Finding permanent cure for forehead Acne with Vitamin C Serum


Forehead acne causes are many in numbers. By being aware of each cause you could be able to avoid such situations in future. Most of people are under impression that foods, lifestyle and beauty care products they use are only reasons for forehead acnes to appear. Of course they are correct to some extent as these factors do play their role. Apart from them there are many factors which are out of your control. Some of such factors are stress, clogging of pores, weather conditions, medications and many more. What you need when you are infected with forehead acne is reliable and long lasting solution. One of such solutions is provided by vitamin c serum. When you use it for treating your forehead acne, probabilities of their returning have been proved to be little.

Identification of forehead acne causes

  • As you know your skin is made of tiny pores. They help in making your skin breathe. They are responsible for removal of sweat and dirt from your body. Your body also uses them to discharge excess body heat. When these pores get clogged, all the above listed activities come to halt. These results in heat sweat and dirt trapped within your forehead skin region. After few days you start getting symptoms of forehead acne.
  • You use medications when you fall sick. Some medications leave side effects like forehead acne.
  • Physical and mental stress are said to be major contributors for acne. Stress can cause your physiological activities to get altered. You start feeling pressure. This leads to excited nerves, specifically in forehead region. Continued stress over period of time could lead to forehead acne.
  • Mind your oily scalp. When boy oil is mixed with sweat and dirt it becomes clogging factor. This could also generate acne in your forehead region.
  • One of the unknown factors is your hormones. Slight variation could cause acnes. This imbalance normally happens during periods in females. It could also happen during pregnancy, in post natal period as well as during menopause.
  • If you have habit of wearing cap or you are forced to helmet continuously, this could trap heat within your forehead region, making it hot and humid. Sweat and dirt generated in this region get trapped, leading to forehead acne.

These are most commonly observed causes of acne. Apart from these, there could also be other reasons like acidity, poor digestion, poor hygiene and others.

Treating forehead acne bumps with vitamin c serum

When these bumps are in initial stages it is easier and faster to cure them. When they reach intermediate and advanced stages it takes time. But you are always sure of getting positive results from usage of vitamin c serum for your forehead acne.

  • Clean your forehead gently with hygienic cotton. You just need to wipe it with wet cotton for removing dirt and sweat. Be careful not to hurt any of acne bumps. In case you have oily forehead skin, you need some sort of cleaning solution to make it oil free.
  • Apply vitamin c serum gently all over affected regions. Let your skin absorb serum. You may have to wait for about 10 to 15 minutes for this to happen.
  • Press your face and forehead gently with tissue paper.
  • You could wash your face with lukewarm water.

You need to follow this procedure for period of 10 to 15 days. In some cases you might get relief within this time. If there are no visible signs of improvement within this period, you may have to contact your dermatologist to get further help.

Simple methods to get rid of forehead acne during period

Acnes during periods could be tricky to get rid of. It is mainly due to the cycle of continued hormonal imbalance within your body. You could try out other methods of creams, lotions and other external solutions. Some of them might work, but only for temporary period.

  • Your forehead acnes may soon return during your period time because you have not fixed your problem of hormone imbalance. As long as this problem persists, you will not be able to get long lasting solution.
  • Moreover you need to deal with forehead acne and stress during this time. This will further complicate your solution. So you need to find method by which you could manage your root problem of hormone imbalance.
  • Consult your physician for managing hormonal imbalance, if you have such issues. ┬áHe may suggest you to opt for vitamin c serum injections for bringing your hormone levels to balance. Now you are able to use vitamin c serum liquid for your forehead acne. This method will work faster and effectively.

Link between forehead acne and hair loss

Many people are actually confused about links between acne and hair loss. Some say that acne is triggered by hair loss, while others strongly feel that hair loss is triggered by acne. Both are true to some extent, since the two are closely linked with each other.

  • When you are using vitamin c serum you are finding solution to both problems in parallel. Of course problems related to hair loss could be easy to fix, unless they are related to hormone related issues. Acne due to hair loss is one type of problem you might face. In such cases, you need to stop hair loss first.
  • Get your problem of hair loss analyzed by dermatologist. He will be able to suggest reliable method. Then you could use vitamin c serum for treating your forehead acne. This works faster.
  • In some cases you may also be able to reduce rate of hair loss with help of vitamin c serum also. In such cases you may have to opt for combination of injections, capsules and serum liquid.
  • Observe recurrence of forehead acne after sweating for some time. This could give you important idea about how to avoid sweating consistently.
  • Forehead acne at 40 is common phenomenon among men. You need to take foods rich in vitamin c in order to avoid probabilities of getting acnes at this age. Drink plenty of water and consume healthy fluids like smoothies.

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