Fixing the problems of facial Steroid acne with Vitamin C Serum


Process of steroid acne treatment involves reducing and removal of corticosteroids that are produced in adrenal glands. They are also called circulating type of corticosteroids because they belong to immune systems of cells which keep circulating throughout the human body. As long as corticosteroids are in normal levels, immunity will be working in favor of skin. When the levels reach abnormal heights, this steroid starts working against skin structure and function. They start attacking skin layers. This will have its indirect effects on sebum, which starts producing excess of skin oil, resulting in acne in affected parts of skin.

People who take corticosteroid treatments for long periods of time in oral or IV shots form are vulnerable to steroid acne. Primarily these steroids (derivatives from natural forms) are used for treating skin inflammation problems. But when their deposition in the body goes beyond certain levels (of tolerance), they start reacting adversely, resulting in steroid acne. Conditions may continue to exist in skin until corticosteroid treatments are stopped. Even then it may take many months for the skin to recover from adverse conditions and get rid of acne. Tetracycline is used as one of the medicines for treating steroid acne. They are mainly given in form of oral medications.

  • Main issue with tetracycline is that it is capable of suppressing the steroid acne condition for longer time, but it may not be able to cure it completely. So your treatment with this medicine may become endless procedure.
  • In some cases of steroid acne, doctors prescribe itraconazole, which is anti-fungal agent which contains strong properties of removing fungal attacks from skin and body. However practical experiences with patients show that they too are capable of suppressing the steroid acne instead of curing it.
  • These two limitations obviously lead medical experts to third alternate option in the form of vitamin c serum. The serum was found to be highly effective on acne caused by UV radiation and hormonal imbalances. Hence it was assumed that it could make some difference for patients with steroid acne also.
  • Many of the medical studies involving vitamin c serum and steroid acne showed that this syndrome was treatable and preventable to considerable extent when water soluble vitamins were used instead of other medicines. This is because vitamin c could dissolve all free radicals which actively supported steroid acne when it is present in the skin. This was considered on strong antioxidant property of vitamin c. But when vitamin c alone is left to work, it can get oxidized easily, leading to unstable solutions for steroid acne. But when it is made into vitamin c serum with other ingredients like Vitamin B, E, Ferulic acid, Hyaluronic acid, and Niacinamide and Ferulic serum, its stability increased by large extent. Now this serum could be used for effectively curing steroid acne and preventing it for long time.  
  • One of the other features which go in favor of vitamin c serum is its ability to clean up free radicals from the injected areas, no matter how oxidant they are. This is because of three ingredients which have healing and antioxidant properties (vitamin c, E and Ferulic acid) Once the toxic elements like excess oil deposits, sweat, dirt and other scum created by steroid acne in the skin pores get cleared, it is easy for the other ingredients like vitamin c, Tocopherol and Ferulic serum to deal with acne deposits on skin.

Treatment of acne after steroid stoppage with vitamin c serum

  • One of the primary criteria for successful cure of steroid acne is the stopping of corticosteroid treatments. Since they are used for treating cases of inflammation, asthma and other cardiovascular diseases, you need to consult your doctor before stopping them. If you are able to get alternate which is not based on any sort of steroid, you will be in luck. Now it is possible to rely on vitamin c serum for treating steroid acne.
  • In some cases doctors may recommend combinational treatment of steroid acne with tetracycline. But it may not be applicable in all cases, for example those with allergy to tetracycline and its derivative forms. Hence it is recommended that you consult your doctor for specific prescription in your case. He will be able to make complete diagnosis of your skin condition, health condition and stage of steroid acne before making his recommendations.

Steps to dissolve steroid acne cyst with vitamin c serum

When steroid acne turns into cyst format complexity of treatment is said to increase further. It may be noted here that one class of medicine called cortisone is capable of dissolving the cyst form of acne. But it does not have the ability to eliminate the bacteria. Vitamin c serum has the ability to kill bacteria since it is strong antioxidant agent. Moreover it is capable of eliminating toxic elements generated by bacteria. It also has the ability to fortify white blood cells.

Treating steroid induced acne with vitamin c serum

  • When cortisone is combined with vitamin c serum to treat steroid acne, it may work well by eliminating the acne cyst as well as killing all the bacteria and cleaning up the mess on your skin.
  • As vitamin c serum leads to creation of collagen, restructuring of cell layers and regeneration of new cells could happen in parallel. Generated new cells are quickly bonded with other cells in the cyst damaged areas. Collagen adds strength and elasticity to the cell layers. As the layers of skin stars developing, the scars left over by steroid acne and its cyst form is eliminated from the skin surface.  
  • Your skin condition will be now restored to normal conditions.

You need to consult your doctor and dermatologist before taking up any treatment of steroid acne treatment with vitamin c serum alone or its combination with tetracycline and cortisone. This is because your skin condition and health condition will be influencing factors which make these combinational treatments work effectively. You need to get his affirmative approval before starting your treatment of steroid acne with vitamin c serum.