Inhibition of female tumor growth with Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin c serum for female tumor uterus is powerful enough to initiate the process of cure with three types of drugs for breast cancer. Drugs are broadly categorized into 3 types, namely preventive drugs, treatment drugs and combinational drugs. All the drugs need to be approved by FDA before they can be released into the market. Here the highlight is on the role played by vitamin c serum when it is used along with some of the breast cancer drugs. Benefits of vitamin c serum have also been discussed independent of other drugs.

When vitamin c serum is used with certain minerals like iron, it creates a compound name hydrogen peroxide. This compound is capable of causing structural loss to the caner carrying DNA as well as the mitochondria which supports it. This is sufficient to eliminate the cancer DNA from the body. Vitamin c serum has to be injected in the intravenous form. This is the only way in which it can be made to work effectively.  

Usage of vitamin c serum for female tumor under skin

This is called Soft-Tissue Sarcoma. It is a malignant type of tumor that develops over soft type of tissues and bones. They can appear anywhere in skin’s lower layer, joint lining, muscles and other sensitive spots. Most of the under-skin tumors appear in hands, feet, legs, arms and rear side. Exact causes of these types of tumor are still unknown. Identification of symptoms is said to start only when the tumor becomes visibly large enough. Since it is below the skin there are no ways by which the tumor could be recognized in its early stages.

  • Vitamin c serum is injected near the region where soft tissue sarcoma has developed.
  • Soft-tissue sarcoma drugs such as ifosfamide or doxorubicin is used as IV.
  • The ingredients of serum start working with sarcoma drug on preventing spread of sarcoma to other parts of the body.
  • Vitamin c serum works with the sarcoma drug towards reducing the symptoms. The drug attacks cancer cells in the tumor DNA. It prevents further growth of cancer cell.
  • Vitamin c serum works with the cancer drug towards eliminating the existing cancer cells.
  • Vitamin c serum cleans the debris of dead cancer cells, removes the tumor by working with cancer drug.
  • Vitamin c serum starts healing the cells in affected region.

Vitamin c serum also works along with therapeutic treatments in similar manner. Hence medical community strongly recommends usage of the serum in treating soft-tissue sarcoma.

Effect of vitamin c serum for female tumor under chin

It is called chin lump. This is always localized swelling that could appear like bump, tumor or cyst. Most common causes are viral and bacterial infections. Sometimes they grow in size and feel like lumps under the region of jawbone. Most common treatment methods are surgery or biopsy.

  • Vitamin c serum is used along with prescribed medication for the chin lump, in case the physician prescribes. Most of the times it requires no other medicine part from biopsy.
  • Vitamin c serum is injected into the region around chin lump. The patient undergoes biopsy.
  • The cyst is removed. Serum starts healing the recovering cells in the affected region where biopsy was conducted.

Prescription of vitamin c for female tumor on spine

There are mainly 3 types of tumor which can occur near spinal cord. They are Meningioma-tumor, Astrocytoma-tumor and Ependymoma-tumor. Meningioma-tumor has its origin in the meninges region of spinal cord. Astrocytoma-tumor originates from the tissue cells that support nerve cells around the spine. Ependymoma-tumor originates from canal line cells located at spinal cord center region.

  • Regardless of the type of tumor, the treatment procedure involves usage of vitamin c serum, surgery/radiation and antiseptic drugs.
  • In most cases vitamin c serum is used as IV in the post-surgical period.  However it could also be used in pre-surgery time to boost immunity.
  • Surgery is conducted and tumor is removed.
  • Vitamin c serum is used in IV form. Now it starts to heal the affected areas where tumor existed. It is used for time period of few weeks as prescribed by surgeon or physician. Additional medications like antiseptic drugs might be used upon prescription by authorized practitioner.

Similarly, specific methods are used in the usage of vitamin c for female tumor on pancreas, vitamin c for female tumor neck and vitamin c for female tumor on adrenal gland.

General talk on female tumor growth and treatment

  • Most of the localized tumors are treated with therapy, surgery or radiation. Vitamin c usage may be split into pre-surgical, surgical and post-surgical periods. In the pre-surgical period it is used to prepare the ground for surgery. It is powerful antioxidant; hence it could be used for preventing tumor expansion and proving immunity support to the surgery region cells and tissues.
  • Most of the tumors growth rate is slow. Radiotherapy seems to be more effective compared to surgical methods. Surgery is preferred when option for radiotherapy are non-existent.
  • Surgical method called Stereotactic-radiosurgery is used when the cyst, lump or tumor has size less than 2.9 centimeter of diameter.
  • Vitamin c serum is used mainly for the purposes of wound and sore healing, prevent progression, immunity and some other generic tasks
  • Control rate of tumor growth is approximately 94.4%.

Usage of vitamin c serum in post treatment period

This is considered to be most important phase of vitamin c serum usage. The focus is on retaining the immunity of affected and treated areas, besides keeping symptoms of treated tumor from reappearing. Physicians may prescribe certain specific medications for the type of tumor treated along with usage of vitamin c serum as supplement. You need to know the exact dosage and duration of main drug and the serum.

Diet plan may not be prescribed for all types of tumors in post treatment period. But some types do call for diet plan which you need to follow. Consume plenty of fresh water and smoothies as recommended by your physician.

You need to monitor your health and check for reappearance of any symptoms related to tumor for which you were treated. In case you find any abnormal developments, make sure you visit your physician and take his consultations.