Vitamin C Serum as binding inhibitor to stop heart failures


Vitamin c serum for heart failure treatment is found to be effective in two specific stages. It is used to heal symptoms found in the initial stage of heart failure and as supplement in later stages of surgical and therapeutic treatments. There are many methods in which the serum is applied. Most powerful among them is IV injection. Before you start analyzing these methods, it is required to know about heart failure, its possible symptoms & causes as well as consequences. This study will help you in understanding each symptom and how it can be cured with vitamin c serum.

Usage of vitamin c serum for heart failure symptoms

  • Heart failure is one specific condition where its functionality is severely affected. Main function that gets affected is its ability to pump sufficient blood which is required for the body. Heart does not get filled with sufficient quantity of blood. In some cases speed of heart pumping will be considerably slowed down.
  • Heart failure condition does not develop overnight. Often it takes months or years. It may start with congestion of fat and cholesterol inside blood vessels. Then it gets further developed into heart valve malfunction. Then the stage of heart muscle weakening happens. Body’s immunity starts going down and the result is heart failure. It does not mean that it stops functioning, but its efficiency slows down to such extent that it still fails.
  • Vitamin c serum for heart failure prevention could be used effectively for clearing the blood vessels and heart valves of the fat and cholesterol deposition. In some cases, deposition of excess calcium also leads to vessel and valve blockage. In such cases vitamin c serum is used along with other medications for clearing the calcium deposition in the first stage. The second stage of treatment involves prevention of calcium deposition on the inner vessel and valve walls. One of the reliable solutions is consolidation of arterial wall. When vitamin c serum is injected into veins along with proline and lysine, gluiness in the aortic valve and blood veins could be reduce to great extent. This process is said to naturally reduce calcium deposition.
  • Blockage of blood vessels which lead to heart from the body and those vessels which lead from heart into body could be one more cause of heart failure. This could be caused by oxidation of inner vein walls. This could be cured and prevented from further relapses. When vitamin c serum dosage in form of IV injection is given for specific period, this problem gets resolved.
  • Cardiac muscle weakening is another major reason for most heart failures across US today. It happens due to many reasons. Some of the known and controllable reasons are BMI, hypertension, Diabetes, lack of vitamins, lack of physical exercises and deposition of calcium. Such conditions could be prevented when vitamin c serum is used while you are healthy. You could relate this with another simple example of preventive care. Your body and heart are fortified with antioxidants, vitamin supplements and immunity providers.

Treating patients with vitamin c serum for heart failure recovery

Congestive heart failure relapse is one of the critical conditions which need to be prevented during recovery of patients. One of the main reasons for this phenomenon to occur is precipitating factor.

  • Sporadic hypertension conditions contributed to more than 48% of patients having congestive heart failure relapse in US in 2015. This condition could be prevented when vitamin c serum is used effectively with therapy, treatment and medications. This fact was acknowledged by the US heart foundation many years ago. According to specific studies conducted on this condition, it was found that stress and diet factors contributed to deposition of fat and cholesterol within the blood veins of patients during recovery period. Moreover stress leads to oxidative degeneration of the vein and heart valves.
  • In one of the experiments, the cardiac specialists used vitamin c serum for heart failure patient. These patients were recovering from serious heart failure due to valve disorders, hypertension, diabetes and many other reasons.  It was observed that the patients who were given vitamin c serum as supplements recovered 50% faster than those who were not given.
  • In another experiment, the effect of vitamin c serum on patients with various stages of heart conditions was tested. Patients with chronic, critical and mild conditions were selected. The process of recovery was found to be almost same when the concentration and dosage of serum was varied depending on their heart failure stages. This experiment revealed that it is possible to use the serum to get effective results for recovery, no matter what the nature and intensity of heart failure has been.

Vitamin c serum for heart failure patient support

  • Heart failure conditions could relapse while the patient is in the process of recovery, as you just read above. In these conditions, it is necessary to support the patient in all heart health aspects. One such condition is called heart valve leakage. The exact reason for this to occur is not yet known.  But it has been determined that it is condition in which blood flowing in one direction through the chambers of heart may leak in reverse directions. This happens when heart valves do not close fully once the pumped blood leaves the heart. Another probable reason is heart enlargement. According medical sciences this condition may not be fatal in nature. But it could prove to be one of stress factors on heart which gets accumulated over time. Some of the prominent symptoms include breathing disorder, fatigue and lightheadedness, rapidly increasing heartbeat and palpitations. Effective treatment includes strengthening of heart valve. Treatment with vitamin c serum alone seems to control this problem to large extent. This needs to be supplemented with regular morning walking exercise.
  • Patients are advised to continue consumption of vitamin c serum in the form of capsules once returning home after recovery. This is to prevent development of effective self-treatment with vitamin c serum for heart failure or anxiety.

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