Curing skin oil gland enlargement with Vitamin C Serum


Oil glands are present in every human cell. Known as sebaceous glands, they produce oily substance called sebum. This substance helps skin and hair molecules in lubrication and protection from water.  They are said to be present in all parts of body except on palm and feet soles. They also control body temperature when you get exposed to hot and cold climatic changes. They also provide immunity function to skin and hair. Being microscopic in nature, they are hardly visible to naked eyes. But they have important roles to play.

What happens when oil glands enlarged on face?

Oil gland on skin gets enlarged due to several unknown reasons. Sometimes it could happen to due to damage. When this damage occurs, oil glands get enlarged in size. They turn into form yellow or white outer border. Center normally has depression. When several such glands become large enough to be visible to normal vision, they form bump like structure.

  • Such bumps could be single in number or many. When they occur in numbers they are usually grouped together.
  • Appearance of such enlarged glands could occur anywhere on skin. They are more in regions where oily content in cells are relatively higher compared to other parts of body.
  • This could result in worse conditions for the oil gland infection eyelid when you expose these glands to sunlight. It is because sunlight further damages them and increases intensity of oil gland infection in eye.  
  • According to leading dermatologists and their research work conducted over many years, no permanent cure has been found for this condition. Scientific name of this condition is called Sebaceous Hyperplasia.

But it could be kept under control with regular application of vitamin c serum. In some cases the liquid serum is applied directly onto the affected regions on skin. There is another way in which skin is given vitamin c serum injection. This helps in keeping irritation of oil glands within certain limit.

But eye irritation is something which could prove to be dangerous to eyesight when left unattended.

How to control oil gland infection with vitamin c serum?

As you are aware vitamin c is an antioxidant. When it is used to treat Sebaceous Hyperplasia on skin cells, it heals the wounds on skin cells caused due to do many reasons. This could also work well for enlarged oil glands which are located within the cells. Now size of these glands starts reducing in size and the oil glands go back to original size.

  • This process as initiated by vitamin c serum goes through several stages before recovery and healing could start.
  • As you are aware, enlargement of oil glands within skin cells causes weakening of cell to large extent. There are many forms of enlargement and defect to the cell which could be caused by oil glands. Enlargements could happen on facial skin, body skin, scalp and other parts if body.
  • When vitamin c enters into each cell affected by Sebaceous Hyperplasia, it removes bacteria from within cells which have caused it to grow abnormally. Anti-inflammation property of vitamin c serum helps in resizing of oil glands after treatment. Now the cell size also goes back to original level. Hence the symptoms related to illness also disappear over period of time.

Role of vitamin c serum in treating and healing oil gland infection eye

Meibomian gland is present in the eyelids near their rim region. This gland takes care of supplying oily substance called meibum to eyes. This substance protects the tear film in eyes from getting evaporated. When this gland becomes dysfunctional, it stops secreting oil or secretes oil which is granular in nature. This causes irritation to eyes, resulting in symptoms which include dryness of tear film, burning and itching sensation, redness in eyes, feeling of external object present in eyes and many others.

  • Disinfection of Meibomian glands is first priority of treatment. Second priority is cleaning of crystalline meibum and maintenance of hygienic condition within eyes. Third priority is restoration of normal meibum producing condition.
  • All three conditions could be achieved when you treat your eyes with vitamin c serum. In some cases when dryness has crossed certain limit, use of vitamin c serum alone may not be sufficient to overcome this issue. Then you have to opt for combination of evening primrose oil along with vitamin A, B and vitamin c serum. Regular treatment of your eyes with this combination is sure to restore normal conditions.
  • In some cases Meibomian gland secretes crystalized meibum which often causes irritation of eyes. When this condition persists it could damage vision. In such cases vitamin c serum helps in cleaning of such crystalline substances from eyelids. In the next stage it repairs Meibomian glands. This will restore secretion of healthy meibum.
  • Whenever your eyes feel dry, you have to perform certain simple exercises. They help in restoring liquid levels temporarily, by increasing generation of meibum. You could use warm cotton and massage your eyelids by closing them gently. It serves two benefits. It melts any solid meibum and converts it into liquid form. It also removes dust and other crystalline substances that are deposited within eyelid region.
  • Your eyes irritate when they have dead bacteria deposits. This blocks your vision and creates stress within inner regions of your eyes. It is fairly easy to remove them. Use gently warmed cotton to scrub the lining of your eyelids. Take care not to apply too much pressure as it may further push the debris deep inside. You need to push the cotton towards bottom region of your eyelids as you scrub them. Within few seconds you will see that all dead bacteria, dust and other debris have been removed. Wash your eyes with lukewarm water.

Staying healthy with vitamin c serum treatment of oil gland infection in breast

When breast tissues get damaged due to oil gland infection, you need to cure it with regular massage of vitamin c serum. It may take few days of treatment along with vitamin c serum capsules. You get relief when cysts beneath breast regions get slowly subsided.

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