Reduction of cardiovascular risk factors with Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin c serum and cardiovascular health is one of the seriously studied subjects in medical field today. This could be due to abnormal increase in rates of cardiovascular diseases in US among young adults. One of the main reasons attributed is the increase of obesity due to junk food practices. It is estimated that one out of every 3 obese children and teens in US could be potential victim of heart problems and cardiovascular disease by the time s/he turns 25. This has promoted medical experts to take intensive action for preventing such calamity in the near future. If you or your dear ones are facing this sort of medical situation, here is what has to be done.

  • Take regular dosage of vitamin c serum in the form of capsules. This will help in reducing your obesity. You also need to avoid junk food and fatty food for at least next 6 months! This could sound difficult but if you feel you are heading for trouble due to obesity problem, then you got to do it.
  • Take up physical exercises. This will help burn fat. It will also ensure efficient utilization of vitamin c serum in reducing the level cholesterol in your body. Experiments and live experiences have shown that people who used vitamin c serum and followed strict diet control have been able to shed weight by more than 40% within the first few weeks of program. If this sounds interesting and encouraging you could read ahead.

Fundamental elements of vitamin c serum cardiovascular health

  • Endothelium is the group of cells which together form the inner walls of blood veins. There are many befits of this layer. Some of them are controlling of blood flow pressure, inflammation management and coagulation prevention. As long as this wall is in healthy condition, things go well for your heart and cardiovascular system. Endothelium also plays important role in controlling and preventing MS lesions (a condition in which body immunity system starts attacking the central nervous system).
  • This layer could start malfunctioning due to hypertension, diabetes, stress, heart disease and others. When you start consuming vitamin c serum regularly, it helps in restoring the normal functionality of endothelium wall.
  • The other factor that influences cardiovascular health is hypertension. This is one kind of heart disease resulting from excess of stress. Consistent high blood pressure without control is another cause. These factors are essentially controlled by flow of blood in veins, health of your heart and lungs. When you start taking to regular consumption of vitamin c serum, all these issues could be controlled to considerable extent. It is possible due to many unique characteristics of vitamin c, serum. This includes balancing blood pressure, coagulation clearance, controlling of diabetes and managing cardiovascular health.
  • Atherosclerosis is one condition when plaque starts to develop and deposit on the inner walls of artery. This is mainly due to the excess buildup of cholesterol. This causes hindrance to the flow blood. When the condition worsens, it may lead to bursting of artery. Such situations could be prevented by efficient usage of vitamin c serum with other medications. The combination can help in dissolving of cholesterol build up naturally. It may take time from few weeks to months for this to happen. But it is sure to happen.
  • Chronic scurvy of the heart could also severely disturb the overall health of cardiovascular system. Scurvy is one type of heart disease where blood circulation through the heart is considerably reduced for some time. This results in cramping of heart, leading to probable stroke or heart failure. This has been medically categorized as vitamin c deficiency disease. Now it is natural that vitamin c serum will protect your heart from such condition when it is consumed regularly in prescribed dosage for suggested duration of time.
  • Chronic inflammation of blood veins could occur when the patient is recovering from recent heart attack or disease. Such conditions are also quite common among people who suffer from problem of alcoholism. When this condition occurs, it usually results in heart attacks. One of the main reasons for the chronic inflammation has been attributed to the malfunction of mitochondria. The other probable reasons are glycation and oxidation of lipoproteins. ¬†All these causes could be easily avoided when you use vitamin c serum. It is capable of balancing the function of mitochondria, control glycation and prevent the oxidation of lipoproteins. This also involves issues related to vitamin c serum and heartburn.

Using vitamin c serum for cardiovascular disease control

  • Aortic stenosis is one type of heart disease which causes aortic valve in the heart to shrink. This makes flow of blood through the heart difficult. Now the heart has to pump at double its normal rate for making normal flow of blood possible. This could be controlled or eliminated when you intake regular dosage of vitamin c serum with medications for aortic stenosis. You could experience clearing of the valve within few weeks of treatment.
  • Coronary artery disease is another type of cardiovascular disease which causes shrinkage of arteries. When the condition is ignored, it could lead to severe pressure on heart and lungs, making them susceptible to failure at some point of time. Vitamin c serum injection solves the problem by mild scale inflammation of artery that restores the artery back to its original size.

Understanding the process of vitamin c serum and heart disease reversal

If you understand the term heart disease reversal, you will be taking U turn in your food habits and become Vegan within few more minutes. It is said that vitamin c serum works well as long you are able to change your diet patterns. This is about avoiding fat and cholesterol, junk food, alcohol and tobacco and other types of fatty meat and poultry foods. This need not be done for the rest of your life. If you could follow this pattern for the number of weeks during which you are in treatment cycle for curing cardiovascular diseases. You can experience the enhanced effectiveness of vitamin c serum.

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