Protection of your heart from valve disorders with Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin c serum and heart valve disease prevention are closely linked with each other. Most of heart specialists have established certain facts about beneficial effects of the serum on heart. When you consume 500mg of vitamin c serum every day, it effectively reduces probabilities of blood vessel constrictions. This effect is similar to regular walking for about 2 kilometers every day.  This is said to be highly beneficial to obese people who face risk of blood vessel blockages and contractions. The vitamin also plays important role in vasodilation of heart valves, process by which blood pressure is reduced by dilation of blood vessels.

  • Your heat has two types of valves, namely semilunar and atrioventricular. Semilunar type is made of two valves, namely aortic and pulmonary valves. Atrioventricular type is made of bicuspid and tricuspid valves. Main function of valves is to avoid reverse flow of blood into heart chambers from which it comes out.
  • Vitamin c serum helps in smooth flow of blood, proper functioning of valves and conditioning of heart health. It also purifies blood by removing toxic elements from fatty foods, pollutants and other types of contaminants.
  • Average heart valve health of those who consumed vitamin c serum and who don’t show encouraging results to those who consume the vitamin c serum. According to research study conducted across major heart hospitals in US, more than 95% of heart patients who took regular intake of vitamin c serum reported quicker recovery, 4.5% reported prolonged recovery and 0.5% reported poor recovery. 95% of patients who reported quick recovery from heart attacks, diseases and other complications were reported to be consuming minimum dosages of 500mg of vitamin c serum per day.

Deficiency of vitamin c serum and heart valve replacement

Heart valve replacement is performed when valve disorder problems surface. One of the major causes of disorder is shrinking of blood veins and arteries connecting to heart. Age related problems like excessive calcium deposits is said to be one of the reasons for this type of shrinking. Calcium deposits could also happen on the aortic valve of the heart.

  • Exact reasons for excess of calcium deposits in certain individuals during old age have not been determined. But possible solutions have been given. One of the reliable solutions is consolidation of arterial wall. When vitamin c serum is injected into veins along with proline and lysine, gluiness in the aortic valve and blood veins could be reduce to great extent. This process is said to naturally reduce calcium deposition.
  • Another reason for narrowing of aortic valve is attributed to rheumatic fever. It results in formation of tissue scars on the walls of aortic valve, shrinking the diameter of the valve through which blood flows. Studies have shown that lack of vitamin c could lead to this type of fever. This is closely related with the three intensity levels in which rheumatic fever affects heart valve. These are sub-acute, acute and chronic levels. Though many serious gaps have been observed in the research findings from various researches in cardiology, practical experiences with rheumatic patients have shown that using vitamin c serum in combination with few of anti-inflammatory medications have yielded results. Once the fever is down, additional medications for valve block removal with vitamin c serum have been able to solve the clogging issue.
  • Blockage of blood veins leading to heart could be one more cause of valve disorder. This could be caused by oxidation of inner vein walls. This could be cured and prevented from further relapses. When vitamin c serum dosage in form of IV injection is given for specific period, this problem gets resolved.

Effective treatment for the causes of heart valve diseases and disorders on time with vitamin c serum as one of main ingredients could solve the problem of heart valve replacement.

Connectivity between deficiency of vitamin c serum and heart valve leakage

Before you start reading about deficiency of vitamin c serum and heart valve leakage, it is good to know some facts about the illness, its possible causes and consequences.

  • Heart valve leakage is a condition where blood flowing in one direction through the chambers of heart may leak in reverse directions. This happens when heart valves do not close fully once the pumped blood leaves the heart. Another probable reason is heart enlargement. According medical sciences this condition may not be fatal in nature. But it could prove to be one of stress factors on heart which gets accumulated over time. Some of the prominent symptoms include breathing disorder, fatigue and lightheadedness, rapidly increasing heartbeat and palpitations. Effective treatment includes strengthening of heart valve. Treatment with vitamin c serum alone seems to control this problem to large extent. This needs to be supplemented with regular morning walking exercise.

Usage of vitamin c serum and heart valve weakness treatment

Regular intake of vitamin c serum in any form is known to increase strength of heart valve. Dosage and duration of serum depends on intensity and nature of weakness. When you say weakness, it could be due to lack of immunity, lack of physical strength of valves, due to onslaught of diseases and many more. So the first task of cardiologist would be to identify exact reason of weakness. Once this is determined, he needs to explore the possibilities of treating it with vitamin c serum alone.

When such possibility does not exist, he can consider other medications. In most of medication methods, vitamin c serum is obviously used as one of the supplements for making the base medicine work effectively. Studies on vitamin c serum and heart valve virus have proved that the antioxidant properties of serum are able to eradicate many types of viruses on regular intake. Researches on vitamin c serum and heart valve thickening provide another poof for the effectiveness of this serum. Finally when you read through the link between vitamin c serum and heart valve transplant, you will be able to get practical evidence for the effectiveness of vitamin c serum on the healthy conditions of heart valves.