Making Molluscum go away with Vitamin C Serum


Molluscum Contagiosum treatment with vitamin c serum has many benefits. First benefit is that your immune systems are made stronger by ingredients of serum during course of treatment. This reduces probability of relapse to great extent. The second advantage is time. It has been observed from medical tests that most forms of Molluscum go away by themselves. Some of them may last for days, while others take weeks to cure. But symptoms such as bumps caused by them may take years to go away. This is where vitamin c serum gives you benefit by removing the bumps and other visible marks caused by infection. If you are able to take the prescribed dosage of serum, you will be able to experience results within period of 2 to 3 weeks.

Tracking the development of Molluscum Contagiosum stages

Molluscum does not appear overnight after you have been infected with it. It may take months to appear. Doctors call it as period of incumbency. This is time period between your contact with virus and its effects on your body. According to experimental studies conducted over many years, the average time of incumbency is calculated to be between two and seven weeks.

    • In initial stage it appears as cluster of small lesion on your skin. They are usually painless. In most cases you may assume they are summer boils. You may start applying lotions or creams to make them go away. But you will be surprised to see that they are still persisting.  If you take precaution and consult your physician at this stage, you could get away with simple treatment.
    • In the second stage, the lesion would have transformed into small and shiny dots. They are rough to feel with dent at center.

  • Next they grow in size measuring from 2 to 4 mm.
  • They may start spreading to other parts of your body. But you will be surprised to observe that your palm and bottom of feet remain safe.
  • They may grow in size if your body has weak immune system.

Presence of Molluscum Contagiosum in adults

Most of causes for Molluscum Contagiosum in adults are during social interactions with infected persons. The virus is so strong in nature that it can stay resident anywhere over long period of time. For example you may share hand towel used by infected person without knowing. Now the virus enters your body. You may use sports equipment which as previously touched by infected person. The virus attacks you. You may come directly in physical contact with infected person while playing rugby. You got the virus onto your body. There are many such instances in which the virus could infect you. So you need to be highly cautious when you go out and mingle with people.

  • According to medical researchers conducted over period of time, most vulnerable group of people for this virus are adults and teenagers. If you happen to live in hot and humid climatic conditions, probabilities of getting affected are more.
  • Molluscum has been found to be largely non dangerous in nature. That means you don’t run into the risk of losing vital organs, face critical health conditions or die when you get affected. But the lesion marks created by these infections could become embarrassing and sometimes irritating. When you have weak immune system, it may lead to other skin and health problems when left untreated.

Effective methods for curing Molluscum at home treatment

One of the most effective and powerful agent for Molluscum at home treatment is vitamin c serum. You could apply serum onto affected parts regularly. This will make the marks go away and cure you of infection also. In some cases your physician may prescribe oral medication of vitamin c serum. But chances of having to take injections are said to be rare. Follow prescribed dosage to experience timely results.

Steps to avoid Molluscum

It is better to avoid Molluscum affecting you, rather than going for treatment after you have been infected by virus.  You could take simple precautionary steps for staying away from this virus by

    • Not using hand towels, equipment and other objects used by infected persons. Always carry your own set of sports gears when you go out to play.

  • Avoid sexual intercourse with strangers.
  • Increase your body immune system. This could be done by having healthy food habits. Drink plenty of water. Physicians prescribe smoothies to keep your body liquid balanced.
  • Avoid public toilets which are poorly maintained. Keeping hygienic practices avoids spreading of this virus by more than 50%.
  • Keep your body cool. If you happen to live in tropical conditions, make it you habit for wearing light cloths. Keep your cloths washed. This prevents the deposition of sweat and dirt, also avoiding probability of contamination from Molluscum virus.

Detecting initial onslaught of Molluscum

This is said to be one of the trickiest tasks. It is not because of difficulty involved in detecting nature of symptoms. It is because of time taken for initial symptoms to appear. In some cases it may take more than 2 to 3 months.

  • Medical world is still not aware of exact causes of virus attack. Experts are still in process of finding origin of this virus. What has been discovered is that you could get affected when you come in physical contact with another infected person.
  • Remarkable ability of virus to stay dormant for so many weeks and months has also surprised scientists and researchers. Many research works are in progress to determine Molluscum early stages. Experts hope that when they are able to find more information about his period, they will be able to get breakthrough in permanent eradication of this virus. This will also help in establishing correct Molluscum etymology.
  • One of most tricky issues faced by doctors today is Molluscum eyelid treatment at advanced stages. Till now, one of reliable solutions come from vitamin c serum, which removes 99.9% of ugly marks and bumps left by Molluscum within few weeks of effective treatment of virus.

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