Utilization of Vitamin C Serum for protecting your heart


Restrained use of vitamin c serum for heart palpitations has been known to medical world since many years. Heart palpitation is one such condition in which nervous tension makes you feel that heartbeat rate has increased dramatically. This when the connection between vitamin c serum and rapid heart beat comes into play. The distinct feeling of stress, associated with feeling of panic could be felt for about 2 to 3 minutes. Physical sensation happens in the neck region, chest region as well as interior throat region. One of the main reasons for increased heart palpitation is excess consumption of alcohol. It also denotes some signs of heart disease, though such probabilities are low.

Vitamin c serum could be used to control heart palpitation. This is beneficial since the serum is high detox agent. Experts suggest consumption of vitamin c serum capsules or liquid when you feel heart palpitations. The serum clears all the veins leading to chest, neck and interior throat regions within few minutes after consumption. So your feeling of heart palpitation will naturally go away faster.

Regular usage of vitamin c serum for heart health

Maintenance of heart health also involves staying away from heart diseases. More than 75% of heart patients in the US use vitamin c serum in order to keep themselves from probable heart problems such as heart attacks and onset of diseases. There are many vitamin c serum heart benefits of doing so. Some of them are

  • Reduction of plasma C-reactive protein after consumption of vitamin c serum. It is well known fact that most of heart problems are initiated by plasma C-reactive protein. When the levels of this protein reach high levels, it causes inflammation of heart and connecting veins. This could also cause variation in the viscosity of blood, thus increasing chances of heart diseases. Effective consumption dosage will take care of this problem.
  • Chronic inflammation of blood veins could occur when the patient is recovering from recent heart attack or disease. Such conditions are also quite common among people who suffer from problem of alcoholism. When this condition occurs, it usually results in heart attacks. One of the main reasons for the chronic inflammation has been attributed to the malfunction of mitochondria. The other probable reasons are glycation and oxidation of lipoproteins.  All these causes could be easily avoided when you use vitamin c serum. It is capable of balancing the function of mitochondria, control glycation and prevent the oxidation of lipoproteins. This also involves issues related to vitamin c serum and heartburn.
  • Chronic scurvy is another type of heart disease where blood circulation through the heart is considerably reduced for some time. This results in cramping of heart, leading to probable stroke or heart failure. This has been medically categorized as vitamin c deficiency disease. Now it is natural that vitamin c serum will protect your heart from such condition when it is consumed regularly in prescribed dosage for suggested duration of time.
  • One of the other reasons for heart problems is the deposition of cholesterol in blood veins. In the initial stages you may feel it difficult to breathe. If you continuously run for about 2 minutes, play or perform physically active actions, you start feeling breathless and tired. As the level of cholesterol deposition in the veins starts increasing, the problem becomes acute. You start feeling heart palpitations, increased blood pressure and heart ache. This could result in heart disease or attack when left untreated. One way of getting rid of this problem is continued treatment with vitamin c serum injection. You will be asked to take specific dosages for certain period of time. By the rime you complete the dosage; you will feel relaxed as the “situation” has improved considerably. This is due to the fact that vitamin c serum is capable of dissolving the cholesterol deposits from blood veins and controlling its level in your body.
  • One of the effective ways in which heart diseases could be reduced is by stopping or controlling hypertension and high blood pressure. This is taken care of by the natural amount of vitamin c in your body. When you start aging, the quantity of vitamin c goes on reducing. Thus the chances of heart attack and disease considerably increase after 40s. This is when you need replenishment of vitamin c in the form of serum.

Using vitamin c serum after heart attack to prevent damages

Life after heart attack could be kept relaxed and easy provided you remember to get your body treated with regular dosages of vitamin c serum. This is known to clear blood veins, keep heart rate under control, keep your blood pressure at optimum levels and prevent conditions like chronic scurvy away.

Atherosclerosis is one process by which blood veins leading to heart harden. When this happens, it starts clogging the normal flow of blood. This could lead to many types of heart diseases or heart attack. Main reason is excess deposition of cholesterol. Other probable reasons could be diabetes, obesity, smoking, lack of physical exercising etc. regular intake of vitamin c serum could lead to removal of cholesterol clogging, balanced blood pressure and normalization of blood flow through the veins leading to heart.

Benefits of vitamin c serum before heart surgery

Heart surgery is a painful process which could leave you with physical and emotional stress. Some people start feeling the emotional stress well before the surgery. As you know, emotional stress among heart patients leads to physical stress. This could ultimately result in premature heart attacks before the patient has even reached the surgical table!

  • One way of avoiding such stress is by administering vitamin c serum to the patient at regular intervals. This helps in decreasing the stress levels.
  • Vitamin c also acts as powerful antioxidant.  It can clear the veins of all the clogs. This leads to smooth blood flow through the heart.
  • Vitamin c is strong immunity providing agent. It protects the patient from many common infections related to nose, throat and other sensitive areas, that could prove to be fatal during surgery. Regular dosage of serum starts about 15 days prior to heart surgery and continues till the day of surgery.

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