Simple methods to get rid of knee wrinkles with Vitamin C Serum


Effective and easy knee wrinkles treatments are possible today with vitamin c serum. Earlier, complications associated with this type of wrinkles made it mandatory for dermatologists to suggest fillers, LASER treatment or surgery. These treatment methods have their own benefits. But they also create many side effects in some people which may cause more problems than wrinkles themselves. For example surgical methods may cause internal bleeding or result in numbness of tissues and cells. Fillers in some cases may cause hindrances to smooth movement of knee muscles.

It is precisely with reference to these side effects, that dermatologists suggest vitamin c serum as best alternate. It removes all wrinkles effectively with zero side effects. Moreover it enhances production of collagen in these regions. Collagen helps in binding of skin cells as horizontal sheets. These sheets are highly flexible with zero sagging effects. They also have highest level of tensile strength. Since collagen forms these layers right from external surface till the end of epidermis layer, probability of wrinkle recurrence is practically ruled out.

Combinational treatment for knee and elbow wrinkles with vitamin c serum

Stress on the skin layers and muscles in joint regions like knee and elbow are very high. Hence removal of wrinkles is quite challenging task. Most of stresses are caused due to deposition of oxidative elements at corners.

  • One of the main reasons which may reduce the effects of vitamin c serum in this region is lack of hydration. This is largely due to hard skin that develops here. It can absorb water content from your skin in this layer and still keep it dry. This in turn influences effectiveness of treatment. Hence dermatologists suggest sufficient intake (about 2 to 4 liters during day) will be able to act as buffering agent for the vitamin c serum. Once this level is achieved, it easy for the serum to work effectively.
  • Diet management is one of the key elements which can keep your knee and elbow regions hydrated. You need to consume watery veggies and fruits like watermelon. Foods that are rich in lycopene, astaxanthin, protein, biotin, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids also make your knee and elbow regions free from stress and keep hydration levels high. With this your skin will be able to keep itself hydrated during all weather conditions. When dryness of skin is prevented, test of treatment process becomes faster.
  • Apply vitamin c serum regularly on your knee and elbow regions as directed by your dermatologist. This will help in getting faster relief. Within specified period you will be able to experience impressive results.
  • Once wrinkles are removed, you may need to continue applying vitamin c serum for some more days. This is to strengthen layers of skin by collagen layer care. You can consult your dermatologist to know about exact duration.

Vitamin c serum ingredients as natural fillers for knee wrinkles

Collagen could is one of the most effective filler for wrinkles in knee region. In fact it is one of the essential elements in this process.

Collagen needs supply of energy to sustain itself and the process of muscle building. The vitamin c based foods that you consume help in supplying the necessary energy to collagen. But this alone may not be sufficient for body builders, as vitamin c in your food is used by other metabolic and biological processes also. Collagen molecules are tough in nature and they have high tensile strength. If you observe closely, the link between skin in knees and knee bones is very close. By making the knee bones produce more collagen, your dermatologist can automatically increase the tensile strength of our knee skin layers.

This is because bones are made of elements like collagen, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate and minerals. When knee bone is made to generate more quantity of collagen it gets directly linked to the knee skin in that region. This is the time when vitamin c serum plays its unique role. Applying it regularly onto skin layers in knee region creates collagen sheath in this zone. This sheath is made of skin cells and tissues bonding which is formed by collagen, Ferulic acid and other bonding ingredients in vitamin c serum. They also create links with collagen production in bone and keep it at high levels. So the chances of wrinkle formation in post treatment period will be reduced to near zero.

Ways to prevent knee wrinkles forever with vitamin c serum

When you wish to keep your knee wrinkles away forever, applying cream or jelly alone may not be sufficient. It is due to the tough texture of skin and bone in this region. Hence you could start using it in form of capsules. Check the effectiveness for about 7 to 8 days. Then ask your dermatologist to give it to you in form of IV injection. Once this serum enters your body, it splits into all the basic ingredients. Every component has its unique role to play in strengthening your body muscle by supporting collagen.

  • Skin solutions such as Ferulic acid present in the serum helps in flexing your skin layers in the knee regions. This helps in penetration of skin layers by ingredients like Vitamin E. This will help in supplying nutrients and other skin nourishing elements into skin layers. It helps in brightening outlook of skin here.
  • Collagen helps in flexing your skin’s internal layers also. Its effects spread to interior layers of skin in knee region like epidermis, dermis and hypodermis layer. Vitamin c serum boosts production of collagen not only at skin levels, but also from bone levels. Combinational effects of all these factors can help in keeping knee wrinkles away for many years. This is possible when you are able to follow treatment procedure as prescribed by your dermatologist strictly. This is the only way in which you can keep skin infection and probable diseases also away from your knee region. Balancing of hydration levels in knees is very critical not only for health of your skin, but also for smooth functioning of knee joints.