10 common facial skin problems you face frequently


There are many benefits of using vitamin c serum for solving facial skin problems after 40. The serum works through your skin layers from hypodermis till the epidermis, elevating all youthful characteristics of your skin. There seems to be misconception among many people that vitamin c serum is more useful for solving skin problems than for its beautification. In this session you will come across many illustrations which prove this conception wrong. You could use this serum every day along with your other skin care products. It increases glow of your skin, tightens your skin, hydrates skin, eases microcirculation, helps in exfoliation and preserves your facial skin beauty in all aspects.

Using vitamin c serum to solve facial skin problems after 40


Sunburn affects your facial skin more than any other part. It induces red spots, dries up your skin, causes surge in skin oil and initiates skin disorders & infections like acne, eczema, folliculitis, dermopathy, blisters etc. Vitamin c serum could be used to solve most of skin problems by following simple procedures.

  • Sunburn initiates process of skin cell oxidation. It happens mainly due to three agents reactive-oxygen-species (free radicals), Matrix-Metallo-proteinases and Advanced-Glycation-End-products. They cause active skin cells to degenerate and die due to lack of proteins, water, minerals and other essentials. Free radicals have tendency to spread faster on facial skin and dull your skin.
  • Vitamin c serum consists of many skin protection and nourishing ingredients like Natural Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic Acid, L-Ascorbic Acid, purified water and Ferulic Serum. They can neutralize free radicals effects and eliminate them from your skin layer, restore hydration levels, balance skin oil production by controlling sebum and heal infections like acne, eczema, blisters and dermopathy.
  • Hydration levels are restored by pure water present in vitamin c serum with glycerin, Ferulic Serum and Vitamin E. Once hydration levels are restored in your skin it starts absorbing most part of heat and converts it into sweat. Sweating removes many of toxic elements deposited in your skin from oxidation.
  • Vitamin c serum works mainly in three stages to overcome sunburn problems. First stage is stopping oxidation process and second stage is healing of effects caused by oxidation.  Third stage is restoring and restructuring your skin back to youthful conditions.


Acne is mainly caused due to sunburn and hormonal disorders. Sunburn causes sebum (skin oil producing gland) to overreact. Normally sebum produced healthy skin oil which is essential for preserving body temperature, skin beautification and lubrication. As long as sebum is working under normal conditions, your skin oil levels are controlled.  

  • Sun attack on sebum makes it react in self-defense.  In fact free radicals produced by sun are responsible for oxidative attacks on this gland. Sebum starts producing excess of skin oil to protect skin layers which are being oxidized. This process causes terrible imbalance. Since your skin is not able to utilize all the oil generated, most part of it get oxidized from free radicals and it results in crust which starts filling skin pores. Acne starts developing in your skin. People with oily facial skin are more prone to acne attacks.
  • Vitamin c serum plays important role in restoration of normal sebum functions. Being highly antioxidant in nature, vitamin c serum mixes easily with free radicals and initiates reverse process of oxidation called reduction. Free radicals get neutralized by this chain of reactive processes initiated by the serum. Since they are unable to attach with any skin cell or other elements in skin they get eliminated. This process is said to solve 50% of acne problem. Once the threat from free radicals is zeroed, sebum starts balancing its skin oil production.
  • Vitamin c serum cleans up all the toxic elements deposited on your skin layers and clears your skin pores. Then it removes the roots of acne and takes it out completely from your skin. Now the affected areas in your skin are filled with new skin cell growth.
  • Collagen which gets generated in affected areas now, starts rebuilding your skin layers. It provides strength and elasticity to new cells and binds them with existing skin cells. This forms firm and flexible layers of skin on acne affected parts. Ingredients of serum like Ferulic acid, glycerin and pure water restore youthful conditions back to your skin.


It is one form of skin inflammation which leads to many other types of skin disorders like dermatitis, skin allergies and viral infections. Mainly it is said to be caused by overreaction of skin immunity system to some sorts of irritations that happen. Medical science has not been able to find exact causes and cure for this skin condition. But vitamin c serum has proved to be highly effective in controlling most common manifestations of eczema like dermatitis, allergies and viral infections.

Age spots

Age spots are caused mostly by UV radiation effects. They are more common among people in their 40s and above. Brown irregular sized spots on your skin cause embarrassment as they could grow into patches. Vitamin c serum provides complete cure and prevention solution to this kind of skin disorder.


Skin cells attain excess growth and form layers on each other, forming scales. This leads to rashes, blisters and even sores in many cases. Vitamin c reduces autoimmunity conditions in your skin and eliminates psoriasis effectively.


Rosacea is one kind of skin condition that results in deep red patches in cheek areas. It is caused by elevated levels of antimicrobial elements like peptides. Vitamin c controls peptides and heals rosacea with its antioxidant properties.


Stress and infections are main causes of psoriasis which results in red patchy skin. Vitamin c serum helps in reduction of stress and healing of infections, resulting in healing of psoriasis.


Vitiligo is under pigment condition caused by deficiency of pigment generation. Vitamin c cures this syndrome by increasing pigment production.

Shaving rash

Accidental injuries caused while shaving could result in rashes, blisters and other skin injuries which might get transformed into infections. Vitamin c serum heals these rashes and injuries with its antioxidant properties.


Stress and hypertension cause flushing which results in red patches on your facial skin. Vitamin c serum balances stress and hypertension to eliminate flushing effects on your facial skin.

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