Probable Side effects of vitamin c Serum in patients and pregnant women


Vitamin c serum pregnancy effects are said to be mild in women. Of course you might get into problems when you choose to overdose yourself or decide to take on stronger dosages to get faster relief. The equation could be compared with situation where you start overdoing on your exercises in your effort to get slim by next Sunday! Of course there are certain conditions when overdose of vitamin c serum could result in more than “mild” side effects. But these cases are said to be rare. When you study records of treatments and recovery rates across America, you could barely come across 1% or even lesser number of cases where “overdose” of this serum has caused medical side effects. Most of these side effects have been found to be temporary in nature. That means they go away within few days or weeks.

Probable Causes of vitamin c serum pregnancy scare

  • One of rare cases where vitamin c serum could have side effects is in formation of kidney stones. This is largely due to production of oxalate. This happens when level of calcium in your blood stream goes beyond specific limitation. But as you are aware, vitamin c serum is known to reduce deposition of calcium in heart valves. Then where does the cause of calcium stone originate? According to many clinical studies conducted over period of time, certain synthetic based medicines taken for liver treatments. In such cases quantity of oxalate produced by your liver goes haywire and results in imbalances. This results in form of kidney stones. Hence doctors recommend avoiding any sort of synthetic drugs for curing liver disorders. In some cases they may overshadow the positive effects of consuming vitamin c serum.
  • In some cases with genetic disorders, vitamin c serum might produce aspirin which might result in urinary disorders. This is because most of serum you consume gets washed off from your body due to effect of aspirin.
  • If you have problems of hemochromatosis as hereditary disorder, then iron and its compounds get accumulated within your tissues, leading to liver disorders. This too results only when you choose to overdose yourself with vitamin c serum. DIY methods might in cases of mild infections and viral attacks. But when same procedure is adopted in cases of acute, sub-acute and chronic illnesses, you can certainly expect to experience negative side effects. Hence experts suggest you to take consultations from experienced doctors and specialists before taking on doses of vitamin c serum. This will help you in staying clear of many such adverse reactions.

Probable Vitamin c serum pregnancy miscarriage side effects

This is another misnomer which is being circulated among common folks who don’t have many ideas about working mechanisms of vitamin c serum and its ingredients.

  • Almost all medical records at leading and small sized maternity homes across US show zero evidence for vitamin c serum being cause of miscarriage. Most of these cases are due to reasons not related to this serum in any way. For example abnormal chromosome disorders could be one of reasons. Studies across US, Europe, Asia and other parts of world have clearly established certain pertinent facts about causes and cure for this type of disorder. In most cases (more than 99.9%) there has been not permanent cure for such disorders in medical field. When treatments are given to such disorders, doctors clearly state about probability of only control rather than cure. When such treatments are combined with inducing vitamin c serum through IV injections, role of serum will be limited to enhancing effects of main course of treatment and medications. Hence it has been found to have no such serious effects as producing miscarriages.

Probable vitamin c serum pregnancy overdose

Overdose of vitamin c serum alone during pregnancy may result in diarrhea to mild levels! This could also be due to combinational medicines that might have mutually conflicting ingredients with those present in vitamin c serum.

Another misnomer which is prevalent among common folks is concept of vitamin c serum pregnancy prevention. In fact it is sued for easing of ovulation process. It is only when “overdose” of vitamin c serum has been found with excessive usage of oral contraceptives that this sort of condition arises. In most cases where genetic hormone imbalances have their effects on ovulation, role of vitamin c serum would be highly limited. In such cases it would be medically impossible to prove that the serum alone has been responsible for these types of “situations”.

Probable vitamin c serum pregnancy overdose effects

Most of gynecologists and obstetricians, overdose of vitamin c serum could result in vitamin c deficiency in your newborn baby. This could be due to fact that baby in your womb may start developing resistance to this serum. So when s/he is born and growing, s/he may experience problems related to vitamin c deficiency.

  • There are certain factors which you need to consider while consuming vitamin c serum for treatment during pregnancy. You must strictly follow dosage and duration of serum intake by your gyn. This is only way in which you could get expected results. Any sort of deviation from this course could prove to be risky, especially during pregnancy period.
  • Tolerance levels of your body need to be evaluated before you start consuming vitamin c serum during pregnancy. You could get this evaluated by your gyn. She may also recommend some diet practices during treatment with vitamin c serum. Even this is essential part which you must follow strictly.
  • Probable side effects when vitamin c serum is taken in overdose with other medicines will have to be considered. Some of such medicines may contain niacin, insulin, penicillin (some women have hereditary allergy to this) and others. You need to consult your doctor and talk to her about your known allergic syndrome to certain classes of foods and medicines. This will help her in prescribing correct combinational medicines along with vitamin c serum. In cases where such medicines may not be available, she may prescribe for alternate medicines which work well with vitamin c serum.