Smart approach to prevent wrinkle relapse with Vitamin C Serum


Permanent cure for wrinkled skin is possible when you eliminate the underlying causes of wrinkle formation. Effective usage of vitamin c serum can perform this trick. Once you start your treatment procedure, you need to be consistent with it. This is because discontinued treatments can result in large scale recurrence of wrinkles, especially in middle and older ages. Before you start your course on the serum, it is important for you to identify some of possible causes of wrinkles in your specific case. It means you have to know about your skin conditions and health at present. This will help you in finding faster and effective cure with vitamin c serum.

Finding wrinkly skin syndrome cure with vitamin c serum

  • One of the most commonly found causes of your skin wrinkles is due to skin infections. Yeast infected wrinkle is one classic example for infection induced wrinkles. It can affect any part of your body. In women it specifically affects vaginal skin and skin surrounding it. It might affect other areas of skin in face, back, neck, hands and legs. This syndrome can be effectively overcome when you use vitamin c serum for treating bacterial removal. This is the first stage of treatment. It can be in oral or IV injections form, depending on intensity and nature of bacterial infections and their other effects on your skin. For example these infections might have caused rashes, pimples, acne, formation scales and other abnormalities in your skin. Dermatologist will be able to assess the level of impacts and suggest dosage and duration of vitamin c serum treatment to get rid of these infection related issues first. Once they are cured, he will suggest you to go for next stage of treatment for wrinkles removal.
  • In the second stage treatment, you need to take precautions for avoiding relapse of skin infections also. Your dermatologist may suggest some antifungal medicines for this. Applying vitamin c serum in form of cream or jelly on affected areas can remove wrinkles within specific period of time. The treatment will take care of collagen interaction with your skin cell layers in the dermis region. It will also remove all dead cells in the top layer of your skin and replace them with new and healthy ones. Connective tissues are made stronger and a sheath of healthy skin is formed. This layer is strengthened by insoluble molecules of collagen. Since the possibilities of skin sagging is reduced to zero now, wrinkles are removed for good.
  • Other probable reason for wrinkles formation in your skin is oxidation of your skin cells. This is largely because of exposure to sun, heat and humidity. Free radicals get generated within your skin layers which start process of oxidation. This will eventually result in shrinking of cells in the inner layers of epidermis, leading to hard wrinkles. In most of cases vitamin c serum inform of jelly or cream will be sufficient to overcome this issue. But in cases where the problem has intensified, you will need capsules or IV injections. Your dermatologist will usually inject vitamin c serum on the regions that have maximum wrinkles accumulation. The IV injection will be directly induced into the layer of your skin where roots of wrinkles are located.
  • Now the serum starts spreading quickly all over your epidermis and dermis regions. Ingredients of serum are absorbed by your skin cells and tissues located in these two layers. Dermis and epidermis layers get strengthened during this process. When this happens, the keratin layer becomes flexible, soft and brighter. This will naturally result in removal of wrinkles from your skin surface, no matter how hard they are.

Skin wrinkles treatment natural way with vitamin c serum

  • Free radicals are generated when you are recovering from skin cancer in the post treatment period. Since some of the toxic elements of chemotherapy and other treatments stay resident within your skin, they may interact with biochemical in your skin and result in strong process of oxidation.  This will naturally result in increased growth of wrinkles on your skin.
  • Vitamin c serum treatment in regular intervals can prevent the free radicals within your skin from acting against your own skin’s health. In the first stage of treatment this is done by inhibiting the free radicals. In the second stage these free radicals are effectively removed from your skin. One of the biggest problems with these free radicals is that their count becomes more with skin aging. When you start applying vitamin c serum onto your skin, it starts fighting against them and reduces their count by considerable quantity. Continued treatment with vitamin c serum will eventually eliminate the skin wrinkles.

Best wrinkle treatment for sensitive skin with vitamin c serum

  • Clean your face and other skin surfaces which are affected by wrinkles. Apply the serum gently all over and let it sink into your skin. You need to rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Soften your skin with natural moisturizer. This will help serum in making penetrating into deeper layers of wrinkles and reach their roots. You need to avoid applying chemical ingredients based moisturizer. It will only worsen situation of your skin wrinkles.
  • Wait for some time after applying of moisturizer. Once it evaporates, you can start applying the vitamin c serum cream. Make thick layer of cream on wrinkles. Let it soak overnight. You can wash it off in the morning.
  • You need to consistently go through this procedure of vitamin c serum treatment in order to get best of effects within specific time frame. Keeping skin hygiene is one of the primary requirements if you wish to get expected results from your anti-wrinkles treatment.  
  • You need to follow the specific instructions, along with dosage and duration of vitamin c serum treatments given by your dermatologist. This will certainly speed up the process of wrinkles treatment. This will also help in preventing their recurrence in future. Now you could expect to live with wrinkle free skin for most part of the rest of your life.