Enhancement of male fertility with Vitamin C Serum


Reading about vitamin c serum increase male fertility is good news for many men. Knowing about fertility hormones benefiting your skin health is bonus news. Testosterone is one of hormones which are responsible for increased fertility in men. At the same time it also takes care of your muscle mass and increased oxygen supply to skin layers. By increasing number of red blood cell count, testosterone also helps in increasing fitness of your skin cells and tissues. However you need to take care of balancing the production of testosterone as excess could end up damaging your skin cells and skin health.

Factors that make vitamin c serum increase male fertility and skin health

  • Balanced testosterone levels in your body could help in decreasing of unhealthy fat. So the chances of getting oily skin get reduced by great extent. For this you need to balance your regular intake of vitamin c serum every day.  
  • Vitamin c serum contains L-Ascorbic acid as one of the active ingredients. The serum is responsible for efficient management of enzymes that directly relate to production of testosterone. Another positive aspect associated with vitamin c is that it is electron donor. This property helps in regeneration of damaged testosterones.

These facts have been practically proved in many of leading biological research institutions across US, dealing with male fertility issues. One such researcher organized group of men to study the effect of vitamin c serum on fertility rates.

  • The group was spilt into two sub groups. Group A was given vitamin c serum dosage regularly, while the other group was not. Both groups were supplied with other forms of foods and supplements for boosting fertility.
  • By the end of experimental cycle, the researcher could conclude certain facts from tests conducted. Men who were given vitamin c serum showed 50% better production of testosterone than who were not. This was called influence of electron-transfer process for enhancing testosterone production.
  • Three main types of hormones were used in this experiment, namely estrone, progesterone and testosterone. The process of testosterone deprivation and revival was studied without vitamin c serum and with it. Upon study it was revealed that tests with vitamin c serum yielded 60% more testosterone, 50% more of progesterone and nearly 89.8% more of estrone. This was sufficient to answer many of the questions like does vitamin c serum help male fertility.
  • As you know, progesterone plays important role in regeneration of skin cells and balancing their immunity levels.
  • Apart from enhancing healthy skin attributes, testosterone, estrone and progesterone are also responsible for increasing male fertility. It is capable of increasing the sperm count in men and also improve their quality. It has been estimated that many of the infertility problems that are seen across US today are not only due to lower sperm count, but also because of poor quality sperm.
  • Such situations occur when vitamin c levels in male body have touched rock bottom. Some individuals seem to consume lots of good food with vitamin c, but they are still unable to get expected results. This could be due to some of their current physical condition that may be preventing it from converting the vitamin c from foods into useable forms. There is only one solution to such issue which is the vitamin c serum. Since the serum gets injected directly into bloodstream, absorption of its ingredients by gonads and adrenaline becomes faster by at least 70% of time.

Study of vitamin c serum dosage for balanced male fertility and skin health improvement

One of the interesting and scary aspects of testosterone is that it could benefit your skin health positively, as long its levels in your body are balanced. The term “balanced” could be often misnomer. It would be like asking how much of testosterone would be sufficient to call an individual as fertile man. It depends in the individual’s physical conditions and existing health levels. But medical standards say that count of 300 to 1000 Nano-grams for every 0.1 liter.

  • When testosterone level goes below this range, you could face problems of infertility, fatigue, low immunity and other negative effects. When the level of testosterone goes above the standard levels also you will be facing many issues, especially those with relevance to skin disorders.
  • Some of the skin issues which you face with excess of testosterone in your body are oily skin, imbalance in PH levels, fibroblast, redness of skin, irritation etc.

Overcoming negative effect of vitamin c serum on male fertility

  • So you need something that can balance the production of testosterone in your body, at the same time keep your skin health in good condition too. It was probably less than decade ago that scientists were faced with this testosterone problem. Some of the hormone boosting drugs and medications which they tried did manage to increase testosterone count. But they were unable to control it.
  • It was at this time that experiments focused on using of vitamin c serum were conducted and found to be successful. Male reproductive mechanism has some unique characteristics which could be preserved with naturally synthesized products such as Aloe-Vera, Ashwagandha (ginseng) and vitamin c serum. They can balance the level of male hormones like testosterone within standard levels.

Utilizing the combination of vitamin c serum and zinc for male fertility

One of the main reasons for increased male infertility could be due to the clumping of male sperms during time of fertilization. This prevents mating with female egg, leaving chances for infertility.

  • This problem could be overcome when zinc is used effectively with vitamin c serum.
  • You need to intake 2000 to 6000 Mg of vitamin c serum with 5% to 8% addition of zinc. Studies conducted all over the US with infertile men who had sufficient quantity of testosterone showed positive results, when zinc was added in the specified proportion.
  • This proved that zinc in combination with vitamin c serum was good for male fertility, providing answer many of the questions like can vitamin c serum increase male fertility?