Hyperpigmentation causes and effective cure with Vitamin C Serum


Process of hyperpigmentation treatment with vitamin c serum could be gradual and time consuming, depending on intensity of existing conditions. As you are aware, this skin disorder could lead to many others like Vitiligo, melasma, solar Lentigines, Ephelides, Albinism, Tinea Versicolor etc. There are numerous causes for hyperpigmentation including UV radiation, hormonal disorders, skin inflammation, oral contraceptives, hereditary disorders, acne and side effects of some skin treatments. Immediate consequences of hyperpigmentation could be seen as black or brown patches on face, back, neck, hands and legs. Most of the regions which get exposed to sun regularly have intense symptoms compared to other parts of skin. By using vitamin c serum regularly on affected parts, you will be able to get rid of these symptoms.

However hyperpigmentation needs more than external symptoms removal to make the treatment effective. This is because you are not resolving the internal root causes that result in hyperpigmentation in this manner. For example consider the case where hyperpigmentation has happened due to excess of exposure to sun, resulting in overproduction of melanin. The root cause is hyperactive melanocyte which has been subject to UV radiation effects. These cells will continue to produce excess melanin unless melanocyte cells are treated to stop this syndrome. By applying creams and lotions onto the skin surface you could only suppress the symptoms of black and brow patches for some time. They will obviously come back when the melanocyte cells get hyperactive again.

  • Your dermatologist may suggest problem correction at root level. This procedure may require you to opt for vitamin c serum pills or capsules. Duration and dosage will be prescribed by your dermatologist, depending on your present skin conditions. Once you start taking this course of treatment, you could observe visible signs of improvement. Most of black and red patches of hyperpigmentation are gone within few weeks of treatment. It may take about few more weeks to get rid of these symptoms completely. Your skin tone and color are restored back to original conditions.
  • You will be able to observe that effects of treatment are long lasting this time. This is mainly due to reversal of free radical oxidative reaction in melanin producing cells called melanocytes.
  • The process of melanin production in melanocyte is due to oxidation of tyrosine. This process is followed by another process called polymerization. Hence melanin contains chains of pigmentation molecules in multidimensional structure. Imagine what could happen if this chain is subject to further oxidation. Results would be skin darkening. Since the process of free radical attack on melanocyte is sporadic (affecting those skin areas which get exposed to sun), black or brown patches appear on those parts of skin.
  • Vitamin c serum comes into contact with free radicals in your skin generated by UV radiation. Since they have strong tendency to attach themselves with oxidative elements, vitamin c serum bonds with free radicals easily. But both elements have contrasting characters since vitamin c is antioxidant in nature. Molecules of vitamin c could easily neutralize and destroy free radicals.
  • This process makes free radicals ineffective and without bonding characters. Being unstable in nature, they get eliminated from skin layers. Now the oxidative stress on melanocyte is removed, these cells start functioning normally. Melanin production rate is also brought down to regular quantity. This process makes brown and black spots on your skin go away.

Removal of hyperpigmentation around eyes with vitamin c serum

Your eyes are the most sensitive and critical organs on your face. Skin around your eyes is also quite soft and sensitive. When these areas get exposed to UV radiation from sunlight, it is easier for free radicals to attack melanocytes in this region. The process of oxidative reaction starts, leading to hyperpigmentation and black skin patches appear on skin all around your eyes.

  • As with other parts of skin your first priority would be to balance the function of melanocyte which is done by vitamin c serum.
  • Being soft and sensitive, it may take more time to remove existing black patches from around the eyes skin. So you need extended treatment which includes applying of vitamin c serum in the form of cream or jelly onto skin around your eyes.
  • Once you apply the cream, you need to wait till skin layers absorb the cream. This may take about 10 to 15 minutes. Then you could wash your face with pure water and wipe the skin around your eyes with Aloe Vera gel. This will give cooling effects. When you follow this procedure for about 15 days, you will be able to permanently get rid of hyperpigmentation black patches. Now you need to apply sunscreen regularly onto affected region whenever you go out. You could talk to your dermatologist about the future course of vitamin c serum you need to intake (about dosage and duration), in order to prevent the relapse of hyperpigmentation around nose and skin around eyes.

Solutions to hyperpigmentation on back with vitamin c serum

Hyperpigmentation after pregnancy could lead to patches on chest and back areas. Since your skin is more sensitive now, you need to take precaution while using vitamin c serum cream on affected areas. Remember, vitamin c serum is not sunscreen. It can give you freedom from effects of hyperpigmentation. But you will need sunscreen to protect your skin during post recover times.

  • Dermatologists suggest you to use combination of sunscreen and vitamin c serum to make your treatment more effective.
  • It is good practice to apply sunscreen onto your skin before you apply vitamin c serum cream. The relatively higher density cream will form protective layer over the sunscreen add preserve its effects for long time.

Healing hyperpigmentation scars with vitamin c serum

Hyperpigmentation scars occur when your skin is affected with acne lesions. After healing, it leaves scar marks on affected areas. Using vitamin c serum lotion will actively remove these scars within few weeks. You must ensure applying sunscreen whenever you go out while the scars are being healed. This will protect your skin from further damages.