Balancing hormones to optimized aging process with Vitamin C Serum


Usage of vitamin c serum as a hormone enhancement and protecting agent is meant for optimizing aging process. You might be wondering about word “optimizing” here. Aging is one of the natural processes which are irreversible. So when you come across impressive ads talking about preventing aging of skin and body you know exactly what they are trying to do. However aging could be prolonged and premature aging of skin and body could be prevented. These are the two tasks which are practically possible at present according to any of the medical research and journal that you may read today. Vitamin c serum accomplishes exactly these two results for you. So you could simply go ahead and trust someone who talks about these two aspects of the serum now.

Usage of vitamin c serum as a hormone revitalizer to prolong aging

  • Aging of skin happens mainly due to aging of skin cells. It is one process by which cells start losing their energy and immunity level; absorb fewer vitamins and minerals, dry out faster and die out sooner. This problem could be compounded when your body is unable to repair them or replace them with new cell growth. This is one aspect which brings wrinkles, dries your skin, sucks out their energy levels and let your skin cells wither away.
  • When you talk about prolonging the aging process, you have rejuvenation of aging skin cells. That means reenergizing them, increasing their immunity levels, make them absorb more vitamins and minerals, keep them moist, avoid unhealthy oily condition, remove bacteria and infections and increase their wholesome status in all aspects.
  • All these tasks could be accomplished when you start taking vitamin c serum in regular intervals. If you are free from any of the known skin infections and have healthy body, vitamin c serum enhances your health and keeps it going. If you are affected by any of skin infections or diseases, the serum helps you in getting cured and healed faster.

Removal of wrinkles is one task which vitamin c serum does naturally. Wrinkles develop on your skin mainly due to effect of pollutants and dust, heat and humidity due to sun, side effects of certain medications and other climatic and body health factors. There are also other causes like excessive smoking, consumption of alcohol, diabetic conditions and others.

  • Vitamin c serum effectively helps in the elimination all dust particles, sweat and other pollutants from the top layer of skin. In addition it clears skin pores, which are main causes of acne.
  • It takes care of scalp in the head region by avoiding and treating symptoms of alopecia. Totalis is known as one type of alopecia which affects the scalp region badly. Though the exact reasons for this are medically yet to be determined, most of the existing researches have pointed out to some of the causes like immunity disorder. This is said to be one of the type of illness in which body and skin immune system goes for toss.  Coupled with this effect, the immune system starts destroying all hair growth follicles that are located within scalp region. In most of the cases it is not possible to restore hair regrowth. Some success has been found in using vitamin c serum for alopecia eyebrows regrowth. Vitamin c serum helps to some extent in modulation of immunity system. When the disorder is recognized in early stages it could be possible to restore the regrowth.  
  • Promotion of overall skin health and elimination of bacteria is made possible by the antioxidant properties of vitamin c serum. When regular dosage of the serum is taken in form of capsules, it helps in restoration of skin tone, brightness and complexion. The foods which you consume could also trigger oxidation of skin layers to considerable extent. They include fatty and junk foods. If you wish to make your serum work effectively on your skin layers for prolonging aging, you need to avoid these sorts of foods.  
  • Loss of Sleep (amnesia) is said to be one of the factors that could trigger aging process. This happens as the result of stress accumulated within the body cells. This eventually gets transferred onto the skin cells. This could be another cause of wrinkles and other aging symptoms to appear on your skin. When you consume vitamin c regular intervals, it reduces the levels of stress on your body muscles, tissues and blood veins. In some of the cases it has been found to have pleasant effects on psychological status as result of reduction in physical stress. So you could expect to get undisturbed sleep when you consume vitamin c serum regularly. But you need to take caution here by avoiding alcohol during treatment period. This is suggested mainly due to the reason that alcohol kills all the energizing elements that are regenerated within your body and skin by vitamin c serum.
  • Lack of healthy moisture in your skin could also make it age prematurely. No matter how much of water you drink, it may seem to be insufficient during summer times. If this phenomenon repeats during other seasons also, you could take it for granted that water retaining capacity of your body and skin cells is diminishing.  In such cases vitamin c serum helps by increasing moisture retaining capacity of your skin layers and water storing capacity of your body cells.

Finding links between vitamin c serum and thyroid hormone

Thyroid hormone deficiency could lead to condition called hypothyroidism. It occurs mainly due to hormonal imbalance among aging people. Many of diabetic patients have also been found to suffer from this problem. Pregnancy is also known to increase the probability of thyroid gland inflammation. When thyroid medications and treatments are accompanied with regular treatment of vitamin c serum, you could expect to get faster and assured results. One of main issues with this illness its chances of relapse are more. So you need to talk to your physician about continuation of vitamin c treatment in post hypothyroid treatment.