Balancing healthy count of Progesterone and Estrogen with Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin c serum and progesterone production are closely related to each other. It is due to fact that imbalance between progesterone and estrogen could result acne during pregnancy and post natal period. This could happen due to excess of stress, hormone imbalance and other pregnancy related issues. These are times when level of estrogen increases compared to progesterone. When you consume vitamin c serum in form of capsules, it helps by controlling insulin levels in your skin. This is especially helpful for those diabetic patients who tend to intake insulin regularly. Cortisol is another hormone which affects the brightness of skin. Vitamin c serum helps in reducing these hormone productions and controlling the negative effects on your skin.

Consumption of vitamin c serum and progesterone production

One of the ways in which you could hope to get better skin protection during pregnancy and postnatal period is with progesterone.  But production of progesterone seems to reduce drastically during this period.

  • Consumption of vitamin c has proven effects on production of progesterone. Many of experiments conducted across labs in US have shown some interesting facts. 750mg of vitamin c serum could boost progesterone production by more than 75%. Pregnant women who were treated with vitamin c serum dosage regularly showed better skin immunity and healthy skin.
  • Progesterone production also seems to go down by excess of estrogen production. This is because the balance between the two gets disturbed. It happens especially during pregnancy. One way of preventing it by regular intake of vitamin c serum. You need to consume it through capsules or intravenous injection. Only then they will be able to give you best of results within minimum possible time.

Connectivity between vitamin c serum and low progesterone

You may be surprised to read two conflicting titles next to each other related to vitamin c serum and progesterone production. Actually you will read about how absence of vitamin c serum could result in low progesterone. Your body undergoes strange transformation during pregnancy. Some of the sensitive processes related to lack of vitamin c during this time could be

  • Deprivation of sleep. This is one of factors which results from insufficient levels of vitamin c in your body. During pregnancy, your body needs extra volume of this vitamin which may not be sufficiently provided by foods and other resources. This results in lower production of progesterone.
  • Insulin when present in optimum levels could protect you against diabetes and its related health complications. When the level of insulin in your body goes beyond certain level, it results in insufficient production of progesterone. One of the effective ways in which insulin levels could be balanced within your body is through vitamin c serum. Excess of insulin also results in wrinkles on your skin.
  • Cortisol is another type of hormone which gets produced in excess during pregnancy. This is responsible for producing aging effects on your skin cells and tissues. Since progesterone is not in sufficient quantity, it may not be possible to protect your skin cells and tissues against this process. One of the most effective and quick ways is to intake vitamin c serum regularly during pregnancy. This will help in reducing cortisol. Research studies conducted across US among pregnant women have shown that 750mg of vitamin c serum consumed in one day could bring down production of cortisol by more than 70%.

Balancing act between vitamin c serum estrogen progesterone

Estrogen is produced by multiple organs in your body. It is estimated according to studies that many women undergo spells of temporary menopause during pregnancy and post natal period. It is during this period that balance between progesterone production and estrogen production gets out of control. Ovaries produce estrogen during the pre-menopause period. During the post-menopause period estrogen is produced by adrenal glands. This could be one of reasons for excess in estrogen in comparison with progesterone. When you intake vitamin c in regular intervals during pregnancy, you are ensuring perfect balance between the two.

How to consume vitamin c serum to boost progesterone

You certainly wish to increase production of progesterone during pregnancy right? But it doesn’t mean you go on consuming it without proper plan. This could result in other health complications. So you need to consult your physician about dosage and duration of vitamin c serum intake during this time.

  • Vitamin c serum needs active support of other minerals like iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium and others. The serum acts on these minerals by breaking them down to small parts and enables your skin cells to absorb them. You could say it is like a catalyzer which helps in speeding up the chemical reaction.
  • So you will need foods that are rich in these minerals. Some of the foods you can think of are red bell peppers, oyster, beef, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, beans, leafy greens, tofu, salmon etc.
  • You need to keep stress away from your body and mind. Stress results in lack of sleep and this could create hormonal imbalances in your body.
  • Dehydration and dry skin are major problems which you face during pregnancy. You might have consumed plenty of water during this time, only to find your skin get into dry spells. It is because your body and skin are not able to retain sufficient water to produce moist conditions. It is possible to make your skin cells retain moisture with vitamin c serum.
  • Melatonin is one hormone which is required to reduce stress and melanoma production. Normally production of this hormone gets reduced during pregnancy, leading to premature aging effects. One way in which production of Melatonin could be balanced is with vitamin c serum.

Regular intake of vitamin c serum has to be monitored by your physician regularly during your pregnancy. If you experience any signs of fatigue, weakness or other health problems, you must report it to your physician immediately. He will be able to suggest best possible remedies. Most important aspect is hygienic life, which helps in avoiding initiation to many of skin problems during pregnancy.