Prevention of chronic scurvy with regular intake of Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin c serum for chronic scurvy prevention involves removal of scales within the blood vessels leading to heart. These scales are similar to the scab which develops on wound surface after injury. This condition results mainly due to deficiency of vitamin c. When the conditions are detected in early stages it is easy to prevent this illness from attaining critical and chronic conditions. Even in such conditions it is possible to treat patients and remove these scalar structures. It requires usage of additional medications along with usage of vitamin c serum. Most of the heart failures due to scurvy in US and Canada have been prevented with usage of serum alone when they were detected in early stages.

  • You need to know symptoms of chronic scurvy to detect it. Some of common symptoms are constant feeling of fatigue, vulnerability to bruises and bleeding, weakness in connecting bones and muscles, abnormal hair and teeth loss, constant feeling of body irritation and gradual loss of appetite. When you observe any of these symptoms, you need to get consultation from your physician.
  • You also need to know about who are more vulnerable to chronic scurvy. This will help you in identifying whether you belong to that group. However it is only indication. You could be susceptible to chronic scurvy in some cases when you don’t belong to this group also.
  • First group belongs to people with eating disorders and undernourishment. When foods don’t contain sufficient quantity of fruits and veggies, this condition could slowly develop.
  • Alcoholics are highly vulnerable to chronic scurvy. It is due to the fact that food consumption becomes abnormally low after excess alcohol intake. Oxidative degeneration of blood veins also leads to formation of scurvy.
  • Patients who undergo regular dialysis treatments.
  • Senior citizens with known heart illness history.

Effective usage of vitamin c serum for chronic scurvy treatment

Vitamin c serum is basically used for removing collagen deficiency in chronic scurvy patients. This helps in active restoration of connectivity between various tissues in blood veins. These types of connectivity are lost essentially due to formation of scurvy.

  • Formation scurvy could be slow process. But its detection takes more time. Initial detection will at least take about 3 months since symptoms start appearing only then. This could be right time for you to start treatment with vitamin c serum.
  • Duration and dosage of serum injections will depend on intensity and coverage of scurvy growth. Your physician may recommend usage of other medications with the serum to speed up process of scurvy removal.
  • There are mainly 4 types of collagen formations due to regular usage of the serum. They help in preventing recurrence of scurvy. The first type helps in the formation of tissues around weakened blood vessels. The second type helps in restoration of regular blood vessel activities. The third type helps in keeping the inner walls of blood vessels free from scurvy formation and the fourth type helps in healing of internal scars due to scurvy. Hence total protection is provided to your blood vessels from vitamin c serum.

Complete heart care with vitamin c serum for chronic scurvy heart disease

Removal of scurvy and restoration of blood vessels is only one part of serum functionality. There are many other beneficial activities performed by it.

  • It protects cardiac muscles from getting weakened in the post scurvy removal stage. Formation of scurvy forces heart muscles to work harder for forcing blood flow through the vessels. This adds stress onto the heart muscles. Over time they get weakened. This is said to be one of the reasons for heart disorders and diseases. When vitamin c serum enters heart region, it starts its action by increasing their strength with collagen. Connective tissues in heart muscles are main beneficiaries of collagen. When these are tissues are made strong and flexible, heart muscles gain their original strength.  
  • Formation of chronic scurvy plaques due to scurvy development could also affect volume of blood being pumped by heart. As the layers of plaques increase, this volume naturally decreases, leading to premature heart attack probabilities. Best method is to remove these plaques through medication or surgical methods, depending on intensity of their formations. When such treatments are conducted, the heart may be exposed to oxidation process from some medications. This could have negative side effects. Vitamin c serum is known to be powerful antioxidant. When used in prescribed dosage during treatment, it is effective for removing of oxidative elements.
  • Weakening of arteries and blood veins happen due to prolonged exposure of heart to stressful conditions. This could be due to scurvy formation, hypertension, diabetes and other reasons. Stress is then transferred to arteries and blood vessels which may develop symptoms of rupture. This could be prevented by first reducing stress on heart. Then weakened arteries and blood vessels will have to be made stronger. Both processes could be achieved by usage of vitamin c serum. Best recommended form of serum at this stage is said to be IV injections. It takes relatively very short time to reach affected areas.

Using vitamin c serum for chronic scurvy symptoms

  • Preventive type of cardiology treatment is said to be more effective than any other for curing many of heart diseases. Vitamin c serum could be used even when you have healthy and functional heart condition. This actually prevents many of diseases which could result in chronic scurvy.
  • Inflammation of vessels and arteries is probably one of reasons for chronic scurvy to take roots within your cardiovascular system. This could be overcome by preventing conditions that lead to inflammation. Once you start consuming vitamin c serum, it leads to removal of clots. Since the blockages are cleared, the chances of swelling get reduced. Regular usage under observation from your physician prevents occurrence of thrombophlebitis, the vein inflammation.
  • Microorganisms of pathogenic type are main culprits of vein inflammation which happens due to deficiency of vitamin c. vitamin c serum prevents deposition and growth of these organisms, thus prevent root cause of inflammation from developing and spreading in blood veins and arteries.

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