Restoration of Normal Sleep Cycle with Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin c serum for better sleep is used to overcome sleeping disorders like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This disorder is caused mainly due to oxidation induced physical stress. Other common factors include malfunctioning of endothelium cells, morbidity of cardiovascular cells and their degeneration. There are many other diseases and infections that could cause sleep disorders. Effective methods of medications have been invented to overcome most of these issues. But all these medications become meaningful and successful only when they are supported by natural vitamins and body relaxing agents that make natural sleep possible. Vitamin c serum is one such antioxidant that makes natural sleep possible.

  • When sleep inducing medicines are induced into your body, you might get temporary relief from the sleeping disorder issues you face. But it is only temporary in nature. As soon as effects of medicines wear off, your body goes back into old status. There is one way in which you could avoid this and make natural sleep possible. It is by regular consumption of vitamin c serum. Now you would be interested to know how it really works.
  • Melatonin is one type of hormone in your body which is responsible for inducing natural sleep. When levels of this hormone get disturbed, your sleep cycle also gets affected. It is produced by gland named pineal-gland that is located in your brain. It is also responsible for balancing of sleep and wakeful status. Levels of melatonin keep varying in your body during daytime and nights. Its production is said to increase during nights. Vitamin c serum helps in balancing production of melatonin. It also helps in keeping health conditions of hormone strong. Since vitamin c serum is natural, it has no side effects. It conditions your body for sleep by reducing stress, removing oxidative elements and keeping your cardiovascular system free from toxic elements. In most of cases for which the serum has been prescribed, cycle of natural sleep is reportedly restored after few weeks of treatment. Once your body cells are used to this condition, you may talk about continuation of vitamin c serum with your doctor.

Vitamin c serum sleep deprivation removal characteristics

As you read earlier in this article, OSA is one of the main sleeping disorders faced by many people today. Some main causes include hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases and other respiratory and cardiovascular disorders. This sort of condition is mostly observed in men. Symptoms could get worse with age with those who suffer from this problem. There are many other sleep parameters which get disturbed when you are affected with OSA.

  • Rate and pattern of air flow gets severely affected. Sometimes it results in snoring. You may often mistake reason for snoring as some blockage in your nose. Of course that could be one of reasons. But people who have been able to clear their nasal blocks with some sort of solutions have found themselves snoring again! This could be one of effects produced by OSA.
  • Breathing patterns vary abnormally. You may be able to get sleep for little while, but you tend to wake up abruptly. You might have noticed this sort of syndrome when your alcohol consumption is too high in the evening. You tend to doze off into sleep like condition. Once the effect of alcohol wears out you will awake abruptly at midnight. Sleep will evade you for rest of night. Having OSA may not even give you ample time of restful sleep. You either stay awake for whole night or you might get into cat nap syndrome (short interval sleeping). That sort of sleep maybe good enough for cats, but it won’t help your physiological conditions in any way. You may start feeling tired during morning hours since you hardly slept during night. This will also affect your health when it persists longer. So you need to find one simple method that could keep OSA away and let you get some natural and good sleep for 7 to 8 hours. It is possible when you start consuming regular dosage of vitamin c serum. This will restore your natural sleep without having to depend on synthetic or chemical based drugs and treatments.

Deciding on time interval for vitamin c serum before sleep

It is well known that melatonin induces sleep naturally in your body. Levels of its production depend on natural light. During evening and night its production is observed to be high. This is probable reason for you get sleep during night.

When you are affected with OSA, production cycle of melatonin gets severely disturbed. Pineal-gland in your brain does not produce sufficient quantity of melanin to make you fall asleep naturally. When you start consuming vitamin c serum regularly, it slowly conditions pineal-gland into secreting more melatonin. Since it is antioxidant in nature, it also removes oxidation induced stress from your cardiovascular system. Once these tasks are accomplished by this serum, you tend to fall asleep naturally. It is recommended that you consume vitamin c serum at least 4 to 5 hours before your normal bedtime. This will work effectively and naturally.

Vitamin c serum disturbed sleep natural solution

Consuming vitamin c serum for natural sleep accomplishes only 60% of task. Rest is done by your physical and psychological conditions before sleep. Once you consume vitamin c serum 4 to 5 hours before your bed time, it starts acting on your body and brain slowly. First effects on your body where it relaxes all your muscles and blood vessels by removing stress. Initially it may take time. You may be able to get sleep only for few hours. This is better than having no sleep at all. As time progresses your sleep cycle also gets better.

  • Combinational effect of vitamin c serum on brain makes pineal-gland produce optimum level of melatonin.
  • Since your body is also relaxed and ready for sleep, you get it naturally. This sort of sleep cycle lasts as long as you keep your lifestyle also healthy. This will make vitamin c serum sleep difficulty solution last longer. You could also try combination of magnesium and vitamin c serum for sleep.