Art of Sustaining wrinkle free face with Vitamin C Serum


Wrinkles on face in early age can be prevented with vitamin c serum. The serum can treat various types of facial wrinkles like the frown lines, vertical lip wrinkles, crow’s feet, mental crease, tear troughs, brow droop, mouth frown, nasolabial folds and others. Regular treatment with vitamin c serum jelly, cream or lotion will be able to give you long lasting relief from these wrinkles issues. Wrinkles appear at young age due to many reasons. Stress is one of reasons. Excess exposure to sun and heat, effect of free radicals, excessive smoking habits, excess alcohol consumption and hormone imbalance are some of the other probable reasons.

So it will not be sufficient if you just apply the vitamin c serum on your skin and expect your wrinkles to go away in hurry. You need to take preventive actions to stop root causes of wrinkles from working against your skin and vitamin c serum treatment. Moreover you also need to take measures against infections, stress, cardiovascular health, hypertension and many other indirect causes which are linked with the generation and expansion of your facial wrinkles. Then you will be truly freed from them for long years in your life.

Treating wrinkles on face after pregnancy with vitamin c serum

  • Vertical lip wrinkles treatment with vitamin c serum starts with reduction of sun effects on your skin. In the first stage, the serum cleans up the roots of your wrinkle. This will prevent recurrence in future. Then the serum removes all forms of pollutants that are accumulated near the wrinkle region in external layer. Once it penetrates deep into epidermis and dermis region, it will be able to clean up that region too. This will ensure complete debris cleanup from your face. Then the ingredients of serum like collagen take over. It builds layers of skin cells from within epidermis region and makes your lip skin strong and flexible. It also makes surface area of skin in this region flat and free of wrinkles.
  • Tear troughs appear just below your eyes in the chin region. They are caused mainly due to laxity in skin. This is responsible for facial volume-loss. When it has been found in initial stages, it can be successfully cured with help of vitamin c serum alone. When it has reached acute or advanced stages, you will need combinational treatment with vitamin c and other fillers to make your treatment of tear troughs complete. You could consult your dermatologist before opting for any other type of filler, since you need to test its reaction when it is used with vitamin c serum. Moreover vitamin c serum has collagen as one of the most powerful filler for wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid is known filler present in the serum. According to dermatologists vitamin c serum alone could be sufficient to overcome most of facial wrinkle problems. In some cases you may use lighter dosages while in others you may have to opt for stronger dosages and take the treatment for relatively longer duration, depending on intensity and type of facial wrinkle.
  • Dry skin and facial skin infections are closely linked with each other. When you are unable to protect your skin from common skin ailments, the immunity of your skin will gradually start decreasing. This can open the floodgates for many other illnesses also. By preventing these two problems you are again prolonging the process of facial skin aging   and preventing premature aging.
  • Production of melanin is one of the major obstacles which prevent your facial skin from getting brightened. It also leads to darker tone and weaker texture. When vitamin c serum is consumed in regular intervals, it intervenes in the production and distribution of melanin in your facial skin layers. This is the first step towards preventing dark tone and complexion of your skin. Another important benefit of Sodium-Ascorbyl-Phosphate ingredient of vitamin c serum is reduced amount of Sebum produced by your skin. AS you know sebum is oily substance which gets produced by the sebaceous glands in your skin. This is one of major contributors of oily skin. By reducing the production this element you are in effect eliminating the probability of oily skin.
  • One of the key factors which can affect working of serum effectively is water content in your body. This in turn influences moisture level of your skin. Sufficient intake (about 2 to 4 liters during day) will be able to act as buffering agent for the vitamin c serum. Now your facial skin is able to keep itself moist during all weather conditions. When dryness of facial skin is prevented, you have already taken your first step towards achieving goal of preventing premature facial skin aging.
  • You need to eat foods that are rich in lycopene, astaxanthin, protein, biotin, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids. Now the vitamin c serum which you apply on your facial skin or intake as capsules will be able to make better impact. There are many benefits received by your facial skin like maintenance of essential oil levels. This is an important factor for many as you will read next.
  • People with oily facial skin have fear of getting affected by acne in their teens and adult ages. Acne is one of the factors that contribute to premature aging. When you wish to prevent this phenomenon, you must take proactive steps apart from using vitamin c serum. Stress is one factor which affects health and condition of your facial skin tissues and cells. Stress can be in two forms, namely physical and psychological. Physical stress happens when you expose your facial skin to excess of sunlight, UV, heat and humidity. By effectively combining usage of vitamin c serum and foods, you will be able to overcome this sort of physical stress. Psychological stress happens due to reasons associated with your mind. Relaxation is one of the best methods of reducing this type of stress. Once you are able to achieve these twin goals, your problem with aging facial skin will be reduced.

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