5 simple ways to fix darkening facial skin with Vitamin C Serum


Surfacing of dark facial skin patches is result of hyperpigmentation conditions. It happens mainly due to excess production of melanin. Normally melanin production in your skin from melanocytes is controlled. The volume depends on your existing skin tone and color. In fair skinned people it is said to be lower while in brown and dark skinned people it is said to be proportionately higher. When imbalance occurs in its production rate, skin color and tone undergo abnormal changes. Excess production could be caused by unnatural stimulation of melatonin. Exact causes of this overstimulation are not known clearly. But medical science has enough evidence which points towards hormonal imbalances, excess exposure to sun, genetic disorders and certain type of autoimmune disorders as probable causes.

The role of vitamin c serum in controlling hyperpigmentation is not very clear to medical science today. But there have been plenty of cases where regulated dosages of vitamin c serum have resulted in moderation of pigment generation. It takes time for your pigment producing and regulating glands like melanocytes to accept the ingredients of vitamin c serum into them. Once they get absorbed and pigmentation production is brought under considerable control, reduction in darkening of skin starts. This is gradual process which restores your skin color and tone back to original conditions.

Control procedures for facial skin dark pigmentation with vitamin c serum

  • When vitamin c serum is introduced into your skin layers it does not directly start reducing facial skin dark pigmentation magically! Rather it gets to melanocytes and lets its ingredients react with those cells. Oxidative elements within the cell are neutralized by vitamin c through process called reduction. These free radicals are then eliminated from melanocytes and normal conditions restored. This is one way in which hyperpigmentation is controlled.
  • In some cases hormonal disorder could result hyperactive melatonin which again results in hyperpigmentation. In such cases vitamin c serum moderates the balance between hormones by supplying omega fats and reduction of stress on glands that produce case specific hormones. This process brings hyperactive melanocyte under control. Restoration of melanin production back to original levels follows.

Analyzing dark skin pigmentation causes

AS you read earlier, UV radiation from sun is one of possible causes of dark skin pigmentation. Second cause is hormonal imbalance. Other possible causes are adrenal disorders, porphyria, celiac disease, grave’s disease, smoking, melasma and others. It could also result from inflammation and acne related skin damages.

Adrenal disorders like insufficient production of cortisol and aldosterone are said to be responsible for affecting the function of melanocytes. It has been observed that this sort of disorder could lead to hyperpigmentation in fair skinned people, while it could lead to under pigmentation in dark skinned people. These are quite contrasting facts that have been observed with many people all over world.

Restoring dark skin pigmentation disorders with vitamin c serum

Vitamin c serum works in multiple stages when it comes to restoration of skin pigmentation levels. It starts by balancing the root cause of black skin pigmentation. In most cases the sources are related to UV radiation and hormone disorders. Other cases could be skin diseases, adrenal disorders and other infectious reasons.

  • The way in which vitamin c restores pigmentation disorders with each root cause varies. Your dermatologist will be able to recommend the right dosage of vitamin c serum and method of treatment which gives faster results.
  • Pigmentation could be restored to normal levels, once the percentage of dark color melanin is reduced and fairness pigmentation is increased. In scientific terms they are called pheomelanin and eumelanin. Vitamin c serum restores the melanin ratio depending on skin type. Before this process gets initiated the serum removes the impact of oxidative reactions on melanocytes. Since vitamin C serum is highly antioxidant in nature, it gets absorbed by skin melanocyte cells and skin tissues. Having high antioxidant properties, it naturally has reduction properties. It is able to cover up cell membrane walls with secure coats of natural vitamin c, collagen, Ferulic acid and hyaluronic Acid. This process forms strong layer of protection for the melanocyte cells also. When oxidative free radicals interact with this protective layer, they naturally get reduced and lose their oxidative characteristics. Hence they are unable to cause any sort of damages to your skin as well as balancing of melanocyte cells. However some UV rays from sun do manage to penetrate through this layer of protection. This is the primary reason for recommendation of using vitamin c serum in combination with sun screen.
  • When pigmentation disorder occurs due to hormone disorder, vitamin c serum is able to intervene at the glands that produce specific hormones. Though the effects of serum in controlling overall behavior of glands have not been established yet, it is known to moderate the hyperactive functions of these glands to certain extent. This process alone can stabilize hormone levels to appreciable levels. Researches are on to find effective ways in which vitamin c serum could be made to establish long term moderation effects on glands and hormones which they produce.
  • In cases of dark skin pigmentation during pregnancy, some sort of endocrine gland induced diseases like dermatitis are able to cause hyperpigmentation. Vitamin c serum is used to heal the skin dermatitis and provide immunity to endocrine glands from infections. Treatment of this sort could be complex in nature and time consuming. You need to consult your dermatologist who has knowledge about handling skin diseases during pregnancy. She will be able to give you the most appropriate prescription which serves in curing dermatitis as well as healing of endocrine glands. In some cases she may prescribe combinational treatment where vitamin c serum is used with other medications. You need to follow the guidelines.
  • Dark skin pigmentation in diabetes conditions could be cured by first balancing the levels of insulin and blood sugar in correct levels. This process avoids stress on melanocytes and brings back the production of melanin to normal levels.
  • Remember that dark skin pigmentation disease is curable with vitamin c serum when measures are taken at the right time.