Keeping away from dry scalp with Vitamin C Serum


Dry scalp treatment could be done with vitamin c serum. Keeping the scalp region wet needs special efforts, considering the fact that most men and women tend to go on dry periods in their scalp region at some point in their life. The secret behind keeping scalp region moist had been eluding dermatologists for many years. Numerous experiments were conducted and results found. But most of them focused on temporary relief only. For example applying creams, lotions and other forms of moisturizers could help, but only to limited extent. There was the need to keep supply of moisture from within roots of dermis region. This was made possible when vitamin c serum was used for first time.

Secrets of dry scalp treatment with vitamin c serum

The only secret behind dry scalp and sores treatment with vitamin c serum is the ingredients used. They help in restructuring of protein collagen. This is needed in order to bring stability to the layers of skin beneath the scalp region.

  • For example consider the stability factor in the keratin layer. Frequent exposure to sun, heat and dust makes this layer brittle. Moreover diseases like alopecia make them weaker. Consequently the layer is not able to hold moisture for longer periods of time, resulting in frequent dry spells. When you use vitamin c serum, this layer gets strengthened. It is due to the rejuvenation of each cell in this region that it will be able to hold moisture for relatively longer periods of time. Once this stage has been reached with serum treatment, healthy hair growth could be easily achieved.
  • Below this keratin layer is the epidermis region. Sweat glands and hair pass through this layer. Most of the nourishments to this layer come from oxygen in the air. This layer contains important cells that are needed for retaining moisture like Merkel cells. This layer in turn is made of many sub layers like cornified layer, translucent layer, granular layer, spinous layer and germinal layer. All the important lipids required for the nourishment of skin and hairs are stored here. When this layer goes dry, supplies to other sections of scalp stop, resulting in dryness. Vitamin c serum supplies essential nutrients to cells in all the sub layers of dermis. You could apply the serum regularly onto the scalp region and let it rinse for about 10 to 15 minutes. This makes it sink deep into the epidermis region. It takes about 2 to 3 months of regular treatment to achieve your goal.
  • Dermis is the region where hair follicles have their origin. All the capillaries are also located here. Sweat glands have their origin point. This is mostly nourished by blood supplies and elements in subcutaneous tissues. In some cases it may not be possible to make vitamin c serum go deep into this layer with scalp rubbing method. So you need to depend on capsules. You need to follow the dosage and duration as prescribed by your dermatologist. Then you will be able to get visible results within 3 to 4 months.

Ways to prevent dry scalp hair loss with vitamin c serum

The ingredients of vitamin c serum are largely responsible for maintaining the moisture levels within your scalp region.

  • Ferulic acid is one such ingredient. It is responsible mainly for keeping the tensile strength of cells and tissues in all layers of scalp. It plays role as antioxidant, taking out all toxic elements from scalp layers and providing immunity. ¬†For this reason it is widely used as one of the most powerful anti-aging elements.
  • Collagen booster is another ingredient used in vitamin c serum. It is responsible for increasing the collagen production in your body. It is useful in repairing damaged skin layers of the scalp. This is probably the reason for which sores and scars in the scalp region get cured when you use the vitamin c serum on them regularly.
  • Sodium Ascorbyl is another active ingredient of vitamin c serum. It postpones aging of scalp cells. It frees all the antioxidant elements present within the skin layers of scalp. It is largely used for treating acnes, rashes and other skin problems affecting face and scalp.

When vitamin c serum is used on your scalp, you are effectively using combination of all these elements. Hence you are ensuring the complete health of scalp in all aspects. Once health is restored to its original condition, the scalp layers will have no problems in retaining moisture. This in turn lowers the rate of hair loss. Prevention of hair loss applies to only those hair follicles which are able to absorb the ingredients of vitamin c serum. When the hair follicle is unable to do so due to aging, it may not be possible to protect such hair from falling.

Reducing dry scalp and dandruff with vitamin c serum

When you use vitamin c serum regularly on your scalp over period of time you could see assured results. Dandruff gets generated only when scalp is dry. Moist scalp will not be generating dandruff to the extent when it is dry. Hence vitamin c serum plays important role in reducing growth of dandruff in scalp region. Regular usage of vitamin c serum ensures presence of optimum moisture level in all layers of scalp skin, including epidermis, dermis and keratin layers. You could apply the serum onto the complete scalp area and wait for about 10 to 15 minutes. Within this time the ingredients would have been absorbed by the cells and capillaries.

Preventing dry scalp after hair transplant

When hair transplant is done you could observe spells of dry scalp and braids and dry scalp bumps. This is due to the fact that new layers of tissues which have been inserted from another region are not in sync with the cells and tissues of the present area. Flow of fluids may be hindered. This condition could be rectified when vitamin c serum is regularly used for managing the moisture of scalp after getting your hair transplanted.