Getting rid of raging rosacea with Vitamin C Serum


While reading through rosacea treatment guidelines you may come across several recommendations to use vitamin c serum for its effectiveness. Before getting into details of its usage and benefits, you need to know briefly about rosacea, its characteristics, causes and effects on skin health and treatment procedures.

  • Rosacea is form of skin rashes which generally affects facial skin areas. It can appear in the form of red distributed spots initially. It grows to become concentrated spots on cheek, nose, Nose Bridge, chin and rest of face. Dark red spots may lead to rashes, often resulting in sharp bumps that may burst to form sores. Skin gets thickened as the disease grows.
  • Rosacea is more common among fair skinned middle aged people. Medical science does not know the exact causes of rosacea yet. But studies on patients with rosacea have shown that blood vessel dilatation which leads to drop in blood pressure values could be one of the reasons.
  • Clinical studies have shown that rosacea treatment may be out of reach for traditional medical treatment since it is associated with process called scarring.
  • Rosacea is categorized into two main categories. First one is called Erythematotelangiectatic-rosacea and second one is called acne rosacea. Most visible symptoms of first type are clearly visible blood vessels on facial skin, flushing and red rashes and spots. Second type resembles acne like symptoms and it largely affects women in middle and elderly ages.
  • There is another rare type of rosacea called Granulomatous. It is associated with red brown nodules.

Rosacea treatment at home with vitamin c serum


  • Clean your face gently with hygienic cotton. You just need to wipe it with wet cotton for removing dirt and sweat. Be careful not to hurt any of acne bumps. In case you have oily forehead skin, you need some sort of cleaning solution to make it oil free.
  • Apply vitamin c serum gently all over affected regions. Let your skin absorb serum. You may have to wait for about 10 to 15 minutes for this to happen.
  • Press your face and forehead gently with tissue paper.
  • You could wash your face with lukewarm water.

You need to follow this procedure for period of 10 to 15 days. In some cases you might get relief within this time. If there are no visible signs of improvement within this period, you may have to contact your dermatologist to get further help.


Lemon concentrate and vinegar with vitamin c serum

  • Wash your face with water and wipe with tissue paper.
  • Cut lemon into two halves and take out the seeds. Apply the lemon concentrate onto your face evenly. It may feel sticky but that’s fine. Let it soak your face for few minutes. Wipe your face with tissue paper gently and slowly. It will remove oil content, dirt and sweat from your facial pores.
  • Add two teaspoons of vitamin c serum with ½ teaspoon of vinegar in one mixing bowl and mix them.
  • Apply this mix all over your face evenly. You need to let this mix soak your skin for about 20 minutes. Then you need to wipe your face with tissue paper. You will be surprised to see the color of tissue change into brownish black. It has absorbed all the toxic elements and greasy oily substances from your skin pores.
  • Wash your face with pure water.
  • Apply vitamin c serum cram and let it soak your face overnight.
  • Follow this procedure for two weeks. You will be surprised to see all traces of rosacea vanish from your face.

Aloe Vera with Vitamin c serum

  • Wash your face with water and wipe with tissue paper.
  • Apply Aloe Vera liquid evenly on your face and let it soak your face for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Wipe your face with tissue paper. Observe the color of paper. It will be brownish. It is because Aloe Vera has removed large quantities of dirt, sweat and oily grease from your skin pores.
  • Apply Vitamin c serum liquid evenly all over your face and let it soak for about 20 minutes.
  • Wash your face with pure water.
  • Apply vitamin c serum cram and let it soak your face overnight.
  • Follow this procedure for two weeks. You will be surprised to see all symptoms of rosacea vanish from your face.

Rosacea treatment during pregnancy with vitamin c serum

Rosacea treatment during pregnancy could be complex process. You need to take care of dry skin syndrome during this time. It is better to avoid the occurrence of rosacea than trying to treat it at later stages. Even in post recovery period from rosacea you will need skin protection methods with vitamin c serum.

  • Dry skin is one of most common features during time of pregnancy. Vitamin c serum hydrates your skin layers and keeps them moist for long time in all seasons. This is first stage of skin care. Second stage is skin nourishment. For this you could use some of essential oils that are rich in vitamin c. Tea tree oil, chamomile oil and olive oil contain rich content of vitamin c in them. You need to massage your face with these oils regularly. Combinational effects of these two could be experienced within few days when your skin starts losing its dullness, shedding red spots and transforming with bright and soft features.

Collagen is one of most important element for nourishing your skin layers. Besides increasing tensile strength and flexibility of your skin layers, collagen plays important role in maintaining texture of your skin, prevention of wrinkles, bonding of skin cells etc.

  • Collagen helps in flexing your skin’s internal layers also. It has its effects on epidermis, dermis and hypodermis layers of your skin. Vitamin c serum boosts production of collagen not only at skin levels, but also from bone levels. This is because bones produce collagen as one of important components to protect mass and strength. Collagen molecules produced from bones are also contributed to your skin. This means your skin is more flexible at all layers.

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