Trusted curing methods for Basal Cell Carcinoma with Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin c serum basal cell carcinoma is one of the strongest and effective solutions for treating and preventing this type of cancer. The word “cancer” seems to have such impact on human mind that people start to panic when they learn that they have some sort of it in their body. Fortunately vitamin c serum basal cell carcinoma is one of the least dreaded types of cancers you can find. Basal cell carcinoma develops on your skin which gets exposed to excess of sunlight, heat and humidity. The probability of its spreading to other parts of your body has been medically ruled out. But the chances of going into depth to reach your bone are existent.

Hence it would be better if you are able to detect this cancer in early stages. You will be able to get reliable cure. Some of the commonly observed symptoms of basal cell carcinoma are

  • Initial symptom of basal cell carcinoma could be often misleading. It appears like bump with lot of crystal like structures within it. In some other cases you may observe dark red colored patches with scales on it.
  • You can observe ring like structure with swollen sides on the affected area. This is normally red in color. In some cases it may have a hole at the center of the circular formation. Other possible shapes are dome. One of the striking features of this symptom is that you will be able to see blood vessels clearly on your skin surface. This is of course at much advanced stage.
  • Your skin in the affected area becomes hard. The mole like structure could soon start bleeding.

When you see any of the symptoms on your skin, you better consult your dermatologist or physician. They will be able to guide you about the proper usage of vitamin c serum to get rid of them.

Basal cell carcinoma natural treatment vitamin c serum

It has been observed since 1970s (when first effective use of vitamin c on cancer was found) that patients who got treated with vitamin c serum have responded better to cancer treatments. Many experiments have been conducted on basal cell carcinoma and vitamin serum.

  • Direct applications of serum on the affected areas have had many beneficial effects. Rate of curing and healing seems to be higher.
  • The ingredients of vitamin c serum have direct influence on reducing the symptoms of basal cell carcinoma within few weeks.

Usage of vitamin c serum has been practiced along with imiquimod and fluorouracil. According to many laboratory and live experiments, some interesting results were revealed within few days of treating the patients. The effects of using the combinational treatment procedures were found to be positive when they were applied in curettage excisional surgery. During the post-surgical treatment period, it was found that vitamin c serum helps in accurate infusion of IV drugs. Post-surgical period also needs consistent dosages of vitamin c serum for the patient. It helps in managing the levels of oxalic acid emission through urine. Apart from that, vitamin c serum is known to increase the levels of energy and functional levels of the treated potion of the breast.

  • Patients are given vitamin c serum along with other medications in the post-surgery period. Nearly all of them show the tendency to get well within given period of time.
  • During the surgery process it is possible to use vitamin c serum in combination with other main cancer treatment drugs and medications. Most important characteristic of vitamin c serum is that it gels easily with any form and type of cancer drug, without diluting the ingredients of that drug. In fact it acts as supportive agent in making the drug push through veins for getting better results.

Effective ways for making vitamin c serum to cure basal cell carcinoma

Basal cell Carcinoma is one of the most commonly found type of skin cancer. It originates at the basal layer of your skin. Main reason for this type of cancer is overexposure to sunlight. Regular intake of vitamin c serum in the form of capsules and application of serum onto your skin could prevent the onslaught of this type of cancer. However you need to use the serum consistently. It is because you are on prevention mode of treatment and curing mode.

  • Usage of topical vitamin c serum for basal cell carcinoma has been in practice all over US since many years. It has successfully treated and cured many of patients suffering from the disease.
  • Effective ways for using vitamin c serum could be clearly advised by your physician. However you could read about some of basic guidelines which govern usage of vitamin c serum.
  • Percentage combination of main drug along with vitamin c serum depends on each case. Most of the normal cases take proportion of 7:3 or 6:4, depending on the intensity level of cancer and the need for vitamin c serum ingredients.
  • The proportion of administering vitamin c serum in pre surgery, surgery and post-surgical period will vary. Exact value will be determined by physicians and surgeons at the time of surgery and following treatment.
  • Diet control will be strictly applicable in order to increase the effectiveness of vitamin c serum on basal cell carcinoma treatment.
  • The process of treating basal cell carcinoma with vitamin c serum could be free from the process of therapy or surgery. It shall depend on the diagnosis conducted and its results.

After going through innumerable case studies and research papers, certain aspects become clear and pertinent

  • That treating basal cell carcinoma with vitamin c serum increases the probabilities of cure and decreases the time required for recovery.
  • That Infected cells and debris from them could be disinfected and protected with immunity cover when vitamin c serum is used effectively.
  • That post-surgical and therapy period treatment requires continuous administering of vitamin c serum to make it more effective.
  • That probabilities of relapse are greatly reduced when vitamin c serum treatment is continued after the recovery. The dosage and duration of consumption shall depend on the condition of patient in this period.

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