Causes and Consequences of skin wrinkles growth


Skin wrinkles remedies are provided by experts with vision to beat back aging problems faced by people. Most important cause of aging that appears outright is the skin. It is the skin which shows symptoms of aging. Wrinkles appear on skin due to various reasons. Some of them are external while many of them are internal. External causes that create wrinkles are sun, heat and humidity, climatic conditions, virus and bacterial attacks, skin diseases etc. Internal causes are hormone disorders, genetic factors etc. vitamin c serum is used in order to overcome all these problems and remove wrinkles. Aim is to provide long lasting solutions that are stable. Guarding health of skin is one critical factor for which the ingredients of serum are designed.

Creation of effective skin wrinkles remedies

Skin wrinkles remedies can be created with vitamin c serum with balancing of its ingredients. Some of the most commonly used ingredients of the serum are natural vitamin c, Vitamin E, L-Ascorbic Acid, Glycerin, Tocopherol, Ferulic Acid and pathenol. Some brands may use essential oils, iron, zinc, copper and other mineral forms to increase effectiveness of serum.  

  • Ingredients are also added based on type of wrinkles and their intensity. For example crow feet wrinkles formation. It happens mainly around the region of eyes. There are many types of changes that occur in dermis region due to aging. In some cases premature aging also causes these changes to happen. Whatever the causes of these changes may be, the results are same. All these changes are result due to due to slowing rate of protein regeneration within dermis region. So the skin around this region starts losing its natural elasticity and starts wrinkling. The best way to overcome this problem is by the regular usage of vitamin c serum. It will solve the problem of protein and vitamin supply by increasing them. It also interacts with collagen to form protective layer over the skin around regions where crow’s feet appear. So wrinkles are eliminated and prevented from reappearing.
  • Effective coating of skin cells membranes with collagen is another technique used for removal of cow’s feet.  But this technique is best achieved with therapy. Skin grafting is another technique used when mere consumption of vitamin c serum will not be sufficient. This is due to fact that skin health has been affected due to aging process.  
  • Sun light induces aging to great extent. This is called chronological aging process which is hard to reverse.  UVA rays from the sun start speeding up passing of time more relatively. This increased passing of time in such shorter relative time causes intensity of wrinkles to increase. . However body zones that are normally protected from sunlight with the help of clothes that you wear are saved from the onslaught of UV rays. There you don’t find intensities of wrinkles to be too hard. They are said to be finer in nature and fewer in numbers. They are also not as deep as those wrinkles which appear in the exposed areas of your skin.
  • Protection of external layers of your skin which do get exposed to sunlight can be done with the help of combinational treatment using vitamin c serum and healthy essential oils. Most of them are produced by your body. There are however many oils which your body is not able to produce like olive oil. They are added as ingredients to the vitamin c serum.  There are many stages through which sun induced wrinkles are removed. Preparing your skin is the first stage. Here skin is cleaned with clean water. Dust particles, sweat and other pollutants are removed with cleansing solution.  Application of vitamin c serum along with essential oil and other ingredients is the second stage.
  • Moisturizing your skin is the third stage. Once these stages are complete, the process of wrinkle softening starts. Most of wrinkles on your skin are hard in nature. They may not be hard to touch, but hard to remove. This is due to hardening of inner layers of their origin in the epidermis region. Once the inner origin layers are softened with this treatment, the serum is allowed to sink you’re your skin layers.
  • Process of wrinkles removal starts up automatically. Additional usage of vitamin c serum for aging skin and prevention of wrinkles could help in reducing wrinkles intensity levels and keeping health levels of your skin. This is one of the best combinations of ingredients you could find for wrinkles removal and prevention for all ages.

Removal of skin wrinkles after burn

  • Skin burn often causes wrinkles to appear. They can be quite hard in nature and difficult to remove. For them you have to apply the procedure of softening and removal. Moisturizing your skin is very important before you start applying vitamin serum. You need to follow the same stages of treatment which you do for treating sun induced wrinkles. Once these stages are complete, the process of wrinkle removal starts automatically. Most of burn resulted wrinkles on your skin are removed with this method.

Removal of skin wrinkles after sunburn

Vitamin c serum has effective solutions for sun burn wrinkles. They can be removed when your skin is treated with combination of the serum, essential oils and Aloe-Vera. Time required for treatment is between 10-15 days. You may be asked to stay away from direct sun during this treatment period.

Treatment of skin wrinkles after pregnancy

Post natal wrinkles may go away automatically, but most of them may not. This is due to hormonal imbalances, stretching of skin during and after baby birth etc. Treatment with vitamin c serum alone would be sufficient to overcome this problem. You may often experience skin wrinkles after bath during this time. You don’t have to worry about them as they are temporary. It is only about link between skin wrinkles and hormones that you need to think. They too are taken care of by combinational treatment with vitamin c serum and hormone balancers.

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