Eradication of Scalp Psoriasis with vitamin C serum


Scalp psoriasis treatment could be simple or take time, depending on intensity of infection. You need to be persistent with treatment. It could be kept simple as long as you stick to prescribed medication and treatment procedures by your dermatologist. Scalp psoriasis is not caused by contagious virus. One of the primary reasons as determined by leading dermatologists is the imbalance in immune system within your body. Experts are yet to determine actual causes for your immune systems to go haywire. But they do know that increased production of skin cells is triggered by this imbalance. It results in deposition of patches on your scalp, back of head, forehead and other nearby regions.

  • Main problem with these patches is that they can grow rapidly and develop into sores. You could end up with itchy skin all over your head. This will naturally make you feel like scratching them, resulting in intense forms of sores.
  • Some of common symptoms in earlier stage of Scalp psoriasis could be appearance of red patches or white scale like patches. Your scalp starts drying no matter how much of hair oil you apply. You might start losing hair. Slowly these lead to formation of sores on your scalp region.

Effective and long lasting scalp psoriasis treatment

Presently there are many methods of treatment like using salicylic acid, application of colar-tar, oral medications etc. but most of them seem to give only temporary cure. Scalp psoriasis always seems to make comeback after certain period, say about 4 to 5 months. This is because of imbalance in your immune system which has been left untreated.

On the other hand you can trust vitamin serum treatment to be relatively more effective than the other traditional methods. Of course this method could also have its limitations. But when you compare the time taken for cure, effectiveness in long period, quality of cure and other factors, this type of treatment is preferred by many of leading dermatologists.

  • Vitamin c serum not only induces immune system in your body, it could also be used for balancing it. As you are aware, white blood cells mostly control the task of immunity control. When scalp psoriasis conditions occur, the count of white blood cells does not necessarily increase, rather activity levels may increase beyond control.
  • This imbalance could be brought under control by measured dosage of vitamin c serum. It is better practice to consult your dermatologist to know about exact dosage and duration of this serum. ┬áIt is because of variation in intensity of scalp psoriasis in your scalp and nature of your body. Once you have got prescription from your dermatologist, you could start your treatment.
  • It has been observed over many years that vitamin c serum also has capacity to heal sores and wounds. So you can hope to get timely relief from all sores developed on your scalp region due to growth of scalp psoriasis.
  • Once your sores get healed, the disappearance of patches could take time. For this you may need additional treatment for which your dermatologists can suggest best ways. But you need to continue with applying vitamin c serum onto affected areas in your scalp region.

Getting suede to scalp psoriasis natural remedies

  • First task you need to perform during natural treatment is to remove the fungus from your scalp region. This could be easily done by applying vitamin c serum in liquid form all over your scalp region. The fungi are cleansed over period of time.
  • Second task is to take out the patches. This will naturally happen to some extent in few days of treatment. Rest may take time. But you need to concentrate more on healing of sores and wounds. This too is taken care by vitamin c serum. Consult your physician if you have any doubts about scalp psoriasis and cancer being connected in your body.
  • You need to opt for healthy foods like cod liver oil, Aloe Vera, prime rose oil, and other supplements.
  • Always keep your scalp away from dry conditions. You also need to keep your skin moist. This will prevent formation of plaques and scales to large extent.
  • Turmeric is one of most tried and trusted agents for curing sores and restoring natural skin on your scalp. In many cases it has also been known to prevent patch formation in scalp region.

Relation between scalp psoriasis and acne

Acne often results from excess of scalp psoriasis. This is mainly due to physical stress induced by virus causing scalp psoriasis. Other reason is deposition of dirt and sweat into the skin pores. This leads to increased formation of acne.

  • Now you have two problems to handle. But you need not be worried. You could always depend on vitamin c serum to cure both issues.
  • If you have soreness complications due to scalp psoriasis, which is getting worse due to acne formation, you need to consult your dermatologist immediately. He could suggest natural treatment procedures along with vitamin c serum to give you quick results.
  • First aspect you need to focus on is relief from constant pain. Try applying sandalwood paste to affected areas. In case you are unable to find it you could try Aloe Vera. This gel is capable of absorbing and killing all pain causing bacteria, giving you relief from itching and pain.
  • You need to stay away from factors that could make scalp psoriasis to relapse. Continue with your vitamin c serum treatment as long as your dermatologist has prescribed. This will help in balancing immune systems in your body over long time.

Taking care of scalp psoriasis and dandruff

It is always better to avoid dandruff conditions during treatment of scalp psoriasis. Apply olive oil or other moisturizer like Aloe Vera to your scalp region regularly. Wash your hair gently with lukewarm water and dry with soft cotton cloth. Avoid using of chemical based shampoos and hair dyes. Keep your scalp from getting into dry conditions. This will also help in avoid scalp psoriasis and dreadlocks.