Practical solution to Scalp rash with vitamin C serum


Scalp rashes with blisters are direct results of fungal infection from bacteria belonging to Microsporum family. There are many types of rashes caused by this class of bacteria. Some of most commonly occurring types are Seborrheic Dermatitis, Tinea Captis and other forms of allergies. Seborrheic Dermatitis causes red patches to appear all over your scalp region. It is caused mainly due to variations in body temperature, stress and changing weather. Tinea Captis is caused by fungal infections. One of the strange facts about all the forms of infections is their ability to relapse after some time of treatment. Only way to save your skin (literally) from these bacteria seems to be strengthening of immune systems. It is made possible by treatment with vitamin c serum and regular consumption of foods rich in vitamin c.

Ways to control scalp rash with blisters

Before you understand methods to control scalp rashes, you need to know about some facts about it, which will help you in gauging depth of problems that could be caused by it. For this you need to learn about symptoms.

  • In initial stages of scalp rash allergy, you may find appearance of red patches all over your scalp region. They are usually painless. In most cases you may assume they are summer boils or heat boils. You even apply some kind of lotions or pain relieving creams. But you will be surprised to see that they are still persisting.  If you take precaution and consult your physician at this stage, you could get away with simple treatment.
  • In the second stage, the rashes appear more intense in nature. They start penetrating into other areas surrounding scalp. Sometimes they seep into back of neck, ears as well as forehead region. If you are bald, the visibility of symptoms is more evident.
  • Real problem with scalp rash starts when the red patches turn into sores and open wound like structures. Now you start feeling not only itching and irritation, but also pain.

When you wish to stay away from worsening problems due to scalp rashes, you need to depend on vitamin c serum. It could be used at various stages of treatment, from initial to advanced conditions. You could take consultations from your dermatologist to know about duration and dosage of serum treatment.

Getting to cure scalp rash swollen lymph nodes with vitamin c serum

Lymph nodes in scalp region are extended versions of rashes. Usually they appear as dots of small size and start growing in size. At some point they could also turn into blisters and swollen lymph nodes. In some people scalp rash after hair color could result in such similar symptoms.

  • As you know your scalp skin is made of tiny pores. Effective treatment of scalp scars includes applying of vitamin c serum so it penetrates deep into scalp region and cures rashes problem. Since the pores help in making your scalp skin breathe, you need to take care while using serum. Make sure that your scalp is cleaned with medicated solution before applying serum. The cleaning liquid Takes care of removing sweat and dirt from your scalp region. This method is also used for curing scalp rash and pimples.
  • Rashes are also caused by some of medications you consume, especially antibiotics. They cause physical stress on the scalp region which could result in red patches. Fungal attacks are said to be major contributors for scalp rashes. Bacterial growth can cause your physiological activities to get seriously affected in the scalp region. This leads to contamination of upper skin layers, which slowly spreads to the interior layers of scalp skin over time. Continued presence of bacteria over period of time could lead to critical conditions of rashes.  
  • You need to pay special attention to dry scalp. When boy oil is less in quantity and dirt deposition starts increasing in scalp region, it results in dry patches that could soon turn into rashes. This could also generate itching and pain in your scalp region.
  • One of the unknown factors is your hormones. Slight variation could cause rashes. Any type of hormonal imbalance normally happens during periods in females. It could also happen during pregnancy, in post natal period as well as during menopause.

Reliable solutions for rashes and blisters could be found with vitamin c serum. When you follow prescribed duration and dosage of serum by your dermatologist, you could expect rashes and blisters to get healed within weeks.

Healing of scalp rash and itching

Itching is commonly associated with scalp rashes. Main reason for this is bacteria. It gets deposited onto skin pores in this region, blocking flow of oxygen into scalp. When the blisters are deep, they also contaminate inner layers of scalp skin. This leads to irritation and itching.

  • Your first task in itching removal is to clear the clogs caused on your scalp skin region. That means you need to get the bacteria out. This could be done by regularly applying vitamin c serum liquid onto affected regions. When you apply serum onto blisters, you need to take care. Sometimes it may result in temporary burning sensation, if that part is sensitive. If this burning sensation continues after days, you need to consult your dermatologist before continuing with serum treatment.
  • Your next task is to heal the blisters internally. External applying of serum alone may not be sufficient, when you need quick relief from pain. Now you may need to opt for injection version of vitamin c serum. Your dermatologist will know more details about duration and dosage of injections to be given to you.

Getting rid of scalp rash and headache

You might experience frequent headache when you have scalp rashes. This is common phenomenon. You need to apply Aloe Vera to your scalp regions in order to reduce it. Alternately you could also try applying natural muscle tension relievers. Do not try to massage your scalp region if your blisters are severe in nature. Instead you could try using solution of mint and holy basil to keep your headache under control and also help healing blisters. You need to do it regularly in order to get sustained results for curing your scalp related headache.