Protection of Skin Cell DNA by Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin c serum DNA protection formula makes no mention of DNA presence in skin layers. But it certainly contains volumes of data about connectivity between DNA and skin cell characteristics. For example, there are specific DNA for determining the color and texture of your skin. Defects in DNA could lead to variation in these two characteristics. By effectively treating and protecting DNA, the medical experts are able to give your skin the beautification effects which your desire. In this aspect, vitamin c serum is known to play important role. Though researches are still in progress, there have been ample evidences to show the link between DNA care and administering of vitamin c serum into your body.

Brief introduction to vitamin c serum and DNA methylation

DNA methylation is the process in which gene expressions are controlled in your body. Your body contains DNA in form of chromosomes. Every chromosome has unique nucleus around which the other parts are spread.

  • Methyl groups get added into the DAN during this process. Methyl group contains anions, cations and radicals.
  • One of the links that should keep you interested in methylation of DNA is its connection with skin cells aging. By controlling the DNA expressions related to your skin, medical experts will be able to prolong the process of skin aging to considerable extent.
  • DNA methylation is closely linked to skin diseases like cancer, tumor as well as skin disorders originating from auto-immunity.

The role of vitamin c serum in controlling DNA /chromosome activities is still unclear. But studies have revealed that DNA damages could be controlled by effectively administering vitamin c serum. One such finding is that vitamin c serum prevents DNA mutation.

Vitamin c serum for DNA damage prevention

  • When the serum is used in certain predetermined concentrations, it is possible to prevent damages caused to DNA by free radicals. The other aspect was reduction of oxidative damages to the DNA. This can be achieved with usage of vitamin c serum oxidation stress management.
  • The testing included many other ingredients apart from vitamin c serum. Some of the most important ones were myricetin, quercitrin, apigenin, rutin and apigenin. All these elements are closely associated with skin care in one form or the other.
  • Melanin is one of the DNA which makes your skin go dark in nature. Vitamin c serum is capable of controlling the production of this specific DNA and give bright color to your skin. This is one of the ways in which the serum is controlling DNA production and behavior.
  • MC1R is one type of melanin receptors which is responsible for color of your skin tone. There are two types of genes which have certain influence over light toned skin. They are ASIP and KITLG. ASIP is the Agouti-signaling-peptide with numerous amino acids connected to it. It makes the skin layers to synthesize the yellow type of pigment. During this process it suppresses the tendency to synthesize brown and black colored pigments within the skin layers. KITLG is the is the stem-cell factor that is responsible for the binding of skin brightening and whitening molecules within the skin layers with the top layer of skin.
  • By effective usage of vitamin c serum, it is possible for researchers to increase the volumetric effects of ASP and KITLG on your skin toning and texture.
  • Since this discovery, there have been many products which are sued for skin bleaching and lightening that contain vitamin c serum.

Vitamin c serum and DNA repair

DNA is repaired at several stages by vitamin c serum. For example Neanderthal-DNA is one type which controls the conditioning of skin when it gets exposed to sunlight.

  • One of the variants of skin conditioning depends on dosage of vitamin c serum. Besides protecting your skin from allergic reaction of skin to sunlight, it can also prevent many of the adverse reactions shown by your skin which start once skin gets exposed to sun light. This could happen after using certain types of soaps, applying certain kind of cosmetics and beauty care products, perfume and others. Expert dermatologists suggest that you replace all your cosmetic products for period of 3 months and replace them with products based on vitamin c serum.
  • Once you start using the, you will be able to see significant results. Your skin will become flexible, elastic and soft. Rough patches will disappear from your skin surface. This is because of internal curing of your skin layers with vitamin c serum.
  • Skin allergy that happens to certain class of people could be due to their lower immunity levels. If you have such issues, you could try out vitamin c serum. Within few weeks you will observe that your most common skin allergy problems have been solved. After the treatment period, your skin shall remain unaffected by any sort of common allergens over long period of time. There have been many experiments conducted to determine the exact nature of skin allergies. But truth is that medical experts know only which substances cause allergy on some people’s skin, but they have not been able to figure out why such allergies are limited only to this section of people. Reasons apart it is now time to look at some of possible elements that might trigger this allergy.
  • When you suffer from skin allergy, you will be advised to stay away from specific cosmetic products. Hair dyes, nickel, citrus and its derivatives, some type of fragrances emanating from perfumes, lotions and cosmetics and other elements cause cosmetic fragrance allergy. Some people may develop rashes, while others may develop red spots all over body. If you could replace such products with vitamin c serum treatment, you will soon discover the hidden benefits of vitamin c serum in curing critical types of skin allergies.
  • Vitamin c serum is not just for curing of allergies, but also for further protection of skin from such allergens in future. This is done by spreading a sheath of immunity protection to your skin. This layer shall be active for specified time period after which you will need to take prescribed dosage of vitamin c serum in order to keep your skin continually protected from allergens.

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