Various types of skin wrinkles that could hurt your beauty


Cosmetic skin disorders wrinkles are said to affect your beauty and skin care. There are many types of wrinkles which cause havoc in your skin texture, composition, tone and appearance. Some of them are born due to climatic conditions. Many others originate due to internal hormone disorders. Few of them are due to genetic conditions. All these types have common cure in vitamin c serum. Application methods of serum vary. Dosage and duration of treatment will be according to prescription from your dermatologist. If you are able to follow the procedure properly, you can expect considerable results within your expected time.

Appearance of dry skin wrinkles under eyes

Vitamin c serum based home remedies for under eye wrinkles are said to be quite effective in nature. You have to follow simple procedures in applying the serum. You can also add few other ingredients like essential oils which can help you in reducing lines and wrinkles. Here are few steps that you need to follow. Once you follow them in order and treat your skin regularly, you will be surprised to see them vanish.

  • First procedure is aimed at decreasing effects of aging. They mainly affect your skin around your eyes. Skin near and around your eyes is sensitive to various external and internal factors.  So you need to select small place for testing effects of vitamin c serum. Results produced will give ideas about applying the same technique to the other areas. Skin tightening under eye wrinkles is one of the main benefits you can expect from this treatment.
  • Second procedure is aimed at softening of wrinkles and weakening of their roots. This can be done by applying the serum and allowing it to seep into the inner layers within this region. This could often consume more time than the next procedures. Now you could start applying the vitamin c serum cream. After 10 to 15 days of this treatment, the wrinkles will go away. Consult your dermatologist to know about skin resurfacing under eye wrinkles with vitamin c serum.

Treating dry skin wrinkles forehead

Fore head is another sensitive region of your skin. Appearance of lines and wrinkles in this region are related to stress factors. Stress happens in physical forms mainly. One of the stress forms is due to oxidation of your skin layers from free radicals from UV rays, heat and humidity. So you need to pay attention about reducing oxidative stress with vitamin c serum.

  • Clean your forehead region with pure water and let it dry for about 5 minutes. Then wipe your forehead with tissue by applying cleaning lotion. Make sure that the lotion does not contain any chemicals that may oxidize it. Then apply vitamin c serum in form of cream uniformly all over skin in forehead region. Let it soak for over 30 minutes. Then you will see most of cream being absorbed by your skin. This is good sign. Then clean it with lukewarm water. You need to follow this procedure twice in one day for about 15 days. You will experience dramatic reduction in forehead wrinkles. You may wonder what causes this type dramatic reduction to happen.  Read on.
  • Effect of oxidative stress on your forehead skin is one of the main reasons for wrinkles and lines to appear in this region. Their long term effects may not be known immediately, but they can be felt and experienced when your skin starts aging. The number of wrinkles and lines will shoot up to reach high levels. Skin wrinkles in forehead is directly connected to influence of free radical elements. Once you apply vitamin c serum, the antioxidant properties of serum start reducing oxidative stress. It does take some time for the initial process to start. But once it starts off results are obtained faster.

Effective ways to stop dry skin wrinkles around mouth

Wrinkles around mouth happen due to aging. There are two types of skin aging, namely natural and premature. Premature skin aging happens due to various reasons like infections and diseases, pollution, sun, heat and humidity; climatic conditions etc. using vitamin c serum to treat mouth wrinkles is simple. It is preferable to use cream or jelly.

  • Lean your face with pure water and wipe with tissue paper. You could also use cleaning liquid to remove all the dust and sweat.
  • Apply the serum liquid to affected areas and let it soak. After 15 minutes wipe with tissue paper. This needs to be followed for period of two days. This is for clearing your skin pores in that region. You may be required to avoid direct contact with sun during these two days. Keep your skin hygienic.
  • After two days you could start your actual treatment with vitamin c serum cream or jelly. Pally to all affected regions and let it sink in for about 20 minutes. Then you may clean it with dry cloth and wash with lukewarm water. Follow procedure twice in one day for 20 days. You will see the wrinkles go away.

Inbuilt anti-aging properties of vitamin c serum

Process of skin layer oxidation gets started due to effects of free radicals. There is absolutely no way in which you will be able to prevent your skin from getting exposed to sun and natural elements every day. However, regular usage of vitamin c is will be able to remove wrinkles from your skin.  This is mainly due to the fact that serum removes stress caused due to oxidation process. The ingredients of serum can also prevent many of free radicals from entering your skin by forming protective sheet at the top layer of your skin. It can cure many problems including skin wrinkles in hands. You need to keep using the vitamin c serum regularly in order to get maximum protection from oxidation process. Vitamin c serum for skin infection is another benefit you get.

The natural vitamin c in the serum starts increasing collagen levels in your skin. It can help in strengthening of your skin layers and make them elastic in nature. This will prevent wrinkles from appearing in future. It also helps in beautifying your skin for long time. You need to keep applying vitamin c serum regularly.

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