Enhancement of Endothelium health with Vitamin C Serum


Endothelial health supplements are aimed improving the condition and function of endothelial layer which forms inner lining of blood vessels. This layer could also be found within lymphatic vessel. It connects blood flowing within the vessels and the lymph in lumen with the other parts in walls of blood vessel.  There are essentially two types of endothelial cells. Lymphatic types of cells connect with the lymph whereas vascular cells connect with blood flowing within vessels. Some of their important functions include

  • They provide path for white blood cells along the direction of flow of blood. They act as protective wall between lumen of the blood vessel and tissues which surround it.
  • They control speed of blood flow and pressure.
  • They regenerate damaged organs by directing cells in blood vessel towards affected region.
  • They are responsible for creation of new blood vessels.
  • They are responsible for prevention of blood loss during injury. They also take care of controlling the size of blood clots, preventing them from blocking normal blood flow within vessels.

Importance of endothelium cells could be understood with reference to their main functions. They help protecting overall health of blood vessels. Hence protection of these cells is vital for your health. This could be achieved by consuming regular dosages of vitamin c serum as prescribed by your physician.

Effective utilization of vitamin c serum for endothelial health program

Most of cardiovascular functions associated with lungs, heart, carotid artery, subclavian vein, vena cava, aortic artery and femoral artery are controlled by proper functioning of these cells. Any malfunctioning of these cells could result in massive disturbances of organs in cardiovascular system. Some of most commonly occurring malfunctions could be

  • Process of oxidative mechanism of vasodilation related to endothelium cells. Main contributors for this type of problem are said to be fat and cholesterol. This induces typical stress on the blood vessels leading to heart, resulting in increased probabilities of heart failure. One way in which this process could be stopped is through vitamin c serum. Regular intake in form of IV injections eliminates oxidative stress. Hence patients with coronary heart disease could get plenty of benefits from vitamin c serum.
  • Vasodilation is one effective process by which blood flow speed is increased by dilation of vessels. This is helpful for patients who have issues of vessel thickening and blood clotting. People with hypertension also benefit from this unique process. One of best agents which could cause this process to happen under controlled conditions is vitamin c serum.
  • Endothelium cells are responsible for providing real time responses to inflammation signals from all over blood stream network. This is one of critical features of immune system. Vitamin c serum helps in up-keeping of endothelium cell alertness.
  • Endothelium cells produce Vasco active substances like endothelin1, Angi-Tensin11 and others. They are responsible for controlling the diameter of blood vessels. Normal diameter of blood vessels in the capillaries is about 0.8 micrometers. Maximum diameter of vessels could be observed in aorta where it measures about 25 mm. When fat, cholesterol and other harmful substances start clotting blood vessels, their diameter starts decreasing. Vitamin c serum is responsible for clearing out all these clogging elements as effective antioxidant. Hence patients with high blood pressure and hypertension problems find this serum highly useful for survival.
  • Thromboregualation is one process by which primary clot in blood vessel is controlled after its formation due to vessel or cell injury. This process prevents loss of blood from injuries. Once the cell or tissue gets injured, it releases elements like Prostacyclin, endothelins, prostacyclin etc. Now endothelium cells get transformed into gummy form and start sticking with each other. This process prevents further flow of blood. It is commonly known as blood clotting. When the health of endothelium cells gets affected, it might hinder the process of clot formation, leading to excess blood loss. Vitamin c serum helps in maintaining health conditions and sticky properties of endothelium cells in their optimal levels.

Effective processes for guarding endothelial cell health

Endothelial cell health determines cardiovascular health. Fluctuations could lead to high blood pressure, molecule adhesion, heart and lung disorder etc. In order to keep its health in functional condition, endothelium needs supplies of DHA, lipoproteins, essential oils, HDL and LDL. One of main issues concerned with these elements is oxidation.

  • Process of oxidation makes cell walls brittle. Flexibility of veins gets reduced drastically. Pressure pulses go beyond control, leading to probable cracks in veins. Tissues get scarred followed by many other cardiovascular and heart complications.
  • Vitamin c serum acts as active antioxidant. When serum is taken into veins in form of IV injection, it starts preventing oxidation process within endothelium cell walls. Combinational medication with vitamin c serum and omega-3 fatty-acids benefits serum lipids. Cardiovascular health will be considerably improved with constant usage of vitamin c serum in prescribed dosage for prescribed duration of time.
  • Vitamin c serum helps in maintaining vascular tone. This is maximum level of vessel contraction in relation with its highest state of dilation. When dilation state of blood vessels is in good condition, chances of hypertension, high blood pressure and other blood vessel related issues are kept under control. Regular intake of vitamin c serum helps in maintaining vascular tone within standard limits.

Usage of Vitamin c serum versions as supplements for endothelial health

Every form of vitamin c serum could be used to enhance health of endothelium. When your health is in normal conditions, consumption of vitamin c serum is said to be helpful in managing all your cardiovascular organ activities in efficient manner. When health and functionalities of these organs get affected, vitamin c serum fixes them by interacting with endothelium and passing its ingredients to affected regions. It is also known to repair and regenerate damaged endothelium cells.

Endothelial health foods form important part of balancing cardiovascular health. Hence you need to consult your physician and enquire about best endothelial health diet that matches with your physiological conditions. This will ensure balanced endothelial health over long period of time without facing any hassles.

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