Role of Vitamin C Serum as synthesizer of collagen


Collagen synthesis and vitamin c serum are closely connected in making your beauty care products. Collagen is the fibrous form of protein present in the human body. It could be practically found everywhere including muscles, skin and bones. It is made up of amino acid chains containing hydroxyl-proline, proline and glycine. It is considered to have high tensile strength as it provides structural stability to the human body.

Connectivity between collagen synthesis and vitamin c serum

  • Collagen plays multiple roles within your skin. It forms the platform on which new skin cells grow. It also plays an important role in cleaning up of dead cells and replacing them with new ones.
  • Production of collagen happens naturally within your body. As you age, its production also declines. This is one factor that makes your skin also age.
  • In this aspect vitamin c has important role to play. It is responsible for synthesis of collagen within your body. There are many steps involved in the collagen synthesis and secretion when vitamin c is consumed in regular intervals. The process called translation of m-RNA (Messenger RNA) into collagen.

Human body also has plentiful stock of vitamin c at young age, which starts receding with aging. So your body faces two types of deficiency as you age, that of collagen and vitamin c. The quickest way to induce collagen production in your body is through introduction of vitamin c serum.

  • It starts spreading quickly all over your blood stream, which is absorbed by your skin layers. Dermis and epidermis layers get strengthened during this process. When this happens, the keratin layer becomes flexible, soft and brighter. This is the task which you wanted your beauty care products to perform.
  • Vitamin c serum is powerful antioxidant agent. It protects your skin layers from external attacks like sunlight, heat and humidity. Without vitamin in your skin layers, it would have been converted into skin flakes.
  • Free radicals are elements within your skin which act against your own skin’s health. According to medical researchers, their count starts increasing with aging. When you start applying vitamin c serum onto your skin layers, it starts fighting against them and reduces their count by considerable quantity. This process makes your skin’s health better.

Treating your skin with vitamin c serum

The process of treating your skin with vitamin c serum is quite simple as you could do it at home. You need thin piece of cotton cloth, sunscreen, vitamin serum and place to sit comfortably.

  • Clean your face and other skin surfaces where you wish to apply vitamin c serum. Apply the serum gently all over and let it sink into your skin. You need to rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Moisturize your skin with natural moisturizer which may work better. But you need to make sure that you don’t end up applying something that has lots of chemical ingredients in it. It will only worsen situation of your skin.
  • Wait for some time after applying of moisturizer. Make sure that you apply moisturizer after you have applied vitamin c serum. This is better way as it helps in making your skin absorb the serum completely, while moisturizer prevents evaporation of serum.

Relation between collagen synthesis and wound healing

Collagen helps in generation of new skin cells as well as repairing of damaged cells. Collagen has many unique characteristics with reference to wound healing on your skin. First it tries to repair the wounded cell by supplying vitamins, minerals and other cell construction elements. When the cell damage is at lesser degree, it gets repaired. When the cell cannot be repaired, it is simply replaced with new one. This process helps in quick healing of skin wounds with collagen synthesis anavar.

Understanding collagen synthesis bodybuilding

Collagen could also be used in process of bodybuilding. In fact it is one of the essential elements in this process. Collagen needs supply of energy to sustain itself and the process of muscle building. The vitamin c based foods that you consume help in supplying the necessary energy to collagen. But this alone may not be sufficient for body builders, as vitamin c in your food is used by other metabolic and biological processes also.

  • This is the time when vitamin c serum plays its unique role. You could consume it in form of capsules or ask your dermatologist to give it to you in form of injections. Once this serum enters your body, it splits into all the basic ingredients. Every component has its unique role to play in strengthening your body muscle by supporting collagen.
  • Skin solutions such as Ferulic acid present in the serum helps in flexing your skin layers. This is very important for you as bodybuilder. Just having strong muscles won’t be enough if your skin is not strong enough to support it. This is where collagen plays its role supported by vitamin c serum.

Working with collagen synthesis cofactors

There are many elements that support vitamin c while it is converting m-RNA into collagen. Copper is one such element. As your know copper has high tensile strength and it can be highly flexible in nature also. When copper is reinforced along with other ingredients of vitamin c serum, collagen quality and strength will be at their best levels.

  • It helps in flexing your skin layers. That means your skin is more flexible now than ever before.
  • Copper is the element that adds brightness to your skin tone. People who are interested in skin whitening could benefit from vitamin c serum during collagen synthesis.
  • The serum takes care of bonding the collagen molecules with your skin layers. When the molecules knit together closely, your skin becomes strong and flexible.
  • Supply of nutrients, essential minerals and other vitamins will be streamlined when vitamin c serum starts acting from blood vessels into the skin layers until Keratin layer. Being antioxidant in nature, the serum also helps in increasing immunity of your skin from the root levels. In this regard connectivity between collagen synthesis and copper has important role to play.