Restoration of Hair shaft abnormalities with Vitamin C Serum


Rectification of hair shaft defects is quite complex in nature. It involves repairing of all the structural elements which are present in the three main layers of scalp and skin. Some of the most commonly observed hair shaft defects are loose-hair syndrome, traction type of alopecia, fiber deficiency, stripping of cuticles, bubble hair and many others.

Preventing and curing hair shaft infection with vitamin c serum

Vitamin c serum has to be made to penetrate deep into the dermis layer of skin in order to make it effective in curing hair shaft infection.

  • Protection of hair shaft from breaks. Hair shaft defects treatment consists of strengthening of 3 parts in the hair shaft. As you know, the three parts are cuticle, cortex and medulla. Hair color pigments are present in cortex and medulla. Protection of hair shaft starts from these two internal layers and extends to the cuticle, which is the external layer. When vitamin c serum is used for this purpose, you will be primarily rubbing or massaging it into the keratin layer of skin/ scalp.
  • When treatment is done according to procedures prescribed by your dermatologist, this layer is able to hold moisture for longer periods of time. This layer also gets strengthened tissues and cells. As a result you can experience frequent spells of moisture, avoiding dry scalp and skin. ¬†When you use vitamin c serum, this layer gets strengthened. It is due to the rejuvenation of each cell in this region that it will be able to hold skin vitalizing elements for relatively longer periods of time. Once this stage has been reached with serum treatment, healthy hair shaft could be maintained over longer periods of time.
  • Hair strength in the Keratin layer is determined by the nutrients they receive from Epidermis layer. Once the vitamin c serum penetrates into this layer, it starts spreading to all the sub layers within it. Epidermis region supports supply of vitamins to the top layer as well as dermis layer below it. Tensile strength and elasticity of hair is determined by the stability of this layer. Sweat glands and hair pass through this layer. Most of the nourishments to this layer come from oxygen in the air. This layer contains important cells that are needed for retaining moisture like Merkel cells. This layer in turn is made of many sub layers like cornified layer, translucent layer, granular layer, spinous layer and germinal layer. All the important lipids required for the nourishment of skin and hairs are stored here. When this layer goes dry, supplies to other sections of scalp stop, resulting in dryness. Vitamin c serum supplies essential nutrients to cells in all the sub layers of dermis. You could apply the serum regularly onto the scalp region and let it rinse for about 10 to 15 minutes. This makes it sink deep into the epidermis region. It takes about 2 to 3 months of regular treatment to achieve your goal.
  • One of the main functions of dermis layer is to support the roots of your hair. When vitamin c serum penetrates this layer, it automatically enters the hair through the roots. Then it starts spreading across all sections of hair. Complete shaft is supplied with essential nutrients and minerals. Dermis is also the main region where hair follicles have their origin. All the capillaries are also located here. Sweat glands have their origin point. This is mostly nourished by blood supplies and elements in subcutaneous tissues. In some cases it may not be possible to make vitamin c serum go deep into this layer with scalp rubbing method. So you need to depend on capsules. You need to follow the dosage and duration as prescribed by your dermatologist. Then you will be able to get visible results within 3 to 4 months.

Taking elaborative hair shaft abnormalities review

Abnormalities in hair shaft could be attributed to many reasons like viral infection, poor diet patterns, genetic issues and many more. In general abnormalities could be categorized into acquired defects, genetic defects and localized defects. Many of hair shaft disorders symptoms could be traced back to childhood.

  • Bubbled hair is one of the acquired defects which you could normally observe. Multiple air gaps appear within the hair shaft. One of the main causes of this defect is harm caused to the hair shaft due to excess heat. It could also result when you use hot air blower to dry your wet hair. Though clinical benefits of vitamin c serum in this case have not been explicitly stated, studies have denoted overall strengthening of hair shaft.
  • Transverse directional factures are the other type of acquired defect. In most cases they are caused by external injury to the hair shaft. One of the few methods by which this defect could be overcome is the use of vitamin c serum. You need to apply it to the scalp region regularly. When this treatment is taken for about 2 to three months, you could expect visible results. Restoration of fractured shaft also binds the outer layer of the shaft with protective layer of serum. But there is one probable catch here. You may need to take this treatment frequently for about 6 months before the shaft actually gets new life. This is due to the fact that in the initial stages, fractured parts might be just sticking together, ready to break apart after the effect of serum film goes down. ¬†Prolonged treatment for 6 months would eventually fix the fractured parts for good.

Understanding motive of hair shaft disorders treatment

Main motive of hair shaft disorders treatment is to restore the vigor and vitality of your hair. It is also aimed at giving options for hair regrowth after accidental damage or loss. Moreover treatment with vitamin c serum has zero side effects, unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in the serum. In case you experience any uneasiness or discomfort while using vitamin c serum, you need to consult your dermatologist before going ahead with hair shaft damage treatment.