Prevention and cure of fatty liver disease with Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin c serum fatty liver treatment could be time consuming process. It is because treatment has to deal with three types of disorders like alcohol induced type, nonalcoholic type and Steatoheatitis. First type is induced in case of chronic alcoholics. Second type is induced due to process called steatosis.  Third type is induced due to inflammation or injuries to hepatocyte. This may be accompanied by process called fibrosis in some cases. When the syndrome is detected in early stages, it could be possible to treat it with help of vitamin c serum alone. When it has crossed acute stage and entered into chronic stage, you may need other forms of treatments, therapy and surgery.

  • Liver is said to be one of strongest organs in your body. It has tolerance limit which is matched by few other organs. When your liver is said to be in danger, it means your body has crossed yellow line and stepped into redline zone. Alcoholic fatty liver disease does not develop after just taking few glasses of drink. It is progressive disease which takes long time to develop. It shows certain signs and symptoms in its early stages. These are warnings. When you are able to “listen” to these warnings, you could save your precious liver from getting into worsening conditions.

Treatment process for alcoholic fatty liver disease

  • Some of most prominent symptoms are frequent sickness and abnormal loss of body weight. You start losing your appetite. Initially you may stop eating or consume less food during times of drinking. This gradually develops into loss of appetite even when you are not drunk. This might force you to take few more drinks, under assumption that you will be able to eat better. But your appetite loss still worsens. At some point of time you lose control over your alcohol consumption. This is when real danger of fatty liver disease starts. Major step towards preventing this disease at this stage is to stop consumption of alcohol. If you are unable to stop on your own, you need external help which is available all over US states and cities.
  • Once you get sober for few days you could start your vitamin c serum treatment. You need to make sure that your sobriety period is at least for 90 days before you could start your consumption of vitamin c serum. This is due to simple fact that as long as your blood contains considerable quantity (not traces) of alcohol, no treatment in this world could work for curing your fatty liver disease conditions. Meanwhile get yourself diagnosed for possibility and intensity of this disease from qualified specialist. He will be able to prescribe dosage and duration of treatment. When you are in treatment period, you must ensure that you stay away from alcohol. But there could be certain physical and psychological conditions which may prevent you from staying sober for long. This becomes critical, when your doctor advises you to stay away from alcohol for longer duration of time. That could become excuse for you to take another drink, since you will quit from tomorrow. If you happen to be this type of chronic alcoholic, you could find many “stay away from alcohol one day at a time programs” near your region. This is when you start experiencing real effect of vitamin c serum treatment on your liver.

Treatment process for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

On the other hand, nonalcoholic types of fatty liver disease follow certain fixed pattern of progression. First it starts with fatty liver. Second stage will be steatohepatitis. When left untreated at this stage it progresses into development of fibrosis along with worsening conditions of steatohepatitis. In third stage it develops into mild cirrhosis with critical condition of steatohepatitis. In the final stage it gets transformed into cryptogenic type of cirrhosis.

  • Fatty liver stage. At this stage it is possible to cure it with help of vitamin c serum for fatty liver alone. You may have to stay away from certain types of foods that contain fatty substances, meat, egg yolk, lamb, pork and others. You could replace them with fresh veggies and fruits, dairy products and baked products. These types of foods are not only healthy for you, but they are also savoring to taste. Slowly you will start enjoying your foods also. Meanwhile you need to consult your doctor about vitamin c serum treatment. Based on your present liver condition he may prescribe dosages and recommend you to take them for specific duration of time. Once you are through this treatment cycle, your liver condition will have improved by many miles. Some doctors also advice vitamin c serum and e for fatty liver.
  • Steatohepatitis stage. Even at this stage you are lucky. This is due to fact that it could still be cured by controlling your bodyweight, following strict diet pattern and most important, taking regular shots of vitamin c serum according to prescription. You need to be more involved in physical activities like walking, gardening, helping your spouse in housekeeping and others. When you have taken treatment for specific period of time, you will be able to feel effects of healthy liver and lead happy life. How much vitamin c serum for fatty liver you need will be decided by your doctor once you start your treatment for recurrence of this disease.
  • Fibrosis stage. At this stage you need medicines to prevent inflammation. You may also need treatment and medications for resistance to insulin. Cholesterol and sugar levels need to be kept under control with regular medicine intake. You must start consuming vitamin c serum regularly. Your doctor will advise you about form, dosage and duration. In most cases it could be in form of IV injections in initial treatment stages. When your liver makes considerable progress, he may switchover to capsules or pills.
  • Cirrhosis stage. This involves treatment for fluid found in abdomen region. This will be followed by antiviral medicines. Combinational treatment with vitamin c serum is recommended.
  • Cryptogenic cirrhosis stage. At this stage you may need certain surgical or therapeutic procedures such as endoscopic treatment. You may also have to undergo treatments for abdomen fluid removal and repair flow of blood in liver. These treatments could be more effective when your doctor advises for vitamin c serum in form of IV injection. If you have any apprehensions like vitamin c serum good for fatty liver, you need to wait for good results you get after treatment.