been observed over period of time that more number of women who used vitamin c serum had the probability for conceiving than those women who did not use vitamin c serum. The role of vitamin c serum for male fertility is also equally high in priority. ¬†When the egg is not able to meet a sperm, it gets discharged through the process of menstruation.
  • When the body is ready for process of fertilization, the female needs to use vitamin c serum once again. Mating happens at the fallopian tube and the fertilized egg is moved into the uterus for further development.

When the process goes through normally, these are the steps. However, the whole cycle could be put into trouble when female experiences imbalance in hormone production. If this imbalance continues, she will be left infertile. Role of vitamin c serum in infertility in balancing of ovulation and fertilization cycles is well known. You need to consult your gynecologist about the exact dosage and duration for which vitamin c serum has to be consumed.

  • Actually the consumption of serum has to start 10- 15 days before the expected time of ovulation. The process of setting hormones into balance takes so much of time.
  • When vitamin c is consumed during ovulation, it facilitates the passing of egg from ovary till the end of fallopian tube. The serum also prepares the tube by removing all the toxic elements, debris and other blockages through detox process. Most of the blockages are said to occur due to scarred tissues or deposition of fluid in the fallopian tube.

Procedure to make vitamin c serum induce ovulation

  • First probable problem in ovulation arises due to anovulation or oligo-ovulation. Anovulation is the inability to ovulate and oligo-ovulation is irregular frequency is ovulation. Both cases call for medical intervention to make the ovulation happen on time. At this time gynecologists may suggest for vitamin c serum injections.
  • The serum is useful in balancing the hormone levels in the body and increasing the immunity of reproductive organs. Absorption of minerals like iron is also supported by serum.
  • One method of increasing ovulation probability is by enhancing level of cervical mucus. This is done by increasing the water levels within the body. This process automatically facilitates ovulation.
  • Vitamin c serum increases immunity of ovary, which removes all sorts of bacteria and fungus which might have got trapped. This process makes ovulation happen without any hassles.

Effective usage of vitamin c serum for female fertility

One of the biggest hindrances to fertilization is known as luteal-phase defect. This is the disturbance in fertilization process. There could be many reasons for this disturbance.

  • Progesterone is an element that enables the release of egg from ovulation process. When the ovaries contain insufficient quantity of progesterone, it may not be possible for the ovaries to release eggs. Health condition of ovaries needs to be improved in order to increase progesterone count in the ovaries. This could be done by regular administering of vitamin c serum through injections. It will be able to stabilize the production of progesterone and subsequently the production of egg in the ovaries comes to normal stage.
  • Uterus lining fails to respond to call of progesterone. Before releasing the egg, ovaries communicate with the uterus region to check for available conditions. If there is favorable response, the ovary will release the egg. Otherwise it is blocked. Vitamin c serum induces the uterus to respond to the signal message sent by the progesterone. Complete progress depends on rate of vitamin c serum fertility.
  • If the female is having problems like obesity, thyroid related disorders; system may fail to produce healthy egg. In this case also vitamin c serum is used for rectifying these problems. The medical expert may use Clomid in combination with vitamin c serum. This is one of the most powerful combination of treatments which makes the ovulation process smooth and easy.
  • Disturbances in the fallopian tube might also prevent the ovulated egg from reaching the end of tube. This could happen due to many reasons like hormone imbalance, shrinking of tube etc. Even in this case, the vitamin c anti oxidation property helps in restoring the hormones to healthy levels.
  • Poor quality of egg. This is one condition when it is unable to get fertilized after mating with male sperm also. Vitamin c serum is used in such cases to improve the health of released egg. Dosage and duration of vitamin c serum consumption depends on the intensity of situation. In case the problems are persistent after using remedy also, you need to contact your gynecologist for exploring possibility of next time ovulation period. The dead egg and other debris are removed from the tube during next fertilization cycles.

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